Reacting to Tragedy: How Our Choices Make an Impact

Earlier this week I created a Facebook video on reacting to tragedy. I think this is a pertinent topic for students of the Law of Attraction, so I figured I’d share some more on this topic here on the blog today.

These days, when we turn on the news, it seems sometimes as if tragedy is bombarding the planet. Naturally, when crisis occurs people get scared, upset and angry.

None of us like to feel vulnerable, and none of us wants to feel as if we or those we care about are in danger. Additionally, the large majority of us feel pain when we see other people suffer. This is perfectly normal.

However, with that being said, how we react to tragedy is very important.

Why is our reaction to tragedy important?

To answer this question, it is first crucial to understand one point. Injustices and acts of hate come from those who are stuck in lowered emotional states.

Those who are angry and frustrated about the world are much more likely to do things that are hateful and unkind. The most angry, disenfranchised people on the planet  are the ones most likely to lash out on others.

However, our own energy has the power to diffuse this negative energy in others or amplify it.

When we react to crises and tragedy in anger and hostility, we OURSELVES take on the negative energy the “wrongdoer” was projecting. Then, when we act out of this anger, we send more of this kind of negative energy out into the globe. From there, more negative energy is available to attach itself to people who are already negatively-oriented.

So, while it is true that my anger or your anger may not directly create a massacre or a genocide, our anger does indirectly contribute to these types of events.

I like to think of it as a “ripple effect.”

Whenever I allow the actions of others to send me into a negative tailspin, I become much more likely to act out of anger. I may yell at someone, or ignore someone, or treat someone unkindly.

Each person I treat this way is more likely to experience a negative downturn in emotion as well. Then, these people I affected lash out on the people they encounter. This continues on and on.

My decision to react in anger and hostility always has an infinite impact on the globe. My anger ripples out from me and impacts those around me. One angry word, unkind glance or rude action can have a lasting impact. Additionally, it easily gains momentum as it traverses from person to person.

When I choose to be angry, I actually fuel the world with more of the negative energy that created those events in the first place.

So, when it comes to tragedy and crisis, I know it’s normal to be upset or angry or frustrated. If that is your knee-jerk reaction, that’s ok!

But that being said, be mindful of how much you allow events across the globe to influence your emotional state. After all, the only power we have to help the world is by radiating positive (rather than negative) energy.

While it’s true that our negative energy has an infinite impact, the same is true for our positive energy. If it is your aim to help humanity, use the ripple effect wisely.

In times of crisis and uncertainty, the very best thing we can do is share love and focus on shining as much positive energy as we can. Reacting to tragedy can create more negative energy, or more positive energy-depending on the path we choose.

XO, Andrea

Law of Attraction Educator

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  • Chris
    Posted June 18, 2017 4:27 pm 0Likes

    What about personal tragedy and the law of attraction? I’m curious because I lost my beautiful cat on the weekend. He was attacked by a dog and I delayed taking him to the vets because I was scared. Is it possible to attract something like this by doubting he could recover?

  • Andrea Schulman
    Posted June 19, 2017 10:02 am 0Likes

    Well we attract everything, though much of what we attract is unintentional. I’m sorry you lost your cat, I know how hard it can be to lose a pet.

    I think it helps to remember that we are attracting LOTS of things in every moment, so I try to avoid “faulting” myself and others when bad things happen. Of course, doubt does play against us, but unless we are 100% free of doubts and limitations we will bump up against unpleasant circumstances from time to time-including deaths.

    Another thing I like to tell people when it comes to death is that we all (at least it seem we all) have a very common belief: that every living thing will die and there is no way to predict precisely how and when we will die. For that reason, we all experience unexpected deaths in our lives. It isn’t intentional, but as long as we believe everyone and everything must die, it will, and as long as we believe in the unpredictability of death we will find we encounter deaths that are sudden and surprising.

    So, you are definitely not alone in this kind of attraction Chris. Be easy on yourself and I wish you lots of love and comfort during this time <3

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