All Pain Is Caused by the Illusion of Separation

Whenever I sit down to write a blog post I always try to write about themes I see in my own experience. This past week, I have become yet again aware of the illusion of separation and how it is the driving force of pain and suffering in our universe.

All suffering stems from a belief of separation. When we believe we are separate from others or separate from the whole of existence we experience pain.

I believe strongly that this is universally the case. I’ve never seen a case of pain that wasn’t in some way caused by a belief or action in separation.

The pain in separation

Believing we are separate from one another causes us to fight against one another, and feel the need to protect ourselves from those we see as threats.

Acting as if we are separate from the universal stream of life force and well-being causes our physical pain and struggles. Instead of going with the flow of our infinite consciousness we take steps in directions we don’t want to go. This leads to accidents, stress and strain on our physical systems.

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Our lack of trust in our connectedness keeps us from taking chances and doing the things we really want to do. We hide, we pretend to be something other than what we are for fear the system will reject us.

The love in unity

By contrast, when we notice our unity with the rest of the world, we fall into a state of peace, acceptance and contentment.

For example, when you are sitting with a group of friends you genuinely feel you belong with, you feel safe, secure and capable of speaking as your authentic self. You don’t censor yourself or worry about how you will be perceived. Rather you let yourself be who you are genuinely and authentically.

When we feel unified with our neighbors, we have friendly interactions. We wave at one another, we help each other out. We feel safe in our trust of one another.

When we feel unified with out coworkers and business partners, we thrive as a team and we enjoy the work. We have fun, as the energy of our synergy is electric and palpable.

Finding reasons to unify with others and with the world, therefore, is the key to tapping in to our inner peace and joy.

At the end of the day, what elevates us individually (and collectively) is our choice to unify with one another.

Reject the illusion of separation

So today, I urge you to cast off the illusion of separation. We are all in this together. We are all infinitely important and infinitely tied together.

Love your neighbors, send kindness to strangers and look for reasons to bond with the entire community of existence. We may not agree with everyone, and that’s ok, but that doesn’t mean we can’t find reasons to love and accept them anyways.

The more we can look to each other as cherished companions on this journey of life, the higher we will reach into states of peace, joy and happiness.

If you believe in the power of unity, share this message with others <3 

XO, Andrea

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