The “Shui” in “Feng Shui”

By Jennifer Nguyen, Guest Contributor

Happy Feng Shui Friday!

Did you know that the “Shui” in Feng Shui stands for water? Clear, flowing water attracts Cosmic Chi Life Energy!

As if sustaining life isn’t impressive enough, water has the power to refresh, cleanse and transform. Here are a couple ways you can nourish your life with a little Shui.

1. Reinvigorate~

Ever wonder why we are so often magnetically attracted to the ocean and rivers, or why waterfalls are so magical? Water attracts the universal life force energy (Chi), chi in return attracts oxygen allowing energizing negative ions to fill the air, and this explains why our experiences near the water are so stimulating.

I encourage everyone to get out by the water this weekend and soak up some of this circulating life force!

2. Drift Smoothly~

Just as water has to transform to flow through its environment freely, you can learn to experience more freedom and connection in your own life through surrendering control and “Going with the flow.”

A powerful way to practice this is by learning to detach from specific outcomes. When we shift our focus away from the future and let go of expectations our anxieties begin to evaporate and we find peace and enjoyment in the present moment.

3. Harmonize~

“Salt is born of the purest of parents: the sun and the sea.”

I love this quote taken from Pythagoras and there is a Salt Water Feng Shui cure that combines the strong purifying effects of both salt and water. This popular salt water cure can easily be used to neutralize any negative energy that may be in your home or office.

Below I have listed the steps and items you will need to create your own salt water Feng Shui cure.

You will need:

*Rock Salt

*6 Chinese I-Chang coins (I found a packet of 10 coins on EBay for $3.99)

*(Glass, Porcelain, or Metal) Container


*Protective Mat


1.) Place enough salt to cover bottom of container and fill ¾ of the way with water.

2.) Place 6 Chinese I-Ching coins Yang side up on top of salt (Yang side refers to

“heads up”).

3.) Continue to fill the container to the top with water.

4.) Place the container on the protective mat, or on a stand in the home area where you most need it.

5.)  The salt water cure container should be left open, so be sure not to cover it or place it in a covered space, such as a cupboard, for example.  If you dislike the look of your salt water cure, place it behind one of the decorative touches in your home.

6.) As water evaporates from your salt water cure, add more.

7.)  Each new year, replace your old salt water cure with a new one.  Traditionally, this is done during the Chinese New Year.

Thanks for reading!


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About Jennifer Nguyen: As a licensed stylist and wellness enthusiast of over a decade I’ve always had a passion for being physically active and exposing the light in others.

Jennifer Nguyen
Jennifer practicing yoga on the beach near Cocoa, Florida

In 2010 I was chosen to attend the Michael Coles Step Up summit where my spirit was awoken to chase my dreams of becoming an educator and motivator! My successful career in the salon industry has lent itself to my most recent journey of earning a college degree; this fall I will graduate with an Associates of Arts degree from EFSC and have been accepted into my bachelors program at the University of Central Florida.

I have kept my deep love for movement alive over the years; In 2013 I was a performer for international DJ Chan Ji Kim in Sound and Space and more recently as a yoga guide at both Peace Place Counseling & Wellness and the Yoga Surf School.

These days when I’m not playing on my mat or balancing my duties as a domestic goddess I can be found in my back yard garden, and chasing the Florida sun.   

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