What am I gifted with?

“What am I gifted with?” was written by guest contributor, Babajide Faseyi.

You have a gift and I have a gift. But we both have to explore for what our gifts are by looking very deeply into ourselves, and also by adventuring and taking action.

Your gift is unique…

You may have healing energy, and that would mean you can heal people where experts will try with no success.

Or perhaps you may have communicative energy, and can get a message across. Your message may be received by others would are ordinarily difficult or impossible to get through to.

Further still, you may have technological energy. You may have storytelling, fashion or inspirational energy. You may have anything energy.

And while your gift enables you to rely on yourself, you can also learn to create win-win situations. This way you don’t spread yourself out too thin.

For example, if you have great yin energy perhaps you need yang energy to achieve a particular goal. In this case, you can make an effort to connect with the yang.

Your gift belongs to us all…

As you explore for your gift, and as you keep trying to narrow it down, remember that your gift does not belong to only you as such. Your gift is meant for the benefit of everyone and everything.

So, the gift that you have is yours, but in principle, it is still not yours. You are simply a passageway through which it comes through.

Blessings, Babajide

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About the Author: My name is Babajide Faseyi.  I was born and raised in Nigeria and then moved to the United States for college at the age of 19.  In my 20’s, I became acutely aware that there was more to life than I had been taught and this led me to a deep search.  I read voraciously.  After a period of disillusionment, I encountered Eckhart Tolle’s book, The Power of Now.  And thus, the journey of knowing who I truly am and the discovery of what I have to offer creatively began.  The links to my facebook pages where my writings are posted are –facebook.com/bababajide and facebook.com/babajideinc.

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