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Are you experiencing synchronicity?

Are You Experiencing Synchronicity?

Synchronicity is a term coined by famous psychologist, Carl Jung.  It is the appearance of “meaningful coincidences” in your life that are unlikely, ironic and sometimes very helpful.  This phenomenon is a “wink” from the universe, a sign of your intuition and connectedness.  If you’ve been experiencing synchronicity, you’ve been in the right place, at the right time.

Though some would say the probability of one of these events is very low, for many people synchronicity happens all of the time.  It is a magical phenomenon that lets us know we are open to spiritual guidance and on the right path.

So, are you experiencing synchronicity? Here are a few common examples that may have happened in your life:

1. Running into someone you were just thinking about, or receiving a phone call, text message or email from him/her.

2. Randomly coming across a product that solves a problem you’ve been having, even though you weren’t looking for it.  Suddenly, an ad on TV or an item on the store shelf jumps out at you as if to say “Here! This is exactly what you need!”

3. Watching a movie or television show that has a story line mirroring your own current issues in life.

4. Hearing a couple of strangers out in public discussing something you’ve been thinking about in your own life.

5. Meeting a person who is able to assist you through a current challenge, randomly, as if they’ve been delivered directly to you to help.

6.  Getting a reassuring message out of the blue, but at the right time.  During a moment when you could use an emotional lift, perhaps your child suddenly turns to you and says “I love you.” You might also open your email or mailbox and find a kind and uplifting message written by a friend or relative.

7. Amazing timing.  One thing after another is delivered at exactly the right time.  Everything lines up perfectly.

Though these are just a handful of examples, synchronicity can happen in many areas of your life.  Have you experienced any of these synchronicities? Do you have examples of other synchronicities?  Comment below and let me know.

Wishing you a synchronous day,


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My name is Andrea Schulman. I am a former high school psychology teacher & the creator of ‘Raise Your Vibration Today.’ I teach people how to become masters of their minds through the Law of Attraction. Check out the full-length video tutorials on my membership portal and learn how to create a beautiful life with intention. XO


  1. Roman says:

    Andrea! Thank you a lot!
    I follow your posts with awareness and they are so helpfull for me.
    They resonate.
    The tarot is for me such a great example for synchronicity.
    It always works!

  2. chiblinks says:

    thanks a lot for your posts. i am a victim of 1,2 and 8

  3. Hardi says:

    I feel exactly so but I still find it really hard to understand fully and/Or Explain However It Is A Wonderful Feeling……….am realling going to enjoy this site.

  4. That’s great to hear! Thanks Hardi 🙂

  5. That’s great chiblinks! Synchronicity is a good sign 🙂 -Andrea

  6. nilesh says:

    I have injoyed all of them

  7. Thanks Nilesh 🙂 -Andrea

  8. Thanks Roman! I appreciate that. Yes, the tarot is also a great example! 🙂 -Andrea

  9. This happens to me a lot and I am so grateful for it. There have been numerous times I’ve said out loud “Thank You!” My husband experienced it the other day when he was looking for something. I was in the other room and he was getting ready to ask me where it was and before he did I yelled to him “don’t forget about your so-in-so that you left by the door” and he was like “THANK YOU! That was driving me crazy.” I forget what it was. Nothing of any real importance except to him at that time and it just popped in my head to remind him about it.
    I love it when it happens. It’s like a little gift from the Universe to take out a little bit of stress in your day. Thanks for taking the time to write this and I agree … everyone should give out more hugs!!

  10. Hi Dena- That’s another great example of synchronicity, I’ve had similar experiences like that with my husband before too and they always crack me up! Thanks for sharing 🙂 Andrea

  11. Katie says:

    i have them daily! today i was thinking of a scenario while listening to music. once i stopped thinking i tuned in to the music. it was explaining my thoughts and feelings in a weird a way, and then came the outcome i had. i always link coincidences to being right where you need to be in life.

  12. that’s pretty neat, Katie! I haven’t experienced that one yet, so when I do I’ll think of your comment 🙂 Thanks for sharing! -Andrea

  13. Joel Mejia says:

    Hi All,

    Wonderful post and comments. Synchronicity is something we can come to understand and not be afraid of. My wife and I have produced a documentary called Time is Art:Synchronicity and the Collective Dream , which is currently raising finishing funds in order to complete the film and release it on 11/11/15.


    We think this film will help the millions of people out there experiencing strange coincidences come to an understanding of interconnectedness.

    I look forward to reading more!

