Mastering Oneself: How To Command Your Life

“Mastering Oneself: How To Command Your Life” was written by guest contributor, Samuel Kronen.

The essence of the human experience is self-mastery.

To master oneself, which is to say to successfully manage the movements of our hearts, minds, and spirits, is to come upon the highest order of human perception.

It is from self-mastery that a deep sense of fulfillment arises. There can be no happiness, no abiding joy, until we come to master the art of our own perception.

What is self-mastery?

Self-mastery is ultimately self-understanding. To understand oneself, one’s deep inner workings, one’s most heartfelt longings, is to move towards self-mastery. To know oneself is to master oneself.

When we acknowledge who we are underneath the veil of society, beneath ego, beyond conceptualized identity, we empower our true nature. Here we give credence to who we really are. This is the essence of mastery.

To fundamentally understand who we are, to awaken our deepest selves, to bridge the gap between our conscious and unconscious minds, is to master the human experience.

Carl Jung knew this all too well:

“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.”

We must go deep.

With depth comes mastery, for when light has been shed upon our deeper drives, our most fundamental motivations, we come to unify the movement of our perception. Herein, there ceases to be inner conflict. Herein, there ceases to be perceptual polarity. When the consciousness that we are comes to operate as one holistic force, one cooperative body, then self-mastery is elicited.

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How To Master Oneself

If self-mastery is a by-product of depth, then we might go about this through implementing modalities that elicit depth.

The most prominent modality in this regard is that of self-observation, which is essentially the objective examining of one’s inner workings. To observe our thoughts, feelings, and bodily movements with tremendous care and curiosity is to move towards self-mastery.

Simply notice. Simply notice.

When we look at ourselves through the lens of pure observation, direct perception, we come to know ourselves. When we allow ourselves to simply notice what is happening within us without needing to necessarily do anything about it, then we garner a rather lucid sense of who we truly are. This is the very essence of self-mastery.

Look at yourself without judgement. Do not label what is seen. Do not classify what is seen.

Just be with that ‘looking’, that pure movement of ‘seeing’. To be aligned with observation itself, this ‘looking’, is to move in accordance with one’s true nature, and herein lies the very foundation of mastery.

Self-Mastery is induced by the understanding of oneself, and we come to understand ourselves through observing our inner movements with enormous sensitivity and vigilance. This practice, which could be referred to as a kind of meditative process, is the path to mastery, and with mastery comes a full and happy life.


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About the Author: Samuel Kronen is a young writer, spiritual entrepreneur, and warrior of the soul whose life work is comprised of the pursuing of higher consciousness and the propagating of love and compassion on a collective level. You can also reach him directly via at sjkronen @ gmail (dot) com. 

Image Source: Cameron Gray, Parable Visions


  • NV
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    Samuel’s articles have deep meaning coz i always have to re-read them 4-5 times to understand. hahaha. ..m a foreigner 🙂

  • Andrea Schulman
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    Yes, NV, Samuel is a deep thinker, isn’t he? 🙂

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    As long as you enjoy them 🙂

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