6 Tips to Take Back Control of Your Life

“6 Tips to Take Back Control of Your Life” was written by guest contributor, Kirsten Davey from BonVita Style

Lately I’ve been feeling quite powerless in terms of finding my calling. When you fail to take control of your life, it can be stressful just trying to hold yourself together so you don’t feel lost. Being at the age I am, I constantly find myself struggling to find productive activities to do with my day that could benefit my future, well because, I have no idea what I want to do with my future.

I’ve recently found some methods that have helped me gain back the control, satisfaction and pride in my life that has made me feel positive and excited for my future endeavors. That’s a big step for me. I am aware that many other people often struggle with finding their passions, or finding their life’s calling. It’s a daunting thought, but it’s one we must gather so we can get on with our lives, and make a change to the world just by being in it.

1. Find what you love

It doesn’t matter if you think it’s silly, or impossible, or a dream that is completely unfathomable. If you try your best, anything can be within your reach. Finding what you love and what your true passion is, can help achieve a beautiful and enlightened life. Digging deep into the inner most sacred parts of your soul, can shake the true parts of yourself, and soon enough, you will discover what you’ve been looking for.

2. Act on your passion

Once you have what you were searching for, you have the ability to make a choice. Do nothing, or make your life what you want and NEED it to be. This can be anything to writing down your goals, going to the gym, or to jumping in head first and applying to every job possible. (After all, I sent in this piece of work of mine!)

All work and all activities are just as important. By finding what you need to do, you enhance your chances of reaching your dreams. Acting on your passion means anything you want it to mean, but, mostly it means that you’re continuing to move forward, and you’re not looking back.

3. Ignore setbacks

There are always going to be reasons to give up on your dreams. The Universe will constantly throws fireballs your way. That’s only to make you stronger. One day, you could feel like you have too many setbacks to even try anymore. That’s when you keep going. Ignoring what is trying to hold you back, and just continuing on your journey is what is going to make you a fighter, it’s going to make you a success. Always fight for what you want in life. No matter how hard it may be, eventually your hard work, your dedication and your fearlessness will conquer all. Remember that.

4. Introduce yourself

Once you’re on the right track, making your way in the world, don’t be scared to let people know who you are. (In a positive and constructive way that is!) Always show that you are confident and sure of yourself. That way, everyone takes you seriously, and everybody knows what you can do! By letting people know you, watch you and listen to you, you are networking, you are socialising and you are taking absolute and full control of everything you have worked for. You’re doing yourself proud!

Always be proud of yourself, be happy with yourself, and be completely satisfied with yourself. You’ll thank me later!

5. Prove them wrong

Sometimes, negative people in the world just have to see you fall so they can better themselves. Don’t let them. Hold your head high, always! Show everyone who has ever doubted you that you are capable of so much more than anyone knew, and find the courage to prove that. Don’t let hateful or negative people ruin your happiness and success. Never be afraid to stand your ground, let people see the real you and be proud of everything that you can do, that they thought you couldn’t.

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6. Be positive, be proud!

Although this may seem like the simplest step of them all, remaining positive and in control in a difficult time can almost seem impossible, but, never say never!

Always be grateful for the life you live and always carry that smile around with you. Being excited about yourself, and not letting anybody push you around, allows you to take full control of your life, and allows you to live in the most free and individual way possible! Be proud, be happy, and spread the love, I guarantee it will come back to you.

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Hold your head high, and your dreams higher. When life doesn’t always offer you the best of times, know that one day there will always be a light, that’s what I have learnt to do, and sometimes, that is all you can do!

Now that you know how to take control of your life, please feel free to share this article with your friends and family so that they can take control too. Remember, sharing is caring!


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About the Author: Kirsten Davey is the author of “6 Tips to Take Back Control of Your Life” and a contributing writer at BonVita Style.  She’s from Australia and is currently studying journalism at La Trobe in Melbourne.


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