  14. Thanks for sharing Joel! BTW, nice release date 😉

    All the best to you with your film. -Andrea

  15. Karmarie Polleri says:

    I’ve seen synchrinicity in ️️my Life. 1. ️️My Husband was born Nov. 6, ️️my brother was born Dec. 6, ️️my father was born Jan.6!
    2. I met ️️my Husband on a 28th And i was born on a 28th!
    3. I married on a 23rd And ️my first born was born on a 23rd, ️️my mother in law was born on a a 23, my sister in law was born on a 23rd!’
    4. Over hearing a conversarion to answer something ive been thinking about!
    5. Running in to an old friend who guided me back to a book i needed to Read to help in ️️my path!!

  16. That’s pretty neat Karmarie! I especially like the last one about the friend with the book. I love when things like that happen 🙂 -Andrea

  17. erica says:

    I have literally been LIVING in synchronicity since 2012 WHEN the SHIFT began

  18. Hi Erica! Now that I think about it, I’ve seen a lot more synchronicity since then as well. Interesting! -Andrea <3

  19. karen says:

    what about having dreams and the next day that what you dreamed about was happening

  20. karen says:

    I’ve always seemed to have synchronicity through my whole life too

  21. Hi Karen! Thanks for your comment…and yes, your idea about dream premonitions is also a form of synchronicity! Thanks for sharing <3 -Andrea

  22. Dana says:

    I feel like this was written for me. I already feel crazy because 11:11 doesn’t leave me alone, nor does 222 or 333 or 555. And because of how significantly, flawlessly, and perfectly my journey into becoming a licensed therapist has been. With random introductions to people who have guided me in such a huge way, landing me a family therapist job before I even graduate. Thinking about people and then them just popping up. It’s driving me crazy.

  23. Hi Dana! Thanks for your comment, and for sharing your successes in your new career! I wish you the very best as a new therapist. Have a great day, Andrea 🙂

  24. Joseph says:

    Yes. And it works. I have been studying biblocartomacy, using random books that seem to call me, and waiting, then picking a random passage. I have developed a system, where I record the passages (the words picked just under my ring finger of the right hand), into a journal. At the end of the day. I have a very intelligent message. Then. The journals mount up now to 6 volumes over a year. They also become part of the random picks, as the journals are very strong in Synchronicity and when used like the books, (randomly picking from them occasionally), I have found that its VERY INTELLIGENT. The paragraphs taken at days end. Leave me to believe, the great creator is working through our lives and we only need to communicate with him to find our true paths. Its scarry sometimes, how the randomness makes 100% sense, and is usually speaking of things in my life at current, or coming into my synchronicity. (My life Path.) Try it. It will blow your mind. Start by using the Bible. Then progress to random books. That VOICE in your head helps. It will tell you when to use this book. Or that one. I hope I have helped.

  25. This is fascinating, Joseph. I will try this out and see what messages the universe has for me. Thanks for sharing! 🙂 -Andrea

  26. Joseph says:

    Thanks. Underline the word chosen, then in the journal bracket the word (word pointed to) then outside the bracket on the same line, i write the few word, or words that procede it, and then include the word picked, then the few words after it. Theis system seems weird, but, after awhile, throughout the day, I notice that sometimes when the radio is on or tv, or people actions come into play around me, I will point to a passage that is talking or directly specking of things that are going on around me. After you notice this, then things speed up for the observer. This starts to occur ALOT. And is spooky sometimes, I have found that we are being channeled, through meaningful coincidence, every moment of our lives, by a higher force. And we know. What that is. I have included symbols at the begining of the journal passage to let me know where I recorded the information, a “book” may have a symbol of a box with the letter B in it. If its the television, (which, sometime after experiences begin to become familiar) you will get a feeling to “look up” and at that moment, a flash on the television of a word or something said will coorespond to the journal entrys of the day. and I add this too. The messages are very intelligent, and I try not to remember the past passages to allow synchronicity to help out here. I hope I have helped. The joiurnals I have kept are going on 10 months now. And I also use them the way I use the books. And become a powerful tool in the game. As the PAST entries, are speaking clearer than they did in the begining, and random picks are “felt” I get a feeling, and with the left hand I pick up the book or journal. Holding it in my hand i allow the left hand to pick a random page. Using the left hand, I pick with the ring finger the random word. If I land ono a blank page. The universe is not responding, and I consider this a pause or, “They aren’t ready for me yet. I have learned, not to be anxious. And this pleasing attitude helps in this strange hobby of mine. LOL. I hope I have further intrigued you. Have a great day.

  27. Thanks Joseph! Wonderful suggestions here, definitely intriguing. Even more intriguing is that the time stamp on your post here was 3:33pm. Love it!

