The “RULES” Are Just an Excuse to Avoid Taking Responsibility For Your Life

Here is a common theme I have been sensing in my reality over the last few weeks: those who avoid taking responsibility for their lives because they believe they have to follow “THE RULES.”

First off, this is said with much love, so please hear this: I understand how the world is structured for many of us. Often we are raised with strict interpretations of how we should behave, what we should do and what kind of actions we should take. At least, I know I sure was!

However, often I find that people avoid doing what they want in life because of “THE RULES.” Instead of designing their lives in the image they wish to see them in, they give up on their dreams.

For instance…

Perhaps you really want to start a career as a musician. But you’re 45, you have four kids, and a well-paying (though non-inspired) job that pays the bills.

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“THE RULES” might tell you to ignore your intuition to follow your passion. After all, common social norms would say you have a first and foremost duty to take care of your children. They may also tell you that taking a risk like that makes you a bad parent or a irresponsible person.

But, I argue differently. I think that if you feel called to do something and you ignore that tug because of “THE RULES” you are in fact avoiding taking responsibility for your life.

Blind obedience to limitation

Instead of directing our lives with intention and passion, when we blindly follow rules we give up and settle for a lives far duller than what we wish them to be. Then, we blame the rules for the lack of enthusiasm, passion and excitement in our lives.

See, the way I look at it, rules are just constructs we CHOOSE to believe in. Rules change from person to person, region to region, country to country. Rules are not hard and fast, rather they are subjective and wide open to interpretation.

When we choose to believe in the validity of a rule, we often handcuff ourselves to a limiting belief structure that tells us why we “can’t” do, be or have what we want.

Then, when we give up on our dream, we blame the rule-not ourselves. “I would do that but I can’t because…” rather than  “I want to do that but I’m too afraid to believe something other than what I’ve already been taught.”

So please, friends, be aware that you ALWAYS have a choice in life. Sometimes it pays to follow the rules, and sometimes it doesn’t. To direct our lives with inspiration and passion it is critical to learn the difference.

XO, Andrea

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