Fearlessly Free to Love Yourself

“Fearlessly Honest & Free to Love Yourself” was written by our beautiful weekly contributor, Jennifer Cleveland

In my more recent blogs I’ve written about going through a dark stage of my life.

I’ve been working hard on transforming this darkness to light through owning the space in-between what I have survived and who I am becoming.

I’ve been forced out from the place I feel safe and comfortable, faced with the fact that I’m capable of being alone…and embracing that I may even learn to like it and will ultimately rise again!

The naked truth is the experiences and the partner were never mine to cling to, the single most important thing we can learn to do in this lifetime is to “Love and Let go…Love and Let go…”

As I chase my wildest dreams I will forever cherish the memories. From the birth of our children, to the exotic vacations and the simplicity of Sundays spent working in the yard. You were my soul mate for a season in this life and have helped guide me with love on this journey but aren’t the person to guide me home…

“If you run from the pain, you run from the lesson. Endure and go through. Your reward is waiting on the other side.” ~JF

As I finish the old story and begin writing my new “once upon a time” I know there will be times when I feel deeply lost, when I will feel isolated and have to endure the physical pain of being lonely.

I also know in time I will heal, I will accept my authenticity and one day I will look into the mirror and understand that Love is not something I need to search for, Love is who I am.

Today I will begin a new chapter in my life and will have to leave behind the constant distractions I’ve filled my time with and start to learn to sit in the uncomfortable space of stillness. I will learn to sit through the pain of silence and love myself gently as I learn to navigate this new path along the way…

I’ve put together a “Bucket List” for myself and wanted to share it as they are things you can do as well when you need to remember to “Love Yourself and Fearlessly embrace your own Freedom”…

1.)  Splurge on something that makes your heart smile when you walk through the door (this came in the form of overpriced throw pillows for me!)

2.)  Cook yourself an amazing meal from scratch and infuse with heart

3.)  Buy yourself fresh flowers for all around the house

4.)  Get a beautiful Henna design on your hands or feet (I’ve always wanted to do this but my X hated it, It’s top on my list!!)

5.)  Treat yourself to a new sex toy 🙂

6.)  Get out of your head and go for a run, head to yoga, find a dance class, learn a new language…

7.)  Travel solo somewhere you’ve always wanted to go!

8.)  Celebrate your Free Spirit and let your spontaneity show (whatever that looks like to you, you’re free to make your own rules!!)

9.)  Send handwritten letters or make cards to reconnect with friends and family

10.) Soak up the sun and feel the breeze in a hammock

11.) Lie under the stars and be at peace knowing you are exactly where you were meant to be.

I would be lying if I didn’t admit how difficult it is to accept that you have let me go…you can never completely break up with a soul mate and your name is forever engraved on my heart. I am eternally grateful for the privilege of being loved by you for as long as I have been. I honor how brave you are to love me and let me go to love myself and become the woman who I was meant to be.

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Jennifer Nguyen
Jennifer Nguyen practicing yoga on the beach near Cocoa, Florida.

About Jennifer Nguyen: Jennifer is a licensed stylist, performer and yoga guide.  She’s always had a passion for being physically active and exposing the light in others. Follow Jennifer on Instagram @Zennylynn or check her out on Facebook

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