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Citrine Crystal

Attracting Wealth With Citrine Crystals and Gemstones

Not everyone is into gemstones and crystals, but I sure am! One of my favorite stones is the citrine. Citrine is a beautiful yellow-orange stone and is known for attracting wealth and abundance.

A quick note on crystals and gemstones for those who are new to the subject:  Crystals (and their gemstone counterparts, which have been cut and/or polished) are known for holding vibrational charge.  For example, you may have heard that watches are frequently made with the quartz stone, and this because the quartz holds a specific frequency that can be depended on to regulate the movement of a clock.

As with quartz, each type of crystal and gemstone has its own specific vibrational frequency.  Aligning yourself with a gemstone or crystal helps to align yourself with whatever vibrational frequency the stone is emitting.

The citrine is a great stone to use because its vibrational frequency is believed to be one of financial prosperity.  If you are looking to bring more money into your life, using a citrine can be an easy way to help align yourself with wealth and abundance!

Here are a few things about the citrine you might find useful.

Citrine maintains a positive charge and is a low-maintenance stone:

Unlike many stones that need to be routinely cleansed and charged because they start to absorb negative energy in their environment, citrine is a stone that transforms negative energy without holding on to it.  For this reason, citrine is an extremely low-maintenance stone.

That being said, it’s always good to place your intention with your stone when you first receive it. Sit with your stone for a few minutes and do a quick meditation and ask your citrine to help you attract more financial prosperity. After that, you should be good to go!

Citrine can be used in your business:Citrine stones

Citrine is known as the “merchant’s stone,” so if you own your own business, you definitely want to get your hands on one of these crystals or gemstones! Wherever a citrine is placed, it helps to attract money, so place your citrine in your cash drawer or safe to attract more financial success into your business.

Citrine can be used to enhance prosperity in the home:

A citrine is a wonderful stone to also place in the main living area of your home, especially large citrine geodes.  Citrine geodes not only attract prosperity, but they are beautiful as well.  The hearth of a home is a wonderful place to keep a citrine geode, both for prosperity and for decoration!

Citrine is a good stone to carry:

Carry a citrine stone in your wallet or purse to attract more money into your personal possession.

You can meditate with citrine:

Gemstones and crystals are also nice to use during mediations, as they can help to balance your chakras and and tune into the vibration you are hoping to achieve.  While laying down, place the citrine on your solar plexus chakra (which is located about four or five inches above your belly button, right beneath your ribcage).  The solar plexus is the chakra that corresponds to the citrine.

Remember, if you are looking to attract more wealth and abundance in your life, try using citrine!  It’s a fun and easy way to align yourself with the vibration of financial prosperity!

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Image 1 source: Main image by cobalt123. This image has been edited.



My name is Andrea Schulman. I am a former high school psychology teacher & the creator of ‘Raise Your Vibration Today.’ I teach people how to become masters of their minds through the Law of Attraction. Check out the full-length video tutorials on my membership portal and learn how to create a beautiful life with intention. XO


  1. Mike says:

    So Andrea, are you saying that citrine doesn’t need to be cleansed because it transmutes negative energy?

  2. Hi Mike! Yes, in fact I have heard that some people actually use citrines to clean other stones! However, you can always clean a citrine just to “make sure,” and some people are more comfortable with that 🙂 All the best, Andrea

  3. Vicki says:

    I work with gems and crystals daily. Indeed citrine does not require the same cleansing as other gems though when I cleanse my stones on the full moon every month I cleanse my citrine stones as well. I also make citrine gem water and elixirs and take a shot of that daily. One thing I like to do is shower with citrine ( amongst others). I wash myself and then I rub the gem over my arms, face, my body actually for extra protection. Works like a charm! I tuck a crystal into my bra every day and infact today I have citrine tucked away for good measure 🙂

  4. Thanks for your input Vicki! Those are all great ideas for working with gemstones 🙂 🙂

  5. Natalie says:

    Thanks for the article. Is there s specific place I should put my citrine in the house? Thanks a million

  6. Hi Natalie! I’ve heard it’s wise to place this stone in the South East corner of your home. If you have any areas of your home that typically house money (like a safe) a chunk of citrine can also be quite useful there too:)

    XO, Andrea

  7. Thomas says:

    Where can I find the gemstone? And how much is it?

  8. I often pick up stones at local “metaphysical” shops, but I am sure you could find some on amazon or ebay! Price depends on the size/quality. A small stone should only cost you a few dollars (US) XO

  9. Mariane says:

    hi, i am using a citrine bracelets and I just want to know if it will have the same effect?

  10. Any citrine is a good investment for wealth attraction in my opinion <3

  11. Otilia says:

    Hi I just got my citrine stone to day I just want to know how long it take to work and change my financial problem

  12. Hi Otilia-There are no hard and fast rules about timing, but you will improve your speed of manifestation by looking at yourself as already being “abundant” rather than focusing on the financial problem at hand. The more you notice yourself being supported by the universe (financially and otherwise) the more abundance will come your way. The citrine, however, is a good investment and will aid you in the process.

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