6 Jewels to Attract Positivity

“6 Jewels to Attract Positivity” was written by guest contributor, Craig Merrett.

There are many jewels in Attraction’s crown – an abundance of means, methods, and technique’s that can see one magnate their desires. Here are 6 jewels to attracting:

1. Positive dwelling

Rather than allowing a positive moment or feeling to simply sail by, embrace them and allow positivity to occupy your heart. Make positivity a lifestyle and hold onto every good thing with jubilation. Don’t argue with conditional limitations but distract yourself from them by feasting on the positivity that life offers.

Feelings are like waves rolling to shore: although they are inevitable like a surfer you can decide whichone to ride. Hang ten on good feelings and your emotions will follow!

2. Positive projection

You attract what you feel, so feel that which you desire to come. Really feel your desires and permit this reality with your agreement. Dare to dream and imagine what the fulfilment of such dreams would be like.

Dreamy futuristic feelings may seem like a fairy tale, yet nevertheless the LOA says ‘yes and amen’ to one’s projection as it opens itself up to possibility. Create an emotional state that believes you have already received your desires and the LOA will agree and move without impediment.

3. Positive Dress

For good reason a lesson parents teach their daughters is the truth that if you dress with low character you will attract low characters!

Dress is also an outward projection of inward expression. Picture someone whom is emotionally depleted – they are probably adorned in unkempt, old, and dreary clothes.

It is quite magical how dressing well can change ones mood, demeanour, and emotional wellbeing. Dressing well, with character, and pride attracts a favourable emotional state; this boosts confidence and self-perception whilst releasing a Positive impression that is reciprocated from others.

Here’s a tip: never wear shoes with holes.

4. Positive conquest

Reach for the stars, for big conquest sees big expansion!

Imagine your most far-reaching, spirit shaking and soul stretching goal and move towards it. Even if you hit some road bumps in your endeavor small progress will actually attract big process because your antenna been enlarged to a higher frequency. One who attempts Everest and is confounded by its size will yet conquer previously insurmountable mountains with ease.

A friend of mine is a used car salesman whom was fearful of approaching customers. Upon chancing upon Mick Jagger in a pub he confronted his Everest and asked Mick if he could buy him a drink. In short the rest of the night was spent partying with Mick Jagger whom called him ‘his good friend’.

Do you think he had any trouble approaching customers after that?

5. Positive action

Positive feelings lead to positive action yet positive action can also leads to positive feelings. The greatest blessings often come by doing what one does not feel like doing by doing what is good.

Abraham Lincoln said,

“When I do well, I feel good. When I do badly, I feel bad.”

Many studies have validated the reality that positive actions lead to happy vibrations. Whatever action brings your spirit joy – do it! For some this may be such practical activities as volunteering, cooking, hiking or exercising.

Solomon said,

“I know there is nothing better for people than to be happy and to do good while they live” (Ecclesiastes 3:12).

6. Positive courage

Positive attraction can swell in unprecedented increase by adopting the Nike slogan of ‘Just do it’. Many are those whom have attracted abundance by merely acting as though they had the right to do and attract whatever it is they so desired, irrespective of circumstance or position.

To ‘fake it until you make it’ is to bypass conscience and circumstance and make something your right. Your subconscious self does not know how to operate in the future, it takes emotions from the present moment and transmits from this reality. What is real and imagined your subconscious self does not know, so simply do great things and they will be made real.

At a time when I desired an increase in finance I chose to enter into the world of commercial cleaning. Ordinarily, the fact that I had no experience and no knowledge in this industry should have been a deterrent. Nevertheless I contacted offices in my city and got asked to provide a quote for one. Purchasing a folder and designing a spread sheet to look the part I put on my best shirt and nicely polished black shoes.

Upon being escorted around the premises I was asked to provide a quote right then and there. With no idea how and indeed what to price the quote I took an opportunity to talk to a receptionist to find out how much the former cleaners had charged. Adding on an additional amount I secured this contract worth tens of thousands of dollars by simply posturing, presenting, and actioning faith.

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Matt Damon said it well in the 2011 movie ‘We Bought a Zoo’: just 20 seconds of insane courage and embarrassing bravery will see great come of it.

Henry Ford said,

“Either you think you can or you think you can’t in both instances you are right.”

-Craig Merrett

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About the Author: An ever inquisitive mind, Craig has spent years carefully crafting a mosaic of rich philosophy through his study of the positive faith, mind-set and action connection and marrying these insights into practical living. With a message on his heart and an anointing to share rich and deep insights, Craig’s book ‘The God Attraction: A fresh revelation of the Law of Attraction” can be found at this link here.


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    Great article! Super inspired by your act of improvised courage which eventually landed you the job; and also KUDOS to your friend man! Buying Mick Jagger a drink is epic! Isn’t it crazy how once we cross over a hurdle; something we once feared becomes like second nature??? I love it!

    Great content as always! Love this website so much!

  • Andrea Schulman
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    Thanks for your feedback on this post Bobby-he writes a good article, huh? 🙂 XO

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