11 Affirmations to Build Confidence in Yourself

How about a few quick affirmations to build confidence today?

When we are down or up against a problem in life, we often get disconnected from our sense of self-confidence. In moments like these, it can be very useful to reach for a few affirmations to build yourself back up!

As always with affirmations, please take care to use only affirmations that make you feel good. Here are a few to choose from, see if any resonate well with you!

Affirmations to Build Confidence

  1. I have met many challenges in my life with success.
  2. In my life I have learned many skills and had many achievements.
  3. I have been strong enough to get this far.
  4. Within me is the power to create changes in my life, and in the world.
  5. I influence other people through my words and actions.
  6. I am always growing, expanding and becoming more. 
  7. Without me, the world wouldn’t be the same.
  8. I have had many moments of greatness in my life.
  9. I am eternal, and therefore I am infinitely powerful.
  10. There are big things in my future for me yet to achieve.
  11. I am important. All of human history has led up to me being right here, right now.

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Do you have any other affirmations to build confidence to add to this list? Hit me up below in the comments and share!

XO, Andrea

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