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Money Mastery: Total Debt Elimination!

Would you like to eliminate your debt WITHOUT spending less?


Have you ever started to get ahead with your bills and debts only to fall behind again? Does it feel like no matter how hard you try, you always end up behind?


Are you feeling overwhelmed by student loan debt, back taxes, credit card debts or other financial obligations?


Do you get stressed or worried when your bills come in or when debt collectors call?


Would you like to finally clear the limiting blocks you have regarding money, debt and spending so you can manifest true financial freedom?


Do you not only want to clear your debts, but also start attracting a lot more money that comes IN rather than goes OUT?


If any of these questions resonated with you, you are really going to love my Money Mastery Program!

From $40,000 USD in debt to total freedom and beyond…

Before I learned about the law of attraction, I was in serious financial trouble.


Not only was I not making much money, but I was $40,000 in credit card debt and desperate to clear it.


I was genuinely afraid I would always be in debt-and that we would never quite get ahead in my household. Who knew what would become of my husband and I in our old age?


So, I did what most people who want to clear their debts do. I listened to “The Experts.”


You know, the guys and gals who tell you to quit having fun, shut off your unnecessary cable channels and commit every spare penny to paying down your debts until they are gone.


And we did what they said.


My husband and I diligently packed lunches, stayed home on the weekends and reserved all shopping just for the “necessities.” For years.


It was a boring, drab time in my life-as you can imagine. Strip away vacations, dinners out and all of your “fun spending,” and your life begins to feel like a real chore. Maybe you know the feeling…


Anyway- slowly but surely, we chipped away at our debt with this “spend less” system.


But a funny thing happened. We made progress on our debts, but we always failed to move beyond them.


No matter how far we got, something else would always happen to put more debt in our way.


It was as if no matter how much we went without to get ahead, there was something that always put us behind again.


And when I learned about the law of attraction-I finally started to piece together why this was. More importantly-I figured out why the age old advice to “spend less” just doesn’t work. 


Fast forward to today-and my spending is as free as it gets.


Today I’m no longer “just getting by.”


My husband and I are top earners, and we reside in the top 1% of the wealthiest Americans. We live in a gated community, drive luxury cars and go on international vacations.


Our monthly American Express bill would give most people a heart attack-but it gets paid off each and every month and we still have plenty of money left over to shuttle into savings. No matter how much we spend, more always comes in.


In fact, before sitting down to write this I just bought a fancy pair of heels online for no good reason whatsoever.


Did I need them?




Were they “necessary?”


Absolutely not.


Will they derail my financial freedom?


I guarantee you not.


In fact-I’d be willing to bet you that I will attract MORE money because I bought this silly pair of heels.


See, the reality is that you don’t ever manifest debt through your spending.


And regardless of what “they” may have said-you aren’t an irresponsible person who is wasteful with money. You aren’t being punished by the money gods because you didn’t save your pennies for a rainy day.


The problem that creates debt is something else entirely-and it has absolutely NOTHING to do with the amount of money you spend.


In fact, what I’ve learned is that your spending actually helps you attract money! Spending is actually a very useful activity if you want to accumulate wealth and financial freedom. I would literally never advise someone to spend less today-and for very good reason.


So in this program, I’m going to show you the recipe that not only cleared all of our family’s debts for good-but also allowed me to always attract more money in than I spend (regardless of how frivolous my spending is).


For more information on this Money Mastery Program-please keep on reading below.


And if you find you have more questions about this program you would like answered before enrolling please send them to my team here. You will receive an answer back within 48 hours-it is important to me that you have all of your questions answered.


The ideal student for this program:
  • Carries some kind of unwanted debt (be it credit card debt, student loan debt, line of credit debt, back taxes, owing family members money, etc)
  • Knows what the law of attraction is, and has a basic understanding of how it works.
  • Has had some successes in manifesting things before.
  • Is open-minded and willing to think differently about how money works.
  • Tends to think more optimistically than pessimistically (focuses on the positive more than the negative).
  • Would prefer to clear their debts without spending less money.
Dedicated students of this program will:
  • Clear the limiting blocks that plague all people who carry unwanted debt.
  • Step into the vibration of attracting more money IN than goes OUT.
  • Release fears and anxieties regarding bills, debt and spending. 
  • Feel good about all purchases he/she/they makes!
  • Eliminate debt easily and quickly without having to go on a financial “diet.”

Money Mastery Includes:

  • 37 minutes of video
  • 3 hours of audio
  • 11 workbook pages to complete


In this introductory video we will begin with an overview of what you will learn in the program.

Part 1:

What Is the Vibration of Debt?


In this part of the program, we will begin by illuminating the energetic reason why you find yourself in debt. Here are the primary blocks and behaviors that create a never-ending cycle of debt-and how to eliminate them!


