Turning Pain Into Power

“Turning Pain Into Power” was written by guest contributor, Samuel Kronen.

Suffering is integral to the human experience, but the manner in which we respond to suffering is entirely open ended.

Why is it that some utilize pain to further expand their perception and induce a sense of abundance while others succumb to despair and malaise?

This question acts as the very premise of our inquiry, which is that of determining how we might transmute pain into power.

Let’s dive in.

Embodying Presence

The fundamental distinction between these two trajectories, that of utilizing pain for self-empowerment and that of utilizing it to justify one’s own heartache and angst, is that one is founded upon the embodiment of present moment experience while the other arises purely out of thought.

The extent to which we move in alignment with the present moment comes to determine the manner in which we respond to pain (which of course we are using in the psychological/existential sense).

If we move in accordance with the immediacy of felt perception, experience as such, then we are in a better position to move towards self-actualization in response to pain.

This is the case because here room is allowed for the flowering of awareness. The more embedded we are in the here and now then the more space exists for acuity and forethought. In other words, we have more choice when we live in the present, and that sense of free will invariably comes with the manifestation of our deepest potential.

If we remain tied to the movements of the mind, totally identified with our thoughts, we are entirely unequipped to respond rightly to pain and suffering. The more entrenched we are in mind material, in the incessant flux of our internal dialogue, the less choice we have. Thought is ultimately a mechanism of memory and simulation, past and future, what was and what will be, and therein when we are entirely capitulated to our thoughts there is little room left for novelty, authenticity, and the expression of free will.

How To Turn Pain Into Power

Now that we have a relative grasp of this dynamic, we can begin to delve into the nuts and bolts of this transformation of pain into power.

Suffering is energy, and if we could allow it to unveil naturally, without resistance or strife, then it would inexorably light the fire that is our consciousness.

We turn pain into power by bringing awareness to it. When you are hurt, rather than pathologizing your state of being, rather than giving way to neuroticism and addictive proclivities so as to escape it, simply allow yourself to be aware of it. You don’t need to “do” anything about it. Just let it be and see what happens.

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Attend to your pain.

So, attend to your pain, your woe, your sorrow, rather than run away from it. With this quality of “attending” comes the awakening of your deeper nature, which incorporates the capacity to proceed in a stoic and powerful manner.

We tend to respond to pain in a pathological manner, which is to say we put it on the back burner in exchange for negative behavioral patterns, and herein there is no window for the expansion or growth. We are enslaved by our pain, and thereby have no opportunity to transcend it.

When the whole of our attention is directed upon our pain, which is to say if our pain is rightly observed, it then comes to be more deeply understood, and the experiential understanding of pain implies the transcending of it, or rather the utilizing of it to our advantage.

In essence, pain is turned into power through the devices of pure awareness. When we simply allow ourselves to be aware of our deep inner workings, that which so wounds us, then we move towards a fundamentally distinct form of perception, one that is characterized by strength and sensitivity.

Suffering is an opportunity for personal evolution, but only if we allow it to act as such.


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About the Author: Samuel Kronen is a young writer, spiritual entrepreneur, and warrior of the soul whose life work is comprised of the pursuing of higher consciousness and the propagating of love and compassion on a collective level. You can also reach him directly via at sjkronen @ gmail (dot) com. You can also check out his YouTube channel here.

Image Source: Cameron Gray, Parable Visions

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