Here are a few highly recommended books and documentaries that explore consciousness, the Law of Attraction, how to raise your vibration and how to create your reality. There are many more books and documentaries out there, but these are among my favorites:

Recommended Documentaries on Consciousness & The Law of Attraction:

1. The Secret: Most people visiting this page have likely seen it, but if you haven’t yet you must check it out! It is an excellent introduction to the Law of Attraction. This is a very simplistic, introductory explanation that is very easy to follow.

2. Abraham-Hicks: The Secret Behind the Secret: This is a nice introduction to Law of Attraction channeler, Esther Hicks. Esther’s career in channeling led to the creation of The Secret (above). In fact, there are two versions of The Secret, one that has some narration by Esther Hicks and one that does not. Make sure to check out the version with Esther if you haven’t already!

3. What In the Bleep Do We Know!?: This documentary is a nice introduction to the concept of quantum physics and how it relates to consciousness. It is a bit technical, but overall a good and scientific explanation on why our thoughts control the world around us.

4. Waking Universe With Darryl Anka and Bashar: This highly recommended YouTube documentary and interview is a fantastic overview of the channel, Darryl Anka, who channels an entity named “Bashar.” Though some might be put off by the nature of his channeling, the messages that come through Darryl are uplifting and incredibly informative on the nature of reality and the importance of how we use our thoughts and beliefs.

5. Parallel Universe Documentary: This is a great, science-based documentary on the concept of parallel realities. Understanding the infinite nature of the universe can come in handy when studying the Law of Attraction!

Recommended Books on Consciousness & The Law of Attraction:

1. Ask and It Is Given: Learning to Manifest Your Desires, by Esther and Jerry Hicks: This is a highly recommended book that both explains the Law of Attraction and provides tangible exercises to use it.

2. Law of Attraction: The Science of Attracting More of What You Want, and Less of What You Don’t, by Michael Losier: A book that provides practical application for the Law of Attraction. There are lots of simple strategies to follow.

3. The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success: A Practical Guide to the Fulfillment of Your Dreams, by Deepak Chopra: A more in-depth look into the importance of how your consciousness directs your life.

4. The Science of Getting Rich, by Wallace Wattles: This book is really an early explanation of what we today call “the Law of Attraction.” It is written using different terminology and it is an older book from 1910, but it is a remarkable explanation of how we can use our thoughts to get what we want. The link to this book takes you to a free PDF you can read.

5. Think and Grow Rich, by Napoleon Hill: Another “oldie but goodie.” Learn how to harness your consciousness to create wealth in your life. The terminology is a little different than you will see in modern-day works, but the idea of the Law of Attraction is clearly outlined.

6. The Kybalion: The Kybalion is a manual for the “Hermetic Laws” of Greek and Egyption philosophy. I found that these principals can help tie together a lot of the loose ends when it comes to understanding the LOA and how it works!

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