The priceless jewel of a friend

“The priceless jewel of a friend”  was written by guest contributor, Babajide Faseyi.

You have some really amazing friends and they are your friends for a reason. You may not have forgotten some of your old friends, but maybe you’re no longer in recent contact with them, so maybe you feel the bonds of those friendships are no longer as strong.

But your friends are your friends for a reason. Every one of the friends that you have ever made is for a reason. There is something that your friend has in their heart, which is meant to nourish you and only you in a way that your soul needs nourishing.

So why not reach out to your friend? Maybe you feel you’ve outgrown your cherished friendship?

Maybe it’s because something may have happened between your friend and you. Maybe it happened from way before when you said something, or they said something, and due to the emotions of that time, you would just rather not go out of your way to connect with your friend.

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But the jewel of a friend will always remain priceless, no matter what kind of dust may have settled on your friendship. So why not give love a try as it pertains to this particular friend? Remember that whenever you come with love, and you walk in the light of love, even the greatest fears and doubts and despairs will have no choice but to bow before you.

Blessings, Babajide

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