How to Keep Your Friendships Positive & Drama-Free

Are your friendships positive and drama-free? If not, you’re certainly not alone!

Often, our friends are the people we go to when we have problems.  This can be very comforting, but unfortunately it can also lead to increased negativity if we aren’t careful!

When we get too comfortable sharing our problems with our friends, these relationships can become overly problem-centered.  We get what we focus on with the Law of Attraction, so when we focus on complaining, gossiping and venting, we create more things to complain, gossip and vent about.  We also create relationships that mostly revolve around complaining, gossip and venting.

I’ve seen many well-intended friendships become drama-filled just because the friends wanted to be supportive of each other!  It’s easy to get caught up in a cycle like this.  For this reason, our friendships are a great place to focus on when we are working to master the Law of Attraction.

How to increase “friendship positivity”

Fortunately, with a little knowledge about the LOA, anyone can create uplifting and inspiring friendship relationships!

To create positive relationships with your friends, make a sincere effort to share more happiness, and talk about people, events and circumstances that make you feel good.  Share your successes, and praise your friends for their successes as well!

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It’s also a good idea to get out and do stuff together.  Active friendships are a lot more likely to stay positive than friendships that revolve entirely around conversation and talking.  When we’re just sitting around talking, it can become all too easy to chat about our problems and irritations.  However, it’s pretty easy to focus on good times while we’re out having fun!

Stay drama-free as much as you can

Now, it’s still true that sometimes a shoulder to cry on is a good thing. If you are overwhelmed with fear, sadness or frustration, a friend can help you let off steam, and this can make you feel better and help you raise your vibration. It’s still nice to have a shoulder to cry on for the hard times, but take care to reserve that shoulder for the times you really need it. 

Just remember, it’s probably counterproductive to spend your valuable time together complaining about traffic or work or gossiping about a person you dislike. 

Let your friends know that you are there for them, but that you want to keep it positive and drama-free as much as possible.   Stick around for uplifting and fun conversation, but be willing to excuse yourself if things get too gossipy or negative.   Through focusing primarily on positive, happy moments with your friends, you will draw more of these good times into your friendships. 

Set the tone for drama-free, vibrationally-aligned friendships.  They’ll be relationships that make you feel good, and they’ll help you attract a happier, healthier and more prosperous reality! 

XO, Andrea

(Law of Attraction coach & educator)

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  • Bobby clarke
    Posted August 19, 2016 9:05 am 0Likes

    This article is the truth! I wish people would all understand this message. Friendships and relationships shouldn’t and don’t have to be hard whatsoever

  • Andrea Schulman
    Posted August 19, 2016 4:27 pm 0Likes

    Amen to that Bobby! Friendships can be easy and fun…and when they are they are so very worth it. When they aren’t, what’s the point right? LOL!

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