About Andrea Schulman, Founder of Raise Your Vibration Today
My name is Andrea Schulman, and I am the creator of Raise Your Vibration Today. This is the story about how this website and business came to be:

About eight years ago, I was introduced to the Law of Attraction, and it dramatically changed my life. I spent hours and hours scouring books and the internet trying to learn how you can raise your vibration to create your reality. Because of the many things I learned, I had many successes in creating the things and experiences that I wanted.

After a few years of learning and practicing these new skills, I decided to take a leap of faith and leave my career in teaching to pursue my highest aspiration…and that was to create a website to facilitate an education and mentoring business with plenty of strategies to help any visitor who wanted to raise his or her vibration. To create one place where someone could find the techniques they needed, rather than hunt around for hours and hours like I did.

To me, this website is one of my greatest manifestations because I have never built a website before. I have no degree in technology and never had a technical job. Despite this lack of experience, coding a website was always something I wanted to learn how to do. So, I left my job, bought a nice computer and a “Web Design for Dummies” book and figured it out step by step. My original site was hand-coded, which was a big accomplishment for me!

I imagine that many people struggle with following their intuition, particularly when it comes to their life’s work. It took me years of consciously working to elevate my vibration to come to a clear vision of what I really wanted. Ironically, it was something I honestly knew that I wanted to do for a very long time, but I wouldn’t dare to dream that I could have it. I didn’t believe it was possible. I believed in all the “cant’s” and “shouldnt’s” rather than in my desire.

About Andrea Schulman of Raise Your Vibration TodayIt’s challenging to consider leaving your job because you believe that you are throwing away your security. It’s scary to think about pursuing your passion when you are worried that people might think you’re completely “out there” for working in the field of spirituality and the Law of Attraction. I had to take the time to rid myself of beliefs that didn’t serve me in order to fully trust my intuition.

I now know that the only thing that makes you secure is your ability to keep positive expectations, and that having a job is no more secure than not having a job. I now know that I actually am a little “out there,” and some people will probably criticize me for it-but it’s what I am, and to live the life I want I must embrace it. I’m a little weird, and that’s fine by me.

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I hope you enjoy my site! If you’re interested in learning more about my one-on-one coaching, feel free to contact me using the form here.

XO, Andrea



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