HOW TO RAISE YOUR VIBRATION: Easy Law of Attraction Tips

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Become the Master of Your Mind: Raise Your Vibration Today Law of Attraction Education
Raise Your Vibration Today | Law of Attraction Education

1.Using Colors to Create Your Reality
2.Using Gemstones and Crystals to Create Your Reality
3.YouTube: Video Clips to Watch to Raise Your Vibration
4. 51 Inspirational Quotes To Raise Your Vibration Today
5. Alternatives to “Regular Old” Meditation
6. Soothing Self-Talk For Hard Times (20 Calming Affirmations)
7. Give Up “Right” and “Wrong” to Master the Law of Attraction
8. 7 Easy Law of Attraction Strategies For Your Social Media
9. A Few Recommended Books and Documentaries

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Why is it important to learn how to raise your vibration?

If you’ve never learned about the Law of Attraction and why you should learn how to raise your vibration, it is an easy concept to understand. According to the Law of Attraction, you will attract what you are thinking about. The world around you is simply a reflection of the thoughts in your mind. If you believe that you will have love, friends and money, you will have them. If you believe that you will be lonely and poor, you’ll be lonely and poor. Although this idea may seem unbelievable to some, science has begun to find evidence to support this claim. To learn more about the evidence, do a little research on quantum physics. For starters, check out this documentary for more information.

Regardless of the science, if you want the Law of Attraction to work for you, it is important for you to expect that things will go well. If you want a new car, or a better job, or a better relationship you must first expect it to happen. This shift towards expecting the positive is often called “raising your vibration.” Having a high vibration means that you are experiencing “high” expectations and “high” emotions like love, joy and enthusiasm, rather than “low” expectations and “low” emotions like sadness, anger or frustration.

While the Law of Attraction is an easy concept to understand, it can be hard to work with at times. This is because our culture has trained us to rely on some lower vibrational thoughts and emotions. We have been especially trained to worry that bad things are going to happen to us (if you’d like to see some evidence of this, check out your local news tonight!).

Want to learn more about how to raise your vibration?

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  • Mattae O'Ryeleah
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    To coincide with googling LOA without meaning to I have already started to raise my vibration to a higher level I have a gift for writing poetry I already have a C0 of poetry with music by Dave Astaire and Bob Petchell and just my vocals Due to being Energy Sensitive I have a mental illness Avoidance Personality Disorder i have done some live performances one was filmed which is going to be posted on utube When i first discovered that I could write poetry i also needed to do live performing just today I read some of my too few typed up poems while nattering to a bro I remembered when I 1st started writing poetry i was planning on becoming famous for my poetry and become a household name i had forgotten this until this morning Now I have this goal once again Mattae O’Ryeleah

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