M&Ms: Manifesting and Meditation

“M&Ms: Manifesting and Meditation” was written by guest contributor, K. Canvas

There is a lot of material about meditation to find on the internet. Many traditions, techniques and qualities where meditation can reside. Mostly you meditate to get in a calm, flowing energy state and/or to make your perceptions transparent(thoughts,feelings). A kind of a look behind the scenes.

Anyway,meditation can be always a vacation from your busy consciousness. And this has big healthy effects on your whole being.

Sometimes, during the day, you may find yourself in a dreamy state of absence. Just for a few seconds. These moments come and go naturally…do you know these moments?

Well – that’s actually meditation.

So when you practice meditation you learn to consciously deepen these fleetingly states – often over hours.

Being calm. Being relaxed. Feeling save. Feeling warm and secure.

These are attributes of a “done right” meditation. It will give you a taste of “everything is alright” with (my) life.

The suggestion here is that it is very rewarding to learn meditation. And learning to manifest will become easier and much more conscious. And much more fun. 🙂

As this idea is a yearning, it is also a subtle knowing we all have, if we listen closely into ourselves. And thousands of people now explore and experience the reality of manifesting. The magic is real.

And for an expanded consciousness it’s not a big deal,more then a natural part of existence. It – consciousness – knows.

Stillness is the womb of creation. This is what meditation will teach us. If we learn to rest in ourselves ,we’re able to identify the structure of circumstances in our lives. And then…we can manifest change (if necessary). Knowing that change will come.

Being very clear about the fact that we are manifestors. Being witnesses that conscious manifestation is no airy fairy something. If you know ,you’re not in need for believing. That’s another gift of meditation: Consciousness in Expansion.

Taking time and room for yourself, every day, is absolutely recommended. To go to the “I zone,” that’s what meditation is about. Being every day focused in the I zone for some time will show you the authentic stuff you desire to manifest – and will give you access to the “all that is,” the space of limitlessness.

Enjoy your daily meditation (it can be pretty “druggy”). From there, manifesting becomes more a game. Playful. An adventure.So you stay easy and light-weighted. After all, being easy is the fuel for successful manifesting.

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A few last words…

For those who perceive a lot of problems in their life. Yes.

Perceive is the right terminology here,not have. With most great respect.

Practicing meditation will give you direct access to your feelings. With training you can change them almost immediately in a good direction – although the circumstances, which(allegedly) causes these problems, once stay the same.

Once you intensively experienced that,you necessarily will start to ask, are there actually “problems”… . And the door is open for shifting incrementally to a whole new level of understanding.

Meditation pays. Manifesting plays.

-K. Canvas

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About the Author: K.Canvas is a musician currently residing in Berlin,Germany. He’s an explorer and witness of spiritual phenomena. As the planetary paradigm shift is taking place right here and now, he’s engaged supporting the shift and people who are helping establishing a new consciousness and way of living. Love,Happiness and Peace is possible!

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