Laughter Works

“Laughter Works” was written and recorded by guest contributor, Samuel Kronen.

We live in a pressure cooker.

If one were to attempt to sum up modern culture, it could be quite easily done in one word: Stress.

The human being is in distress, convoluted by the many mechanisms of delegation and subjugation put forth by society at large. We know not how to be, what to do, and how to relate to each other in any kind of profound or existential manner, insofar as we are working within this quite limited societal paradigm (speaking collectively of course, for there are obviously a multitude of individual exceptions).

This sense of angst and cognitive disarray makes it rather difficult to be filled with life blood, to feel whole and invigorated, to abide in a sense of connectivity and openness.

It is made difficult to laugh, to put it simply. It is made difficult to express one’s inner liveliness and amusement, to allow for a kind of playful cathartic release.

Without the capacity to laugh with the fullness of one’s being, to unleash one’s deepest passions and euphoria, we are removed from our true nature. Laughter is a vehicle of our truest and most authentic selves.

Why laughter works

Laughter works, which is to say when we laugh we feel most alive and most ourselves. We feel lifted, in tune with something that extends far beyond one’s own ego. It is truly a divine act, in that it connects us with the purity of felt experience, the stark immediacy of the here and now.

Laughter works because it cannot be hindered or adulterated. It cannot be masked or misrepresented. It is the pure expression of our humanity.

Wherever there is genuine and uninhibited laughter, this sense of disorientation and dissonance comes to an end. This is why it so utterly important that we learn how to laugh, or rather how to laugh with the totality of our being.

Is there anything more awkward than fake laughter? No. No, there is not.

How to laugh genuinely

So, how might we align ourselves with this most fundamental human virtue, the intrinsic capacity to laugh with the utter abundance of one’s spirit?

For one, don’t “try”. There is no room for “shoulds” here. When you try to force laughter, force authenticity, force sincerity, then all of the sudden you begin to feel quite weird and artificial. Its best to avoid phoniness at all costs.
There need be no imposition or self-coercion. We need not attempt to compel or demand our own nature, rather all we need do is allow it to unveil organically, let it manifest with utter ease and subtlety.

To step fully into the present moment, this holy space between stimulus and response, is to lay the foundation for free flowing and unfettered laughter. When we are most wholly aligned with the here and now, the direct presence of immediate experience, we are then most in accordance with our true nature, most connected to the deepest elements of who and what we are.

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Laughter works, though only when the right preconditions are set in place for its proliferation. The essential precondition is that of relaxing totally into the now, being grounded in the present. To have our awareness centralized in what simply is, the warm and subtle flow of the moment, is to exist in a kind of rapturous and elated state.

Laughter is itself a revolutionary force. To be immersed in laughter is to be entirely unbounded, freed from the shackles of culture. One is no longer capitulated to “groupthink” dynamics, which is to say no longer constrained by judgement and scrutiny.

You are free.

Laughter elicits freedom, acts as a kind of solace from the deeply dejected and chaotic world in which we reside. So, let yourself laugh. Allow yourself to be taken away by the immense beauty of immediate experience, to be guided by that which is beyond yourself. To proceed in such a manner is to be held by the cosmos itself, and from here all that can emanate is lightness and power.


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About the Author: Samuel Kronen is a young writer, spiritual entrepreneur, and warrior of the soul whose life work is comprised of the pursuing of higher consciousness and the propagating of love and compassion on a collective level. You can also reach him directly via at sjkronen @ gmail (dot) com. You can also check out his YouTube channel here.

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