Get Clearer, Brighter & Happier With the Feng Shui Detox

By Jennifer Nguyen, Guest Contributor

Happy Feng Shui Friday!

Did you know that we absorb 60% of what we put on our bodies?!! Our bodies purifying systems are overloaded with a huge array of pollutants on a daily bases. The fast paced lifestyle many of us lead today cause us to not get enough exercise or sleep, eating processed foods and indulging in things like caffeine and alcohol-all take a major toll on your health and energy!

When our lifestyles become unbalanced and these toxins begin to build up in our systems they contribute to health issues like fatigue, weight gain, allergies, headaches, skin and digestive disorders, and a weakened immune system. Here are some of my ideas of how you can apply a few of the principals of Feng Shui to expel the toxins from your beauty routine and clean up the energy flow in your body…

The Feng Shui Detox: 


We can’t always control our environment and what we are exposed to from the outside but we can be in control of being “Healthy on the inside!” Boost your immune system by loading up on fruits and veggies, whole grains, lots of water, nuts and healthy oils.

It’s true that being a vegetarian is not for everyone just simply listen to your own body. If you choose to incorporate animal products into your diet buy grass fed dairy and meats. Feng Shui is all about energy and exercise is the best way to get your chi flowing! Combined with plenty of rest a healthy body is better equipped to handle the chemicals you encounter throughout the day.


Get smart about reading labels; there are a lot of dangers lurking in those yummy smelling potions with the pretty packaging. Chemicals like Sodium Lauryl Sulfate found in 90% of personal care items and Parabens found in deodorants have been found in cancer and contribute to an abundance of health problems.

Being a sun worshiper myself I’ve also discovered there are ingredients in sunscreen that are known free radical generators that damage DNA and can actually lead to cancer. You can become your own expert on the 15 harmful chemicals to keep out of your home and off your body by visiting great resources like the “Skin deep database.” By using these tools you can make better chooses when making purchases and cleanse the toxins out of your body. Not only will your energy increase, you’ll also look and feel more attractive!


A major principal in Feng Shui is eliminating clutter that creates negative energy.

Start cleaning up by throwing away any expired make-up and reorganizing your beauty loot. Look through products and read the labels (now that you’ve done your research and have become a genius on the topic) throw away any that contain harmful ingredients.

Have fun and make some of your own homemade products, there are hundreds of recipes on the web for you to try! This process will help you gain control of what’s going on in your body, you will feel happier being organized and less stressed!

Ready to start right now? Celebrate your Friday night with a detoxifying Ginger Bath! Peel and boil a hand full of fresh ginger root and pour it into your tub. Brilliant for the cooler months.

Thanks for reading!


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About Jennifer Nguyen: As a licensed stylist and wellness enthusiast of over a decade I’ve always had a passion for being physically active and exposing the light in others.

Jennifer Nguyen
Jennifer practicing yoga on the beach near Cocoa, Florida

In 2010 I was chosen to attend the Michael Coles Step Up summit where my spirit was awoken to chase my dreams of becoming an educator and motivator! My successful career in the salon industry has lent itself to my most recent journey of earning a college degree; this fall I will graduate with an Associates of Arts degree from EFSC and have been accepted into my bachelors program at the University of Central Florida.

I have kept my deep love for movement alive over the years; In 2013 I was a performer for international DJ Chan Ji Kim in Sound and Space and more recently as a yoga guide at both Peace Place Counseling & Wellness and the Yoga Surf School.

These days when I’m not playing on my mat or balancing my duties as a domestic goddess I can be found in my back yard garden, and chasing the Florida sun.   

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  • Bobby
    Posted October 11, 2015 9:58 am 0Likes

    Great article! I wish more people would go vegetarian! But I too understand I cant change everyone

  • Andrea Schulman
    Posted October 12, 2015 7:41 am 0Likes

    Bobby- how long have you been a vegetarian? Was it easy for you to make the change?

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