  28. Sab Hewick says:

    Andrea this is so true…since my Mom passed away just a couples of months ago,I talk to her everyday and its like a miracle I get the answers,or if I am feeling down, a song plays at the right time,a song that reminds me of her…its like something magical happens, I think of a word or a sentence and I see the same thing on the tv or hear it…Its just so amazing…your article has helped me so much…thank you for everything…I am so in tune with the spiritual world now…and I feel good about everything, I am always positive and if there is a bad situation I turn it around and make it positive…

  29. Hi Sab-I’m so sorry to hear about your mom’s passing, but I do think it’s just lovely that you are still very connected to her in spirit. It’s amazing the messages we get when we are listening, isn’t it? Wishing you all the best <3

  30. Josh says:

    I know I’m late to this party but I feel like you wrote this just for me. The last few months, I’ve been experiencing them all thinking I was going crazy…

    Who knows, maybe, but the less I try to figure out z and the more I trust God’s plan, the easier things seem to go.

    Thank you for what you do. I believe I’ll enjoy your site.

  31. Hi Josh-thanks for your comment. I love hearing the positive feedback. The irony here is the fact that you felt this article was written just for you is yet another example of synchronicity. You must be well-aligned lately!

    Thanks for reading 🙂 XO, Andrea

  32. margriet says:

    I had a boring job,cleaning houses,In one of the houses I found a guestbook,While I was reading in it,I got angry thoughts about me cleaning there mess,but I wrote down that I really liked the house and wished everybody a pleasant time in the house…
    I stood up and started to vacuumclean again and then I saw a silver Haert on the floor….Like the house told me that it was good to stay positive….

  33. That’s really lovely Margriet… A true sign that you yourself were aligning with a more positive version of your preference. I too love finding hearts at *just* the right time <3 XO, Andrea

  34. Sreeraj says:

    First I got these experience everyday.
    When I think about something, or someword, other people will say that word, and it is a automatic process. When I see these things, I tried to image another word, but I will not come again. It is totally unexpected and uncontrollable. I tried to change my wishes, but it is actually working alongside with goals , but not direct goals.
    One of my life changing experience was extremely weird for me.
    When I was in high school. I randomly choose a language to study in my holidays. And everyone said that I am wasting time for learning that language, because it is not useful in our country. But I really liked to learn that language, it was italian.
    But the strange thing happened is, I went Italy for higher studies in next year.
    That was totally unexpected for.
    I tried for another country, but It automatically changed to Italy with no other choice.
    It was like a miracle for me.
    Then until now, this synchronicity is haunting me,
    By finding relation in movies and my life.
    And lots of other thing.
    And from childhood, I believe in guardian angels.

  35. Hi Sreeraj-that indeed is a great example of synchronicity! Thank you for sharing your story. XO, Andrea

  36. Joseph says:

    Let me Help a little,
    Robert Moss’ book – “The 3 Only Things” – helps to get a spin on the messages from the Universe. Acasual Phenomenon (Synchronicity) was studied by Carl Jung(coined the term) and William Freud. “A bigger hand at work in our daily lives, than we can perceive with our human (Physical) eyes.” He has written a new book, “Side Walk Tarot”. A game you can play that will help the SEEing of these signs in your life. I.E., seeing 333. Or 222. Are Angel messages. This is how the GREAT SPIRIT (GOD) works messages. Through NUMBERS. The Angels are the very vessel it travels on. Get to know these facts, and create a SIGN book that will help you decipher these numbers REOCCURING in your life. Using Bibilocartonomy (random picks from a book, your mind tells you to pick up), are ways to get on the train to reaching out to your Synchronicity thats “Special” to your soul; On the road you are on; different from the individule next to you. They are on a different road in this lifetime. Once you can grasp the UNIVERSAL MESSAGES coming to you, you will embark on a Journey unimaginable! With knowledge and wisdom for you to devour. God becomes our great friend. Someone who will never leave us. A spirit that goes with us everywhere. In everything we do. TUNE IN> TURN ON>FIND ME … says the Voice. Here’s one that song that keeps playing in your head. “Write that down.” And make sure you write it the way its being played in your head. Just the VERSE playing. Then a note of the name of the song. Then look at your life at the moment (the exact moment the MIND MUSIC) was playing. What were you just raving about? What were you just doing? Strangely, this has happoned to me. And other people too. And we have began to notice a message. Usually. A message from HIM, and hes answering us in a very cleaver way. Consouling us when we are down. (Love Songs Playing); or a guiding message of “Yakaty yak, Don’t Talk back”. Type of message. You see the point. Learn to pay CLOSE attention to everything around you. When these times happon, And they will. You’ll be ready. Your mind will say, “Lets do a SIGN.” Thats your key to grab a pad of paper and look around you. That VOICE in your head will get more and more spooky as time goes on. AN intelligence that I know I am not capable of. When you have descerned this voice, at this juncture, you can ask it questions. I asked it once. “Why do you sound like me, my voice?”. I got an answer. “Because I have to have some way of talking to you so you won’t get scared and know its me. Jesus. I’ve been talking to you all your life and you have not been listening very well.” Folks, they use voices. Music. Everything to their disposal to stay behind the “CURTAIN”. He who hath an ear can hear…. remember in the Bible. This voice gets wiser and wiser as you age, my grandmother said. Listen to it. She was right.
    Now that you know. Go read Robert Moss’ book. Its really easy and addictive to read. You can begin a hobby that will keep you up most nights. “They don’t sleep you know.” And by the way, have you written down your dreams lately? This is another area. Ties all the others in. And with the POWER of the SIGNS, you can better understand your dreams. A magical effect. Everything in our lives has meaning. We are not just blindly stumbling through darkness. A hidden hand is just up the way. Preparing our next movie. We leave our bodies at night (the soul). It lets the physical body rest. Edgar Cayce said, “Every soul leaves the body upon rest. Everyone.” (We just occupy this vessel during waking hours.) When you come to understand this way of thinking. The Universe opens up to your Pineal Gland, and it begins to open. And you will experience a very AWAKENING in your life my friends. Stay positive, – Joseph, “I hope this helps.”