There are 3 audios in this module.

Part 2:

The Vibration of Money Surplus!


In this part of the program we will discuss how to get into the vibration of true financial abundance instead of debt. These are the primary belief structures and behaviors that create wealth rather than debt and how to easily apply them in your life!


There are 3 audios in this module.

Part 3:

Eliminate Debt Without Spending Less!


In this part of the program I will share with you my recipe for eliminating debt WITHOUT going on a financial “diet.” You are advised to continue spending at your current rate as you apply the methods in this section of the program.

I do not advise reducing your spending to reduce your debt. In this section you will learn why.

There are 3 audios in this module.

Part 4:

Manifesting Money Way Beyond Your Expenses


In this part of the program I will show you how to ensure you always attract more money IN than goes OUT through bills and expenses.

Regardless of your source of income, you can apply the methods in this program. It doesn’t matter if you have a “fixed” income or a “flexible” income-these methods will work for you.

There are 3 audios in this module.

Part 5:

The 3 Keys to IMMEDIATE Debt Elimination


Unlock the recipe for eliminating your unwanted debt quickly! Pay extra attention to this section of the program for fast results.


There are 3 audios in this module.



In this conclusion video I will review some common FAQs I get regarding debt and the law of attraction including:

What to do when debt collectors call?

What do you do when you don’t have enough money to pay a bill?

What about family members or other people close to you who are holding back your progress?

How do you speed up the debt elimination process?

Money MasteryWorkbook 

Your PDF workbook for this course. Please follow along with your workbook for optimal results.

Student Testimonial:

“Andrea, you make miracles. I already manifested 5000$ thanks to your manifestation advice.
As for the money mastery course it allowed me to get finally rid of my taxes debts…What a change of mindset for someone who was the queen of procrastination in paying bills and debts.
I love your teaching style, rich of informations, original, and also fun to follow.
I am really grateful for what you do to help us change positively our attitude towards money.”

Student Testimonial:

“I am eternally grateful Andrea. What a shift!!! Applying the lessons in this program cleared my residual credit card debt and also resulted in a major raise at work. This is by far the best manifestation program I have every signed up for. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

Student Testimonial:

“I can always count on Andrea to show me the way, she teaches with such clarity punctuated by inspiring stories and an infectious sense of humor. I’ve been following her work for years and this program is my absolute favorite. Within just one week I attracted the funds to pay off the rest of my lingering student loans. I can finally breathe again!” 



This program is yours to keep:

  • This is an online training program with the videos and materials pre-loaded. 
  • You can log in to access this course at any time and your access does not expire.
  • If you take time off, it’s ok! You can come back to finish at any time-work at your own pace.


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High-Speed Money Magnet

21 Day Abundance Bootcamp!

(With Andrea Schulman & Karin Yee)

Do you want to attract money easily, effortlessly, and abundantly –  like a magnet?


Do you want to do it at lightning speed?


Imagine what your life would be like if you could 10X your money and abundance. How much easier would it be to pay off debt, have everything you’ve ever wanted, invest for the future, or travel the world?


You’d have the freedom to do whatever you wanted every day of your life!


Part of you may think, “Well, that’d be nice, but how?”


Let me tell you my story…


My name is Andrea Schulman and I am a law of attraction teacher with over 5 million views on Youtube.


When I first learned about the law of attraction, I had been making $36,000 a year for 7 full years without One. Single. Raise.


I was the typical high school teacher: tired, stressed, overworked and ridiculously underpaid.


So we went without to get by-something I was already quite used to…


After all, I had already grown up with a family who scrimped and saved, and it seemed I was destined for a life of pinching pennies but never really getting ahead…


(I was the lady at the grocery store holding up the line with her box of coupons-maybe you’ve seen me before lol!)


Additionally, my home was hit hard by the housing bust of 2008. We owed $236,000 on this home that had quickly dwindled in value to only $76,000.


We were stuck, and the environment around us was deteriorating…


As the value of our neighborhood plummeted, drug dealers, vagrants and squatters took over the surrounding homes.


In fact, a couple of meth addicts moved in next door and sold personal and stolen items in their driveway every day to make enough money to keep up with their addictions (a true, but very sad story)…


The worst part was, I was a new mom with a toddler and a new born baby. How was I supposed to let my young children grow up in a place like this??


By some stroke of fortune, this was also the year I was introduced to the law of attraction-and the year my luck all changed!


After all, when you are in a tough spot, you have a powerful desire for change. And if you’re open to it, the universe will use that power to catapult you into the change you seek…


Within 6 months of learning how to focus positively on money and abundance we moved out of this crappy home and into a brand new home in a shiny, gated community.


My husband started earning more money out of the blue, and our income shot up overnight.


