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My name is Andrea Schulman and I am the creator of Raise Your Vibration Today where I run a popular Law of Attraction vlog and membership webAndrea Schulman, Founder of Raise Your Vibration Todaysite.  I also work one-on-one with conscious creators around the world to help them fine-tune their manifesting skills.

I was born in the United States in Minneapolis, Minnesota in the 80s, but I have lived in many places throughout my life.  As a kid I moved frequently, living in Texas, Michigan and New Mexico. 

After I finished high school, I moved to Ann Arbor to attend the University of Michigan.  I graduated in 2001 with a BS in psychology, a subject I have always been fascinated by.

After bouncing around a little more after my schooling, I ultimately ended up in Palm Bay, FL in 2006.  Here, I’ve finally been able to put down some much-needed roots.  Now, I live with my loving and supportive husband, Jeremy, and my two young children (a strong and independent boy named Isaac, and a beautiful and compassionate girl named Jessica).

Before launching Raise Your Vibration Today, I was a high school psychology teacher for seven years in Florida’s public school system. I know many people fear teenagers, but I absolutely loved working with them. I would have kept my job forever, but over time I found that I wanted much more freedom and independence than I was able to have in the education system.  I started Raise Your Vibration Today because I wanted to teach people something that really mattered, and I wanted to do it without being restrained by rules and expectations I didn’t believe in.

To go a little deeper, I am and always have been a very sensitive spirit.  I have an INFJ Myers-Briggs personality type, and I describe myself as both intuitive and empathic.  I believe in tolerance, and I pride myself on accepting people for who they are. I practice yoga, collect crystals and gemstones and I even occasionally dabble in tarot card reading. 

For those who appreciate astrology, my sun sign is in Aquarius, my moon is in Leo and I am a Gemini Rising. I’m also Virgo/Mercury/Air/Mutable dominant. 

Like many other sensitive people, I have dealt with a great deal of trauma in this lifetime, and I believe this trauma served as a catalyst for my spiritual growth and development. I understand what it feels like to be “lost at sea,” and this is why I care so deeply about teaching people how to find their power with the Law of Attraction.

XO, Andrea

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