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March 10, 2017
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March 14, 2017
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Law of Attraction Test: See if You Manifest This in 2 Days

Would you like to try out an easy, and fun, Law of Attraction test?

One of the best things to do when learning about the Law of Attraction is to practice attracting random things. Not only is it a lot of fun, but it helps you believe in the Law of Attraction more and more. The more you believe in the Law of Attraction, the more you will believe in your ability to manifest whatever you want!

So try this one out and see how you do! Feel free to share the magic with friends and family too:)

XO, Andrea

Law of Attraction Educator

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  1. Chantal says:

    Committing to the exercise. Will keep you posted!

  2. Awesome Chantal- have fun with it!

  3. Mandy says:

    I visualized the rubber duck and within 48 hrs I saw a rubber duck.

  4. Row says:

    Hello Andrea.
    I tried the exercise as you directed. When the first day went by and nothing happened, I had no expectation. On the second day, the rubber duck was manifest before my eyes. On a television program I was slightly paying attention to, a rubber duck was mentioned and shown and seemed/ looked the same as the one I had pictured in my mind- standard yellow, silly face, rubbery.
    As I do in fact believe, the law of attraction to be a la of nature, I was not shocked. Yet, it did raise a thought, that I would like your opinion on…
    You see the rubber duck had indeed manifest before my eyes, yet it was on television, I heard the words, ‘rubber duck’, mentioned, and I saw one, clearly. But I could not touch it, feel the texture of the smooth toy in my hand,hold it. I could not smell it and it certainly wasn’t mine. And this is fine and well for a rubber duck, which I do not care to have, or really care about, at all.
    But how does the shift occur so that which we wish to manifest in the sense that we may have the thing in someway? Is it by emphasizing the desire? I mean to say, what is the difference in manifesting a thing, so that it is shown to us in someway,but distant and manifesting to have, directly in our own life.
    For example, if one is putting positive focus on manifesting a soul mate into their life, and they see this ideal relationship,( in their opinion), and the ideal mate(their opinion), on television or in a restaurant happily coupled, as they sit alone; is this still manifesting? Or if you seek your ideal job, and you focus on this, positively, and then see some one on television who has a job that you would love to have, but yet you are still seeking employment or an opportunity. What adjustment, need be made, if any, if we seek to manifest desires, rather than random things?
    I am sorry that this is so long, but I hope that it is clear, and any thoughts would b be appreciated!

  5. Excellent Mandy! Well done! 🙂

  6. Hi Row:)

    Well, the first thing to say is that even if the duck isn’t literally in your hands, your focus definitely brought you the duck in it’s own way. The more we accept and appreciate the ways things are drawn to us, the more they will be drawn to us in ways we appreciate. So I always make a habit of getting excited even if it isn’t “exactly” as I wanted it. This allows more to be drawn to me.

    As for jobs and love! Here are a few resources you may like:

    Free love attraction video series here at this link.

    Article on attracting your passion.

    Enjoy! XO

  7. Row says:

    Dear Andrea,
    It was so nice of you to respond. You make a good point, regarding appreciation. Perhaps, sometimes seeing something that we want, but do not have can emphasize a feeling of lack or or a feeling of ‘aching’ , and even almost feel painful or confusing.
    But when one is working with the law of attraction, sometimes a shift of mentality must be made. And appreciation, acceptance, and positivity must be what we focus on.
    Thank you Andrea.

  8. Thanks for your kind words Row:) Much appreciated!

  9. Bas says:

    It worked a bit to good. The first day nothing happened but the second day ,first I noticed an article with a picture of a rubber duck. And now I keep on stumbling over rubber ducks.
    I am a firm believer of LOA and it starts to work better and better. Last year a car exactly the one we wanted. In January we bought a new tv which was a bit to big for our current house. Well I said then we have it already in case we buy a new and bigger house. After I mentioned this things accelerated. Next week we will sign the contract for a new house which is exactly as we wanted. If someone had said this to me 2 years ago I would never thought this was possible.
    So thanks for the inspiration.
    Bas from the Netherlands.

  10. Fantastic Bas. You are on a roll…keep up the great work! <3

  11. TK says:

    Visualized the duck. In THREE days I saw one in a video, one in person, and my husband said unknowingly, “If you really want a rubber duck…” Which caused me to freak out & demand what he meant by that…So…Yeah. It worked.

  12. Now that is funny TK…hilarious your husband would say that!

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