The tide had decidedly changed in our favor.


Fast forward to today, and I now run my own 6 figure business and my husband has catapulted to become one of the top sales people in a high-end, fortune 500 company.


We’ve moved yet again-but now into one of the most affluent communities in Florida.


We’ve replaced our next-door meth addicts for neighbors who cruise around on golf carts and own their own boats, businesses and vacation homes.


Luxury cars, international trips, brand name clothing, expensive jewelry, you name it. If I want it, it finds its way to me through the law of attraction.


Life is a far cry from that line at the grocery store with my box of coupons, haggling with the cashier over the price of a box of cereal.


But the best part is…I don’t worry about money at all. It comes when I need it. Enough said.


And now, I want to help you have what I have!


So I talked to my friend Karin Yee, who is a brilliant law of attraction coach, reiki master and YouTuber with over 3 million YouTube views to date.


Our thoughts are in perfect alignment!  We decided to put our minds and experiences together to create a roadmap to help you become a high-speed money magnet in the next 21 days.


Just like Karin and myself, you can manifest your dream life too…


You can manifest money and abundance easily and effortlessly.


You can feel relaxed and be assured that more money is flowing in than going out.


You can have the freedom to spend time with people you care about.


You can live the lifestyle you desire.


You can travel to places you’ve always wanted to see.


You can create massive value for the world and touch other people’s lives.


You can become a high-speed money magnet!


Only If you are open to change, we want to guide you to completely transform your reality…


If you are open to this change, join our high-speed money magnet 21-day challenge.


This is not just another get-rich-quick scheme that promises overnight success but never delivers on its promise.


As you know from my story above, I actually do know how difficult it can be to make ends meet when you don’t have enough income coming in each month.


The really good news is it doesn’t matter where you are now financially. And it doesn’t require a lot of time from your busy schedule.


We only ask you to commit to a daily 3-5 minute video and a daily activity.


All you need is an open mind and a willingness to change.


*Remember, there’s absolutely no risk involved since we offer a 100% 5-day Money Back Guarantee.


In the next 21 days, you will be given a roadmap with clear instructions to implement.


We will give you a powerful formula to become a high-speed money magnet.


Below is all of the information on our 21 day challenge.


And of course, if you find you still have unanswered questions on this program please contact me. I promise to get back with you within 48 hours. It is important to me that you are fully informed on this challenge prior to enrolling.


The ideal bootcamp registrant:
  • Knows what the law of attraction is, and has a basic understanding of how it works.
  • Has had some success in attracting smaller sums of money.
  • Is interested in drastically improving his or her financial situation.
  • Is open-minded and willing to think differently about money.
  • Tends to think more optimistically than pessimistically (focuses on the positive more than the negative).
Dedicated bootcamp registrants will:
  • Clear their limitations and blocks surrounding money and abundance.
  • Develop positive expectations regarding wealth and prosperity.
  • Develop wealth magnetizing habits that run on auto-pilot.
  • Develop supreme faith in their ability to attract financial success.
  • Attract larger amounts of money on a frequent and consistent basis!


High-Speed Money Magnet Includes:

🎥 Day 1: Introduction & Intention

🎥 Day 2: The Secret Formula to Manifest Money: How does money manifesting work?

🎥 Day 3: The Key to Unlock Wealth & Abundance: Our top visualization strategy!

🎥 Day 4: Silence Your Inner Critic Forever (part 1)

🎥 Day 5: Silence Your Inner Critic Forever (part 2)

🎥 Day 6: How to Win the Fight Against Resistance Instantly

🎥 Day 7: How to Stop Being Trapped in Your Current Financial Reality: How to think differently despite your current circumstances.

🎥 Day 8: Money Flowing OUT Rather Than IN? Break the curse of debt and bills!

🎥 Day 9: Abundance Activation: How to BELIEVE you can be abundant! (Part 1)

🎥 Day 10: Abundance Activation: How to BELIEVE you can be abundant! (Part 2)

🎥 Day 11: Huge Manifestation Success Story! Evidence that this stuff works.

🎥 Day 12: This Secret Technique Will Make You FEEL the Vibration of Abundance Instantly!

🎥 Day 13: The Secret to Strengthen Your Money Mindset Instantly.

🎥 Day 14: 10X Your Motivation & Focus to Manifest Your Dreams: How to stay motivated and focused on abundance attraction.

🎥 Day 15: Top Signs You Are on the Right Track!

🎥 Day 16: One Think You Should NEVER Do When it “Isn’t Working!”

🎥 Day 17: Do THIS When it “Isn’t Working!”

🎥 Day 18: How Long Does it Take to Manifest Money?

