Beyond Gender: How To Balance Masculine and Feminine Energy

“Beyond Gender: How To Balance Masculine and Feminine Energy” was written by guest contributor, Samuel Kronen.

Gender has come to be a rather tricky issue in modern culture. Men are concerned about being too feminine. Women are concerned about being too masculine, and everything in between. We know not how to harmonize these qualities, how to embody both masculine and feminine energy without creating conflict within ourselves. The absence of this capacity has cost us a great deal, and therefore we felt it quite valuable to illuminate the undercurrents of this issue.

Perhaps it would be most apt to first make light of what defines these two inherent qualities.

Masculine and Feminine Energy

Masculinity is ultimately an expression of our innate drive towards strength, achievement, and triumph. It is that which implores us to step upon the battlefield when our loved ones are in danger. It is that which gives us the courage to defend what we most value. It is that which gives us the will to act rightly when we are in the grips of fear.

The masculine is, in essence, the holy protector, the righteous warrior, the noble soldier. Without this energy, society would be nowhere near as complex and ingenious as it is today.

Femininity is ultimately an expression of our innate propensity for compassion, grace, and beauty. To be in the feminine is to be aligned with nature. It is that which gives us our tenderness and sensitivity. It is that which moves us towards empathy. It enables us to care more deeply for those around us.

The feminine is, in essence, the mother holding the child, the gentle caress of the divine. This energy acts as the very fabric of human life. It is the glue which keeps us bound together. Without the influence of the feminine, we would not be here.

We see the utter importance of both qualities, so where then does the conflict lie?

The conflict between the masculine and the feminine

Conflict arises when we come to identify as one quality or the other. When the mental image we have of ourselves is associated purely with masculine energy, then we dismantle feminine energy and vice versa.

It is not that some people contain mostly one and not the other, rather we all contain the seeds of both. To succumb to the false notion that we are more so or purely one and not the other, then we generate an imbalance amidst our perception.

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We then come to balance these energies through ceasing to internally identify with either one. It is not a matter of changing your identity, rather it is a matter of being entirely without identity and merely allowing your natural processes to unfold. When we let go of our mental association with either gender, we then come upon our natural state which is a fusion of both masculinity and femininity.

One ought not be concerned with how one is perceived in this regard, for the pain of not being most yourself far outweighs that of being judged.

We contain both ends of spectrum

We are both masculine and feminine, yet at once we are neither one of these for they are mere definitions. The reality of what we are is that it cannot be defined in any manner. It is entirely unbounded, and when we try to label or define it in any way then we create conflict.

Gender conflict is then a result of us being disconnected from our underlying indefinable nature, our true selves. When we are maligned from our true selves we become existentially disjointed, and this is surely where we find ourselves as a culture.

Our message is then simply to stop attempting to restrain your nature through identifying as a particular kind of person. It doesn’t even matter whether it is gender or not, for the result is the same if you identify as a carpenter or a person of high moral standing. Any form of mental identification removes us from our true nature.

The masculine and the feminine go hand in hand. One is integral to the other. We need both of these qualities otherwise our species falls apart. If we were without our proclivity for care, grace, and tenderness then life would not be worth living, and if we were without our capacity to protect these qualities then surely they would be lost. They harmonize each other. One frequency corresponds to the other. If we lose one, then surely all becomes shrouded in darkness.

When the masculine and the feminine become rightly unified, then a sense of peace is brought about both within and without, and this is our highest calling as human beings. Peace is ultimately the balancing of the opposites, and in aligning the masculine and the feminine we then accomplish this sacred feat. To integrate masculinity and femininity is to become whole.


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About the Author: Samuel Kronen is a young writer, spiritual entrepreneur, and warrior of the soul whose life work is comprised of the pursuing of higher consciousness and the propagating of love and compassion on a collective level. You can also reach him directly via at sjkronen @ gmail (dot) com. You can also check out his YouTube channel here.

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