There’s no need to pretend or act

“There’s no need to pretend or act” was written by guest contributor Babajide Faseyi.

I used to think that I had to put on an act to get certain things from certain people. With some people I felt that I could be all the way real and true, but with certain others I felt that I wouldn’t get their attention if I didn’t at least, put on a little bit of an act.

So I’ve experimented with putting on an act and not putting on an act. And I know how much energy that each one takes and I also know how it makes me feel inside with each one.

Not putting on any type of act feels better, and it also takes less energy. Putting on an act has the effect of making me feel clever, but in the end I am not truly enjoying myself because I am giving my power away.

And I’ve learned that those that I had to put on an act for in order to get their attention were not those that I was meant to associate with anyway. It was those that I could be real and natural with that ended up being the best associations that I ever made.

There is something about being able to be free and natural in your connection with a person that shows that you have made a true connection with someone that you are meant to be connecting with.

 Blessings, Babajide

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About the Author: My name is Babajide Faseyi.  I was born and raised in Nigeria and then moved to the United States for college at the age of 19.  In my 20’s, I became acutely aware that there was more to life than I had been taught and this led me to a deep search.  I read voraciously.  After a period of disillusionment with not having an outlet for the creativity that I felt within myself, I encountered Eckhart Tolle’s book, The Power of Now.  And thus, the journey of knowing who I truly am and the discovery of what I have to offer creatively began.  The links to my facebook pages where my writings are posted are – and

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