🎥 Day 19: The Secrets to Speed Up Your Money Manifestations (part 1)

🎥 Day 20: The Secrets to Speed up Your Money Manifestations (part 2)

🎥 Day 21: The Secrets to Manifesting Massive Business Success, Commissions & Perfect Clients.

🎥 Conclusion Video

📓 PDF Workbook

🎁BONUS ABUNDANCE GIFTS: (4 free additional abundance downloads from Andrea & Karin!)

🏆 5 Day Money-Back Guarantee


This challenge is yours to keep:

  • This is an online training program with the videos and materials pre-loaded. 
  • You can log in to access the challenge at any time and your access does not expire.
  • If you miss a day, it’s ok! You can come back to finish at any time-work at your own pace.

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 Have you ever wondered how to believe in your abundance, even when it seems like there’s plenty of evidence to the contrary? 🤔


With this abundance audio package, I’ll provide strategies to maintain your faith in abundance, even in the face of challenges!! 💪


In this selection of coaching audios you will find 9 handpicked recordings that address common questions from students of the Extreme Abundance course. 


With over 2 and a half hours of downloadable material, these questions can serve as thought-provoking discussion points and guide you toward your financial freedom!  


🎯 Here’s What’s Included:


🎧 “The money stop flowing-now what?” (Audio Coaching, 17 min)

This session is about reigniting your financial momentum after a period of stagnation or pause. My client had to suspend product promotions due to external factors, and it created a mental block around making more money. 


If you’ve found yourself in a situation where you had to quit your job, lost your job, or faced a slowdown in generating income, in this audio I provide strategies and empowering affirmations to help break through these barriers and embrace the vast potential for abundance in your life. 🚀💰💪


🎧 “Overcoming the stress of entrepreneurship?” (Audio Coaching, 17 min)

In this coaching session, I address a common concern among business owners: how to enhance your wealth while effectively managing the stress that often accompanies running a business. 


I share strategies to ease business-related worries, highlighting the power of celebrating both income and expenses. Join me to gain tools for conquering these challenges and achieving unparalleled financial success. 🚀💼💰


🎧 “Paying down my debts?” (Audio Coaching, 18 min)

In this coaching session, I address the challenge of manifesting money while managing bills and debts without disrupting your abundance journey. My client, a successful personal trainer, seeks guidance on maintaining the right energetic balance while paying off debts and pursuing their ultimate goal of financial freedom.


I provide clear strategies to harmonize your financial goals with your energetic alignment, empowering you to enjoy the life you desire. Whether you’re an entrepreneur or simply dealing with everyday expenses, this session will assist you in achieving your financial balance. 🚀💼💰


🎧 “I have LOTS of money questions…” (Audio Coaching, 17 min)

In this session, I dive into a client’s questions about consistent money manifestation, eliminating limiting beliefs, and becoming a master manifester! 🚀


Explore how repetition and subconscious programming can transform your money manifestation skills. Learn to act as if, eliminate limiting beliefs forever, and stay in alignment with your financial goals. This session is a valuable source of wisdom that will inspire you to embrace your full potential as a master manifester and bring your dreams closer than you think! 💰✨


🎧 “I’m Starting Over at Age 60 -Help!” (Audio Coaching, 17 min)

In this audio session, I address the universal challenge of starting over, especially at 60 or a later stage in life, with a focus on dissolving abundance blocks rooted in past trauma. This client, once a strong money manifestor, faced setbacks caused by childhood trauma, followed by illness, financial struggles, and a loss of direction.


Discover the possibility that past traumas might be the invisible chains holding you back from realizing your full wealth potential. Join me on this journey to unlock your highest potential for creating massive wealth and prosperity in the later chapters of life. 🚀💰


🎧 “My new career isn’t as abundant as my last one…” (Audio Coaching, 18 min)

In this session, I tackle the challenge of transitioning from a corporate career to a creative one while maintaining abundance. The client shares their journey, from corporate success to a writing career, and their struggles with limiting beliefs and financial challenges.


If you’re on a similar path or pursuing a creative career, this session offers guidance on how to shift your beliefs. Join me to discover strategies to break self-imposed limits and harness the law of attraction for career abundance. 🚀💰📚


🎧 “I never have enough money-help!” (Audio Coaching, 18 min)

In this session, I delve into the common feeling of never having enough, whether it’s related to money, self-worth, or other aspects of life. 


My client shares their journey, including overcoming bankruptcy and their determination to prevent it from spiraling out of control. We’ll explore the path to breaking free from scarcity, with a special focus on shifting away from the “never enough” mindset. Join me on this journey to embrace abundance in every facet of your life. 🚀💰🌟


🎧 “I want 100K in sales by March!” (Audio Coaching, 18 min) 

In this session, we explore the ambitious goal of achieving $100,000 in sales within a specific timeframe. This client seeks guidance on setting financial goals, determining the right time frame and dealing with pressure. I provide clear answers and even explores numerology to offer a different perspective!


