5 Times the Universe Had Your Back (Even Though You Didn’t Know It!)

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5 Times the Universe Had Your Back (Even Though You Didn’t Know It!)

Believe it or not, the universe always has your back.

Sometimes, this statement probably sounds totally false. After all, what about all the bad times, the heartache and the suffering? Did the universe have your back then?

Looking back on my life I can clearly see now that the universe was always working on my behalf, regardless of the pain and suffering I endured. Maybe you have noticed this before, too.

So with that being said, here are 5 times the universe had your back, even though you didn’t know it at the time:

  1. That time you dealt with something painful or traumatic as a child. It was hard, but it taught you a lot about how strong and powerful you really are.
  2. That time you broke up with a romantic partner or friend in the past. It was challenging and sad at the time, but you see now how it was important for you to part ways when you did.
  3. That time nothing went according to plan, but everything ended up just great regardless. The best times in life, after all, can’t be planned in advance anyway.
  4. That time you missed a “golden opportunity,” but soon after realized it was a blessing in disguise. What looked golden at the time was really made out of tinfoil in the end.
  5. That time you fell flat on your face, embarrassed by a personal failure or disaster. As it turns out, that failure ended up being just the kick in the pants you needed to set higher standards for yourself.

Have you ever had any of these experiences in life? If you’ve seen in how the universe had your back even when things looked bleak, share your story below!

XO, Andrea

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ohhh yeahhh so that was Universe backing me and i thought i was emotionally and mentally strong to go through that storm alone..


I actually use this phrase a lot. “The Universe has my back” thx for your post.


I worked hard to win the yearly work prize to New York. The top 3 people out of won,I came 4th. The year after Antigua (wasn’t as excited as NYC) I came 4th again. This year I had words with myself and I won. Sandals Bahamas here I come from uk. Believe ,achieve,succeed .

Teriah White

Number one truly resonates with me. Losing my mother at 16 was the most painful and difficult experience of my life, but it taught me perseverance, and now I don’t know how to give up! Even on the days I want to I have strength to keep going, I don’t know how to not preserve!
Thanks for all you do!


what if you were the one that got dumped and it broke your heart? Is that still the universe looking out for you?

Emem Masorong

All of these resonated. It all happened to me. The last one, being me limp because of my clumsiness and carelessness, is a blessing in disguise as well as these ghosts bugging me from time to time. I really feel brand new this year. I feel so blessed that I found this Law of Attraction thing and I am so thankful to the Mentor.