How To Take Part In A Paradigm Shift

“How To Take Part In A Paradigm Shift” was written by guest contributor, Samuel Kronen.

We all want to have an impact. We all want to induce positive change outwardly.

Every sane person recognizes that there are deep seeded issues at work in the world and want to be a part of the dissolution of those issues, but it’s not always clear how to do this while at the same time managing one’s own life and all of the psycho-personal challenges that come along with being a human being in this society.

We’d like to take this time out to delve into the various modalities wherein we can actively participate in the engendering of fundamental societal change in the overarching context of evoking equanimity and love for all of humanity. It is time for a paradigm shift.

The extent to which we impact the world is directly correlated to the depth and acuity of our state of perception. Plain and simple. It is the quality of our awareness that determines the degree in which we effect the world around us, and thereby our foremost ambition must be to rightly cultivate our awareness itself rather than to pursue some kind of external goal.

Perception must take precedent.

Of course, the attaining of outward ends contains some credence, but we may only come to move powerfully through the world of form once we have firstly addressed that which is formless, the eternal entity (so to speak), within ourselves. As it is within, so it goes without.

The two most essential modalities in the cultivation of awareness are conscious breathing and self-observation. Conscious breathing is the centralizing of one’s attention upon the oscillations of the breath. When we engage in this practice we invariably come to tune more deeply into the body, thereby fusing the realms of physicality and metaphysicality.

The breath is perhaps our greatest and most accessible doorway into the immediacy of direct experience, and thereby when we bring the energy of our attention to the breath we move towards the skillful engagement of the present moment and self-mastery.

Self-observation is the attending to of the movement of one’s thoughts. Thinking, for the most part, is an unconscious process, by which we mean does not encompass the entirety of the energy of our awareness. To put it simply, when we are lost in our thoughts we are not present.

So, when we bring our attention to the fluctuations of our thoughts we then inevitably disidentify from them, in turn waking up from the dream of ego. In essence, the observation of thought is the freeing of one’s awareness from the limitations imposed by unconscious thought-identification.

When we see our thoughts clearly, wholly, lucidly, then they cease to control us, and herein lies the very core of our existential power.

As we continue to cultivate the quality of our own consciousness, we will inexorably begin to organize. Organization is the very foundation of any kind of genuine revolution. We cannot change the established order until we come together, until we unify as integral conduits in the expansion of consciousness.

Conscious movements begin with conscious people. As we continue along this path of introspection and self-reflection we will naturally be magnetized towards like minds, and this conglomerating of kindred spirits will be inherently subversive and will work to overturn any and all suppressive forces.

A paradigm shift is possible. There is hope. All’s not lost. As long as we remain curious, loving, and driven, which are the innate characteristics of the human spirit, we can bring about a new order, a higher society that is constituted truth, wisdom, and virtue. Our true nature will soon manifest.


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About the Author: Samuel Kronen is a young writer, spiritual entrepreneur, and warrior of the soul whose life work is comprised of the pursuing of higher consciousness and the propagating of love and compassion on a collective level. You can also reach him directly via at sjkronen @ gmail (dot) com. 

Image Source: Cameron Gray, Parable Visions. This image has been reproduced with permission from the artist.

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