Soothing Self Talk For Hard Times (20 Calming Affirmations)

Soothing Self Talk For Hard Times (20 Calming Affirmations)

There are hard times when we are sad, angry and anxious, and these can be especially frustrating times for people who understand the basics of the Law of Attraction. It can be upsetting to know that you are creating a reality that you don’t want, and to feel stuck in your depression, anger or anxiety.

In moments like these, it is imperative that you make peace with these unwanted emotions. Allow them to be there, and allow it to be okay for you to experience them. Feeling guilty or upset about your inability to control your emotions ONLY MAKES IT WORSE.

Ironically, if you can make it okay to be upset, your vibration will naturally rise. The trick is, don’t focus on raising your vibration-rather focus on it being okay to be upset.

Below are examples of soothing self-talk that you can use to harness the power of the Law of Attraction so that you can find acceptance with your current situation and ultimately move on to a more advantageous emotional state. When you are feeling down, pick some phrases that feel “right” and use them to make it okay to be where you are:

Soothing Self-Talk Affirmations to Raise Your Vibration:

1. “For whatever reason, this is where I am supposed to be right now.”

2. “It’s okay to be upset, everyone gets upset sometimes.”

3. “I can take the time to feel the way I need to feel right now.”

4. “I don’t have to be perfect, no one is.”

5. “I can be as sad/mad/worried as I want to be, and that’s perfectly fine.”

6. “Right now I am upset and I will be upset for as long as I need to be.”

7. “It’s not my job to control everything.”

8. “I’m doing the best that I can right now.”

9. “Things will get better again, they always do.”

10. “Everyone I know has suffered at some time.”

11. “Sometimes it helps to yell/cry/sleep/hide.”

12. “Nobody expects me to keep it together all the time.”

13. “There have been plenty of people with depression/anger/anxiety that have done magnificent things with their lives.”

14. “Anger/depression/anxiety serves me in a positive way, even if I don’t see it right now.”

15. “It’s normal for people to get upset sometimes.”

16. “There is a lesson in this pain, and someday I will understand it and be glad for it.”

17. “I don’t expect anyone else to be happy all of the time.”

18. “I’m human. I’m not a superhero.”

19. “Everything else can wait right now. I need to be here for me.”

20. “I am going to cut myself some slack/give myself a break.”

You can also use these self-talk statements to help friends or family when they are experiencing their own hard times.

I’ve found that these can be very soothing statements to use to help others because they allow the person to feel what they are feeling without adding any guilt about why they should “look on the bright side.” It’s a great way to “be there” for the people you love, and help them raise their vibration too!

So, not only is this a great Law of Attraction strategy for you, but it can also be used to help the ones you love.

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  • Sharon
    Posted December 2, 2018 4:28 am 0Likes

    I wonder if it would be useful to create several statements at each level of Abraham-Hicks’ vibrational scale. So, a person could identify where they are on the scale, read the statements there, then focus on the statements at the level just above. Do you know if anyone has done this? xx

  • Andrea Schulman
    Posted December 2, 2018 3:48 pm 0Likes

    That’s a really great idea Sharon…I haven’t heard of anyone doing that but I’m half-tempted to tackle the task myself! LOL!

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