Join me in this session to learn how to approach your financial goals with confidence, regardless of whether they’re big or small, and discover how to manifest your aspirations with a calm and relaxed attitude. 🌟💰🏆


🎧 “How do I get my money magic back??” (Audio Coaching, 18 min) 

In this coaching session, I address a client’s concern about losing the financial magic they once had. If you’ve experienced financial success in the past but are now facing challenges and ups and downs, I delved into overcoming patterns of financial setbacks and maintaining a high vibrational state for lasting success.


Join me and reclaim your financial magic and create consistent abundance. ✨💰🚀


📧 Important Information:

🔵 Upon signing up, you will receive an email with all your downloads. Don’t forget to check your spam and/or promotions folder.

🔵 Please be aware that these download links have an expiration date. It’s essential to download all your audio files to a computer as soon as possible.

🔵 If you require any assistance with your order, please don’t hesitate to contact our team anytime via our contact page. We’re here to assist you!

Your abundance awaits! 💰🌈

Jump in now! Grab this incredible package now and amplify your prosperity journey today. 🌠 

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The Abundance Accelerator Kit (PDF Resources)


Are you ready to embark on a transformative journey to manifest abundance and attract wealth like never before?


💎 What Awaits You on This Journey? 

🌟 Mindset: Discover how to reshape your thoughts and beliefs about money.


🌟 Behavior: Use practical strategies to harness the law of attraction in your day-to-day life.


🌟 Momentum: You’ll progressively amplify your ability to attract abundance over time.


🌟 Confidence: Embrace empowering money beliefs, supported by logic and reason, to achieve financial success.


💎 Who’s the Ideal User? 

✔️ Do you have a basic understanding of the law of attraction?


✔️ Do you want to supercharge the flow of wealth into your life?


✔️ Are you open-minded and ready to embrace new paths to self-improvement?



💎 What’s Inside the Abundance Accelerator Kit? 

📚 The Strategy Kit PDF (Part 1):


Discover 11 potent thought/action strategies for specific life scenarios. 


These strategies are meticulously designed to transform your relationship with money. Whether it’s optimizing bill payments, grocery shopping 🛒, mastering charitable giving, or addressing financial concerns with your partner, consider it all covered! 🤯


In this concise 28-page PDF, I’ll personally guide you in aligning your thoughts and actions with abundance. Plus, I’ll share examples of how someone with an abundant mindset handles these very situations. 🌟


With these strategies at your fingertips, you’ll master the art of attracting wealth 💪


📚 The Belief Kit PDF (Part 2):


Dive deep into 9 beliefs surrounding wealth 💰


Could your pessimistic beliefs be blocking your prosperity? The key to abundance is shattering those mental barriers. 


In this 22-page PDF, I tackle common money myths and provide irrefutable evidence to debunk them. Get ready to revolutionize your financial mindset by rewiring your thought patterns, transforming your financial future from within. 


This journey will have you rewriting the script of your financial beliefs, like an alchemist turning negativity into positivity! 🌟



Embrace these materials and witness the abundance is coming your way!


🌈 Jump in! 🌈


The time to transform your financial destiny is NOW! Let’s manifest a future filled with prosperity, wealth, and limitless abundance together! 


Grab the Abundance Accelerator Kit today! 🚀💰


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Extreme Abundance Course

***This program comes with personal audio coaching from Andrea***

Have you ever wondered any of the following questions?

  1. How am I supposed to think like a wealthy person when I’ve never been wealthy?
  2. I am trapped in my current financial reality, is it truly possible for me to break free and become rich?
  3. It seems like money is always going OUT more than coming IN. How do I turn this around?
  4. Sometimes I attract money but my luck always seems to run out. How do I keep the abundance flowing permanently?
  5. I believe in the law of attraction, but it’s hard for me to believe I am capable of being truly wealthy-what do I do?

If any of the above questions resonate with you, you are going to love this program!

What the information in this program has done for me:

I wasn’t born into a poor home, but I wasn’t born into a wealthy one either. I come from the middle class, and my parents did NOT have an abundant mindset in the slightest…


In fact, in my middle class home, I was actually viewed as a financial burden my parents were eager be freed from.


Unlike the rest of the friends I grew up with, I did not have the support of my family when I entered the “real world.”


While the kids I knew could call home if they needed help with rent or bills, that option did not exist for me. The moment I hit adulthood, I was expected to take care of myself 100%- no matter what.


There was no easy transition into independence for me. I left home and enrolled immediately in the school of hard knocks.


And like others out there who are enrolled in the school of hard knocks, I did not have a good job. I did not have credit available to me or good connections to open doors on my behalf.


