I’ve died many deaths

“I’ve died many deaths” was written by guest contributor, Babajide Faseyi.

When I had to repeat my first year of dental school, I died a death. My ego died, but it didn’t die completely. And then, when I was asked to leave dental school, I died an even deeper death. So much of my pride got shed away, and I felt light and free and more real.

My ego has died many times during my life, and though the deaths feel sad, confusing, painful or even excruciating at the time of the event, I become more of my true self every time my ego dies some more.

Every time I am rejected or I fail, my ego dies a little death. And every time I think the way life is, ends up not being the way that life is, my ego dies some more.

My ego dies when I am humbled. It is almost like life looks at me and says: There is something I am planning for you, but you are still too full of ego for you to have it just yet. Humble yourself some more. Be more real in your life some more and then we will see.

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From my ego death experiences, I’ve realized that the ego needs to die a whole lot of deaths in many different ways, before the full light and freedom of the true me can fully shine through. And that’s why those who have near death experiences become more brave and fearless, but also more humble and real. They are made by life to face real death, and so they come to deeply realize that this pride thing that we sometimes consider to be a valuable thing, is what actually stands in the way of our true beauty.

Blessings, Babajide

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