Most people who are interested in finding Spiritual Ascension or following the Law of Attraction have heard that meditation is a fantastic way to raise your vibration because it clears your mind of racing, obsessive and negative thoughts. While I completely agree that meditation is great for raising your vibration, in my research I’ve noticed that some people (including myself!) find standard meditation to be tedious at times. Below, I’ve compiled a number of alternatives beyond “regular old” silent meditation.

1. Take a Trip to the Beach

If you have a beach nearby, it really is a wonderful place to go in lieu of meditating. The waves and sounds can gently guide you into resonance with the higher frequencies. If you do not have a nearby beach, feel free to enjoy a minute by the beach near my home in Melbourne, Florida by watching the video below:

2. The Five Count Breath

This is one of my absolute favorite alternatives to meditation and it is especially useful when you need to quickly clear your mind in a stressful moment. All you do is breathe in slowly for five counts, hold the breath for five counts, and breathe out for five counts (so that one full breath is fifteen total counts).

This simple technique overrides your sympathetic nervous system and your endocrine system (which govern your “flight or fight” response) to have an immediately calming affect. This technique has been so effective in calming me down that I have taught it to my two young children and we practice it regularly together, especially during moments that are angry, fearful or worrisome. Practice it whenever you find yourself in a tense situation, and eventually it will become a habit that you won’t have to think about.

3. Yoga

For those people who prefer more activity over sitting still or lying down to meditate, yoga offers several alternatives. The nice thing about yoga is that you practice mindful breathing while moving in sync with your body, and these mind-breath-body movements (when done properly) can lull you into a meditative trance.

There are many varieties of yoga out there, but if you are interested learning yoga I recommend beginning with either “Hatha” yoga or “Vinyasa Flow” yoga. Hatha yoga will teach you postures with ease, but does not offer much of a workout. Vinyasa yoga is a bit more challenging but offers you a true workout.

If you prefer to work out at home rather than taking classes, I personally recommend the following DVDs by renowned Vinyasa Flow yogi Shiva Rea. Shiva Rea specializes in creating quality yoga programs that are meditative, spiritual and uplifting. Each of these DVDs contains a variety of 10-20 minute programs that you can do individually or put together, which is especially nice if you’re like me and prefer shorter workouts:

Shiva Rea: Daily Energy

Shiva Rea: More Daily Energy

Shiva Rea: Yoga in Greece

4. Guided Meditation

While silent meditation is great, it does require a great deal of focus. When I am feeling particularly distracted, I’ve found that it can be much easier for me to get into a meditative state when I am following a guided meditation. I feel it is often easier to block out outside thoughts, noises and distractions when I am listening to someone speak rather than focusing internally. Select a guided meditation below and try it out:

Guided Meditation-Blissful Deep Relaxation (18 minutes)

Kelly Howell: The Secret Universal Mind Meditation (35 minutes)

Chakra Cleansing & Activating Guided Meditation (22 minutes)

5. Binaural Beats Meditations

These are also fun alternatives to silent meditations. Binaural beats meditations are typically are not “guided” in they simply offer sounds without voices, but they contain a certain frequency of sound that brings you into resonance with the higher vibrations.

I like to listen to these meditations while lying down and either focusing on my breath or my third eye. Often I will feel a fluttering on my forehead where the “third eye”/pineal gland is located moving in sync with the fast-paced vibration of the binaural beats. Here are a few to try out:

Raise Your Energy Vibration-Subliminal Guided Meditation, Binaural Beats 528hz (1 hour)

3 Hours of Creativity and Focus-Binaural Beats (3 hours)

6. Sleep Meditation & Sleep Hypnosis

A sleep meditation (also sometimes called a sleep hypnosis) is awesome because you are going to sleep anyways so you don’t need to set aside any extra time to do it! Also, I’ve found that using a sleep meditation is a great way for me to induce quality, peaceful sleep-and sometimes even lucid dreams. Typically, a sleep meditation is also a guided meditation.

I recommend checking out Jody Whiteley’s YouTube channel. She has an enormous quantity of sleep hypnoses ranging from 30 minutes to 8 hours in length. Her voice is a strangely robotic in her hypnoses, but don’t let that put you off as she has designed her tone of voice to help you sleep and be more receptive to her positive suggestions. I think she is exceptionally calming and very effective.

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