I simply did whatever I could to stay afloat.


I frequently worked two jobs at a time. I worked at a number of restaurants and bars as a busser, a hostess, and a waitress. I even had a job making $7 an hour “crushing cans” for a college dormitory cafeteria.


These jobs paid me, but not much-money was always tight.


So I looked for other means to keep a roof over my head…


I sold plasma (this is where you go to a donation center where they hook you up to a machine to remove your blood, take out the plasma, and then pump the blood back into you. I made on average $15 for every donation-it’s something lots of homeless people do).


And when that wasn’t enough, I seriously considered becoming an exotic dancer (no kidding).


I was all set to head over to Amateur Night one evening to start my lucrative table dancing career but backed out at the last minute when I decided I just couldn’t go through with it…


So instead of exotic dancing, I found another way to supplement my income….I leveraged some of the connections I had at the bar I was waitressing at to become a low-level drug dealer, selling marijuana and ecstacy (molly/MDMA) to college kids.


This ended up being one of my worst ideas ever as it resulted in me developing a serious substance abuse problem. I lost a lot more money on that “job” than I ever made. Yes, this is sad but true.


But the long story short here is that I know what it feels like to be broke and desperate…


Fortunately, about 10 years later I learned about the law of attraction and it changed my life.


At that stage in my life I had grown up a bit, but I was in no means living a wealthy and abundant life.


I wasn’t selling drugs anymore but instead I was now a drug-addicted high school teacher making just $37K a year and working like a dog to earn every bit of it. I was angry at life and stressed on a daily basis.


At this stage in my life I was a new mom who now cut coupons to get by, and I did my best to save every penny my family could. Yet, all of this effort and we were still stuck in the same financial reality year after year.


It felt like I was on a hamster wheel, and that I was destined to be living the “just getting by” life forever…


I was 31 years old, and I felt like a total loser who just couldn’t figure out how to reach her potential.


But when I learned how to apply the law of attraction to money, everything changed. And it started changing fast…


Today I am 42 years old and I am considered a member of the 1%.


I live in a gated community, I run my own six figure business, and I drive luxury cars. When I’m away from home, I stay at five star hotels like the Ritz Carlton or the Waldorf Astoria.


I am the woman who uses valet parking whenever it is available, gets her hair and nails done professionally and dines at restaurants with linen tablecloths. I vacation wherever and whenever I want.


(And yes, in case you are wondering, I am now 100% drug and alcohol-free and have for the better part of a decade-thanks too to the law of attraction!)


And while it probably seems like I am bragging here, the reason I tell you this is that I want to prove to you just how far you can go when you choose to master the principles of abundance attraction. Honestly, you can go even higher than this-I’m convinced of it.


I’m not sure exactly what your back story is, or where you come from…but like I said, I’ve been pretty close to the bottom and I know what is required to massively level up your abundance attraction.


Wherever you are right now financially, I have the tools you need to break through your current financial reality and unleash the floodgates of wealth into your life.

Program Description:

Extreme Abundance is a step-by-step abundance attraction training program.


In this course we will train your mind to efficiently and effectively manifest prosperity on a consistent basis.


All course materials are immediately available upon signup and are yours to keep forever. Follow along at your own pace.


Continue reading on for more program details, and if you find you still have more questions always free to contact my team here. We will be sure to respond to your questions on this program within 48 hours. It is important to me that you are fully informed about this course!


The ideal course registrant:

  • Knows what the law of attraction is, and has a basic understanding of how it works.
  • Has had some success in attracting smaller sums of money.
  • Is interested in drastically improving his or her financial situation.
  • Is open-minded and willing to think differently about money.
  • Tends to think more optimistically than pessimistically (focuses on the positive more than the negative).


Dedicated course registrants will:

  • Learn (and understand fully) the process of money manifestation.
  • Identify and correct his or her money attracting blocks and limitations.
  • Consistently think in a way that attracts a strong flow of money.
  • Identify and correct his or her lack behaviors.
  • Consistently act in a way that attracts a strong flow of money.
  • Attract substantially more money into his or her life.
  • Be able to rely on the flow of money increasing for the rest of his or her life.


  • PART 1: Extreme Abundance Introduction (10 min Audio 🎧)


In this audio, I’ll guide you through this course, offering insights into what to expect and the sequential flow of the program. I’ll share my journey of liberating myself from money-limiting beliefs and demystifying the Law of Attraction. As you progress in the course, we’ll rewire your thoughts, conquer limiting beliefs, and navigate common money behaviors. 🚀💰


  • PART 2: Manifesting Money 101  (20 min Audio 🎧)


I’ll share my personal transformation from addiction to abundance, emphasizing the link between thoughts, actions, and reality. I also uncover the secrets of wealthy mindsets and how quantum physics validates the Law of Attraction. 😉 It’s time to take charge of your thoughts and actions to ignite a powerful momentum!


