4 Vital Reasons to Keep Moving Forward!

Sometimes in life, we get stuck in a rut. We become immobilized by fear, or we simply ignore the pull to do what we know we want to do. However, when it comes to life, it is imperative to keep moving forward!

Forward momentum is what carries you to everything you want. Forward momentum is everything.

Today I write this article for anyone who has been dragging their feet. Maybe it’s with a relationship, a job or a goal you have at school. Maybe it’s with your health or something else important to you. Regardless of what “it” is, if it’s important to you and you’ve come to a stand-still, this article is for you.

So with no further adieu, here are 4 vital reasons to keep moving forward with what’s important to you.

1. Change is inevitable, so you might as well get on board with it!

There is literally nothing you can do to prevent yourself from moving forward. Sure, you can lay on your couch and do the same kinds of things day after day, but life will continue to evolve even if you do nothing. This moment will only be here for the moment, and it WILL evolve into something else-maybe better, but maybe worse if you aren’t moving with the times.

Dragging your feet only prevents you from going with the natural flow that is carrying you to a new outcome in the future.

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If you’re stuck in a rut, realize that life will carry you forward, whether you are on board or not. Life isn’t going to stay the same, and if you want it to be better in the future you will want to be an active participant in the momentum as it carries you forward!

2. There is energy in motion forward.

To me, at least, the best feeling in the world is when I am making the climb to a goal. When you set you sights on something and start moving toward it, inevitably the energy ramps up until you are riding high on the momentum.

For example, let’s say you take up running. The first few runs are going to be pretty hard, but as you stick with it and keep moving forward it’s a lot of fun to feel yourself growing stronger and faster. After a few weeks, you noticed you’re really moving and making great strides (no pun intended) toward your running goals.

Now to be clear, the first few steps forward might not give you too much energy, but trust that as long as you put one foot in front of the next the energy will build and build, giving you a greater zest for life!

3. Where you are doesn’t mean squat.

The truth is, we’re all only as good as our last achievement. Even if you win a million dollars today in the lottery, trust me, the win will only fulfill you for a fleeting period of time. There is no such thing as resting on your laurels. A better phrase would be “decaying on your laurels.”

This is because where you are doesn’t mean squat. It’s all about the journey forward. Life is a ride, not a destination. Forward momentum is all we have in this life.

Sometimes when we are dragging our feet it’s because we’re too busy looking at what we don’t like about where we are! Instead of focusing on the journey forward we are always on, we get hung up on all of the perceived limitations in the present moment.

Just remember, the present moment can, and definitely will, change! We live in a universe of infinite potential, meaning that your life can take an infinite number of trajectories from where you stand.

So get out of your own head, and realize that if you want to step into the reality of the future, all you have to do is put one foot in front of the other and you will get there. Ignore what you don’t like about your current reality and just keep moving forward. Those who choose to pursue their goals step by step are the ones that meet them!

4. Complacency is a real drag.

Sometimes we get complacent in our lives. We stick with jobs, relationships, and other situations way past their expiration date.

Now, there’s nothing wrong with sticking with something that’s working or building a better future with what you’ve got. However, if you’re just resting on your laurels, despite the fact that the excitement and the passion are gone, don’t be surprised when you feel drained and down!

Keep moving forward, if for no other reason than the alternative is a real drag!

I hope you’ve enjoyed these reasons to keep moving forward, and they’ve given you some food for thought if you feel stuck.

Of course, if you have any other suggestions to help those who need a little nudge forward today, feel free to comment below and share them! After all, sharing is caring.

XO, Andrea

Law of Attraction Coach & Educator

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