  37. Hi Joseph! Thanks for sharing your knowledge and processes on synchronicity. I appreciate you sharing your wisdom, and I may just have to check out that book. I love learning about phenomena like this through alternative perceptions:)

    XO, Andrea

  38. Trish says:

    I am so grateful I found the site and read all the messages. A special thanks to Joseph for his generosity and sharing so much. I have experienced a lot of synchronicity but I still can not put them together. My life has turned upside down and nothing makes much sense. Any tips on how to put the bits and pieces together?

  39. Hi Trish!

    Sometimes life gets turned upside down when we are changing our belief structures. In this case, change isn’t a bad thing, rather it’s a sign of growth and expansion!

    I’ve found it can be helpful to look at the “bad” changes from a positive perspective. Like perhaps “maybe this change is making room in my life for something I want” or “maybe there is something really good that’s coming, I just can’t see it from where I am.”

    Do your best to make peace with the change, and trust that it is all working out for the best. Surrender control , and let things shake out the way they need to. Things always have the ability to work out better than we think they might.

    XO, Andrea

  40. Nishma Vaja says:

    i see 11:11 , 222 333 444 555 and number 47 alot.

  41. Nishma Vaja says:

    At this time, this article has 1011 shares and 11 tweet (top left corner). This is how powerfully 11 is on my face.

  42. OMG amazing Nishma!!! 🙂 LOL!

  43. Anonymous says:

    this sort of thing happens to me weekly.had a conversation with my wife about a co-worker i once knew who drank heavily all his life and passed.five minutes later ,enter a pharmacy,strike up a conversation with clerk,find out she has same name as my co-worker,then proceed to have same conversation with her as i had with my wife, as my wife stares at me in amazement.never met clerk before.

  44. THat’s pretty neat Anonymous! Love when things like that happen:)

  45. Eleanor says:

    Synchronicity has totally changed my outlook on life and those around me. While vacationing I kept seeing a number ( related to changes are happening for the highest good, trust and continue to the path) and also had a dream (premonition). When I returned from my vacation my super had informed me that the case i was assigned to will be relocating to another area. My supervisor apologize as it would be a loss of income. I told her I was okay with it and I was warned by my Angles Of these changes. She was shocked and I just smiled?

  46. Sounds like this change may actually be of benefit to you, judging by your outlook Eleanor! 🙂 XO

  47. rohith says:

    Hey Andrea, good morning 🙂 i need to know something. Is there anything significant about the no. 1:43. thank you . regards 🙂

  48. Hi Rohith!

    Not that I am aware of…thought I would say if you have become aware of this number, you may simply be attracting it over and over again through your focus on it. Another splendid example of the LOA in action 🙂

  49. rohith says:

    Hi Andrea.
    The thing with this 1:43 is that I happened to see 1:43 ( PM and AM both) many times accidentally… this was many months ago, now that I read about 11:11 , thought of sharing and wanted to know if there was anything in particular that these numbers would mean. the world seems to be designed with crazily intelligent coincidences . and I am sorry , did LOA mean law of attraction?

  50. Yes- Law of Attraction (the mechanism behind all crazy coincidences LOL!)

  51. Akhil Ch says:

    Hi ANDREA,
    i don’t understand what is happening with me right now. but i am perplexed to see whether the events occuring now are coincidence or synchronocity . after practising meditation i observe the same number 13 everywhere. everything is bad right now
    can u plz explain what is happening?

  52. Hi Akhil:)

    Sometimes people will see numbers they view as negative numbers (like 13 or 666) when the feel they are in a bad place as our reality reflects how we feel inside. I wouldn’t say that the #13 is a bad sign, but rather it is just an indication you aren’t feeling so hot right now at the moment.

    Do what you can to relax now and take it easy. Put your needs first and reach for activities that bring you relief. As your emotions rise, you will likely start seeing other signs you view as “good” signs. <3

    Best Wishes!


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