  • PART 3: How to Think Abundantly (19 min Audio 🎧)


In this section, we delve into the mindset crucial for attracting extreme abundance. Your thoughts and actions must align positively with money. By studying prosperous people, you’ll discover a set of principles that contribute to their financial success!


  • PART 4: Identifying Your Personal Blocks (23 pages PDF 📚)


Dive into exercises that shatter personal money blocks—Identify limiting beliefs, shift them to positivity, and wire them into your subconscious effortlessly. 💪 Break free from restriction, conquer impossibility, and redefine your relationship with the “Money Game” for a life of financial empowerment! 💸🔓



  • PART 5: List of Negative Wealth Beliefs (8 pages PDF 📚)


Uncover the hidden barriers to your wealth with this PDF 🔍. You will identify and eliminate common money blocks, and explore 20 prevalent limiting beliefs that may be holding you back, from “money is hard to hold on to” to “it’s not polite to talk about money.” 🤔🚫


  • PART 6: List of Positive Wealth Beliefs (5 pages PDF 📚)


Explore 20 affirmations designed to transform your mindset! Embrace thoughts of financial positivity, feeling the weight of possibility and the control in your hands. Engage in a love affair with the “money game,” celebrating victories and recognizing your role as a worthy player. 🚀💰


  • PART 7: How to Act As If (20 min Audio 🎧)


🌟 Shift from just thinking to powerful action in attracting wealth. Confidence isn’t just in the mind—it’s in the body language. Learn how to apply the same principle to money! In this audio, you will learn how to let go of the hustle mentality, and how to align your actions with the vibration of wealth attraction.


  • PART 8: Eliminate Your Negative Money Actions (18 min Audio 🎧 )


In this session, I teach you how to identify the actions that may hinder your financial progress. Learn practical strategies to infuse enthusiasm into your money-related activities, amplifying positive characteristics in your daily life habits. 🚀


  • PART 9: Common Negative Money Actions (6 pages PDF 📚)


This guide provides practical steps to shift your mindset and break free from unconscious limiting habits. You will uncover patterns of restriction, feelings of impossibility, and a distaste for the “money game”. Delve into the impact of lacking enthusiasm on your financial journey through introspection. 🕵️‍♂️


  • PART 10: How to Take Positive Money Actions (16 min Audio 🎧)


I’ll guide you to cultivate winning habits, thinking bigger for greater possibilities, and developing a love for the money game! Gain insights on taking chances, sharing knowledge, and spending money with excitement to build a positive relationship with wealth. 🚀💰


  • PART 11: Effective Positive Money Actions (5 pages PDF 📚)


Dive into 5 pages packed with massively effective practices that redefine your relationship with wealth and celebrate the expansiveness that positive financial actions bring. You will cultivate a genuine love for the “money game” and practice actions that reinforce abundance, gradually integrating them into your routine.


  • PART 12: Building Your Wealth Momentum (20 min Audio 🎧 )


Learn the transformative power of speed, passive programming, and audio influence to fuel your abundance journey. 💰 Discover the art of positive habits, daily actions, and consistent positivity. Unlocking the secrets to an unstoppable momentum wave in wealth creation! 🌟


  • PART 13: Extreme Abundance Conclusion (17 min Audio 🎧 )


In this audio, I talk about how money is an unlimited resource, and guide you to get a clear picture of the abundance mindset and why competition is a no-go. 🌐 Transform your approach to wealth, making it a journey for everyone. 🌈✨ Ready for a life-changing adventure? Don’t miss out on this concluding chapter to your abundance story! 🎉


🎁BONUS: Conversation Scripts (5 pages PDF 📚)


Here is a guide to infuse positive wealth beliefs into your daily conversations! Elevate your financial dialogue and cultivate a mindset of expansion and possibility. From work to family discussions, these scripts empower you to attract abundance with every word. 💬💰


🎁BONUS: Coaching Instructions (1 page PDF 📚)


Take your manifestation game to new heights with a personalized 15-minute coaching audio from me. 🎧✨ Simply send me your question about abundance attraction, and receive expert insights in a recorded format—yours to cherish forever! 😉


Program Testimonials:

“If you are on the fence about this program, I’m here to tell you to just go ahead make the leap.

2 weeks after finishing this program I finally believed in my abundance enough to ask for the raise I wanted and I got WAY MORE than I asked for. I’m now making $50,000 more per year! This is literally the best return on investment I have ever seen.

Thank you so much for all you do Andrea, you are truly changing people’s lives for the better.”

~Susanna O.



