12 Ways to Beat Stress NATURALLY

Looking for a few ways to beat stress in your life?

Well, there’s always Xanax-but there are also lots of ways to beat stress that don’t require a prescription!

Considering that this time of the year often brings about additional stress, I figured today was good time to share a few of my favorite ways to beat stress naturally.

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So, if you could use a break from the crazy try out a few. See how they work for you!

1. Meditation

Meditation is often at the top of most lists to beat stress, and mine is no different! If you haven’t yet tried meditation, please do.

Lots of people out there believe that meditation is hard or that their minds are just “too busy” for meditation. However, if this is your perspective, chances are you will benefit from meditation more than most.

Not sure how to get started with meditation? Here’s a link to one of my favorite guided meditations on YouTube. (I’m not an affiliate of this video, I just really like the meditation).

2. Sleep/Naps

Believe it or not, a nap in the middle of a stressful day can really make a difference!

Now, I know, if you are stressed out it may seem like you simply don’t have time for a nap-but please, hear me out!

When we are running around in a state of chaos, we only attract more chaos to us, thanks to the Law of Attraction.

Taking a nap slows the chaos, and makes you a match to easier and more relaxing outcomes.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve just decided to put a few of my “to dos” on the shelf to take a 30 minute nap during the day. When I wake back up, invariably, I find that problems have solved themselves, new ideas have come to me, and more favorable outcomes are there awaiting me.

Try it out just once and see how it works for you!

3. Move slower

The more chaotically we move throughout our day, the more chaos we attract with the Law of Attraction! The universe matches our pace. In other words, if I am frantically moving through a task, the task will become more frantic to match my pace.

Mistakes will be made, things will break, problems will arise.

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So something super, super simply you can always do is just SLOW DOWN! Move deliberately, and at a comfortable pace.

The universe will match your pace with a less stressful reality for you to deal with, guaranteed.

4. A long, hot shower

I don’t think I have to explain this one too much. Most people understand the soothing qualities of a long, hot shower!

5. Massage

If you’ve got the time to hit a spa, or have a willing friend or partner there to indulge you, enjoy a massage!

If you really enjoy massage, consider in investing in self-massaging tools or even a massage chair in your home.

6. Soothing Music

This is an often-underrated idea, but one I put into practice daily in my reality.

Find a few Pandora, XM or radio stations that play exclusively relaxing music. One of my favorites on Pandora is “Lounge Mode Radio,” if you’re looking for suggestions.

I like to play this kind of music when I’m driving with my kids, paying my bills or doing anything else that could be potentially stressful.

I’ve found that listening to this kind of music during these times keeps me mellow. Try it out!

7. Stretching/Yoga

Most people have heard of the relaxing benefits of yoga, and if you’re up for a physical challenge I do highly recommend it!

If getting to yoga class seems like a bit too much, just try some light stretching. Stretching can be done anywhere and will help you move out of the “tense” muscle position we carry when we are in times of stress.

Simply relaxing your muscles helps reset your mind for greater calm and mental stillness.

8. Coloring

Have you tried out one of those adult coloring books yet? I have, and they are great!

Keep one at your desk at work and one at home. If you feel stress coming on but can get away for 10-15 minutes, pull one out and get to coloring.

The nice thing about this activity is it gets you to focus on an activity that is simple for you to accomplish. This keeps your mind from circulating on all of the many different stressful subjects. It’s like a meditation you can do while awake and alert.

9. Nature Walks

If you live by the beach, near a forest or simply out in a rural area, consider making nature walks a part of your routine.

Being out in the fresh air and bearing witness to the easy way plants and animals live is a great reminder to relax and unwind. Nothing out there in nature is stressing itself out, after all-so why should we?

10. Hugs

A nice, long hug has been shown to release oxytocin (a feel-good chemical). For a natural pick-me-up, find someone you care about and give them a long squeeze.

11. Uplifting podcasts/videos

There is just so much programming out there that will leave your nerves totally fried (have you ever watched the nightly news?).
The good news? There is lots of alternative programming out there that does precisely the opposite. Do some searching on YouTube for videos that promote inspiration and relaxation.

Of course, you can always watch some of my YouTube videos over here;)

12. Organizing your space

This is one that doesn’t often make it onto “stress-beating” lists, but again-hear me out!

With the Law of Attraction, reality is a mirror.

It is extremely common that when we are in states of high stress, our environment looks a lot more chaotic (to match the overwhelm in the mind).

Taking a half-hour to tidy your desk, your computer desktop screen, or your room/office can be HUGE. Simply being able to look out on a sea of organization can immediately calm the brain.

The outside mirrors the inside, but also the inside mirrors the outside! Calm your outer reality, and your inner reality will respond in turn.

One extra suggestion…

Here’s an “on the fly” natural stress-beater you may also enjoy. Try it out right now:

Got any other ways to beat stress naturally? Feel free to share them below in the comments!

XO, Andrea (Law of Attraction Educator)

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