“Right before I took this program my family was literally BLEEDING money. We just couldn’t catch a break. Expenses were piling up and no matter what we did there was just more money leaving us than coming in.

I’m so glad I decided to take this program even when it felt like I “couldn’t afford it.” Turns out I couldn’t afford not to.

Literally everything has turned around. The number in our bank account has been going UP UP UP!  I’ve never had savings before, and we are now piling up a big nest egg.

I finally feel like I can breathe and that everything is really going to be ok and that maybe even I will be one of the wealthiest people on earth someday. I just can’t say enough good things about Andrea’s work and style of teaching.”

~Elaine J.



“I’ve been studying the LOA for years, but for every step forward I took there would be two steps backward.

I would have manifesting success, and then the doubts would creep in and I would lose the magic yet again.

This program showed me how to terminate those doubts completely, and I’ve been building financial momentum ever since. My construction business has had its best year ever and I’m convinced it’s due to the information I learned in this program.

My family and I thank you for all you have done for us.”

~David D.




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The Vibration of Money! (19 minute audio)

19 minute audio tutorial:


💰 Are you looking to manifest more wealth and prosperity in your life? “The Vibration of Money” audio is the perfect resource for you. Discover powerful techniques and insights to attract abundance, shift your mindset, and unlock the secrets to financial success. ✨💸


🎯 Seeking a truly abundant life? This audio brings a positive shift in your relationship with money, attracting greater wealth into your reality. Whether an entrepreneur, business professional, or simply enhancing financial well-being, gain valuable guidance and tools to manifest money and create a life of abundance. 🌟🤑


🎧 In this 19-minute audio tutorial, explore the four essential elements contributing to the vibration of money. Gain insights on aligning thoughts, emotions, and actions for wealth manifestation. Discover secrets to shift your money mindset and manifest greater abundance! 💡💰

Magnetic Money


Ready to transform your relationship with money and welcome abundance into your life? 💫


Discover the keys to attracting wealth with the Magnetic Money package! 🔑


Unlock dozens of effective mental reprogramming techniques and abundance-attracting methods that will shift your money mindset and financial reality. 🚀


⚡Who’s the Ideal User? ⚡

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✅ Seeking to break free from financial limitations and welcome abundance beyond just money?


✅ Ready to challenge the notion of scarcity and open the door to financial abundance?


If these resonate with you, this journey is for you!


Magnetic Money Includes: 


📹 “Financial Abundance Attraction 101” (Video Tutorial, 48 min)


✨In this video, you will explore the profound connection between the Law of Attraction and your finances, learn easy techniques to magnetize wealth, and discover the power of language transformation in boosting your financial magnetism.💰🧲


🎧 “5 Unusual Ways to Create a Wealth Mindset” (Audio Tutorial, 21 min)


In this audio, I will guide you from scarcity to abundance. Discover five unconventional methods that you can apply in your daily life to nurture a wealthy mindset and unlock the potential of your financial future! 💰💡


🎧 “Tapping Into INFINITE Abundance” (Audio Tutorial, 22 min)


You will discover how to move beyond traditional financial ideas and welcome a life filled with abundance that goes beyond money, bringing endless opportunities and wealth that reaches far past your bank account. 💰🌌


🎧 “There Is NO Shortage of Money!” (Audio, 45 min)


✨ Challenge your notion of money scarcity with this 45-minute audio session. You’ll get practical tips to change the way you think about wealth. It’s time to say goodbye to the idea that there’s not enough money and discover the abundance that’s within your reach! 💰🚀


🎧 “The Mailbox Money Strategy” (Audio, 17 min)

✨ Discover the power of a simple mindset shift during everyday financial activities in this audio session. Explore a game-changing manifestation technique that attracts unexpected financial abundance into your life, and learn how small changes can lead to significant financial rewards. 💰📬


🎧 “My debt is always in the way-help!” (Coaching Audio, 33 min)


✨ In this coaching session I tackle common financial struggles and debt issues in this coaching audio. Learn practical steps to shift your energy towards financial ease and take the first step toward living debt-free. 📉


🎧 “Am I greedy for wanting $10 million?” (Coaching Audio, 34 min)


✨ In this coaching session, explore the desire for $10 million! Gain expert guidance on how to harness the Law of Attraction to your advantage and embrace your desires without guilt or hesitation. 🤑


📜 40 Money Magnet Affirmation Cards (Printable PDF)


✨ Experience the power of money magnet affirmation question cards that stimulate your abundance mindset. Unlike traditional “I am” affirmations, these questions invite reasons to feel abundant! Use them as you like on your journey to financial freedom 💸


Unlock 4 hours of downloadable material and embark on your path to magnetic money attraction. 💫


Grab the Magnetic Money Collection today and start mastering the art of attracting abundance and wealth into your life! 💰

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