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The Law of Attraction is a universal principle, and it is working all of the time. You can absolutely prove it.

That’s why I’m here. It is a true joy for me to teach this information so that you may know the infinite power you actually possess.

Become a member and receive LOA exercises and positive mental reprogramming that are simple, effective and right on target.

Over 170 LOA Resources~More Added Monthly

“How to” Video Tutorials Include:

Law of Attraction 101

Tapping Into Infinite Abundance

Helping Family With the Law of Attraction

Enhance Your Romantic Relationship

Financial Abundance Attraction 101

Developing Phenomenal Self-Worth

Illness & Injury 101

Erase Social Anxiety

Divine Timing Synchronicity

Attracting the Dream Job

Following Your Intuition 101

Strategies to Surrender Your Desire

Belief Visualization Exercise

Lose Weight With the LOA

Effective Goal Setting

Reprogramming Money Shortage

And much more…

“How to” Audio Recording Resources Include:

What Is Split Energy?

Abundance: Use it or Lose It

3 Factors That Speed Up Manifesting

7 Simple Ways to Amplify Good Vibes

10 Signs That You Are in the Vortex

What Is the Vibration of Receiving?

And much more…

Ebook Resources Include:

Signs, Synchronicity & The Law of Attraction

Heartbreak Recovery

Overcoming Shyness

3 Steps to Wealth Attraction

And more…

Meditation Resources Include:

Meditative Tutorial

Meditation For a Calmer Life Pace

Empowering Affirmations Meditation

Success Meditation

Self-Love & Acceptance Meditation

And more…

Coaching Video Replays:

“I can’t hold on to money-help!” (30 min)

“How to flow more money into my business?” (30 min)

“Why can’t I have the man I want?” (30 min)

“I want to be a good parent, but I’m stressed!” (30 min)

“My spouse is mean to me, what should I do?” (30 min)

“Why did I gain weight?” (30 min)

And more…


Positive Desktop Backgrounds/Screensavers:

Check out the newly added gallery of beautiful, high definition images with positive affirmations.

Perfect for effortless, subconscious mental reprogramming.

Set to use as your computer desktop or laptop background/screensaver.


Monthly Audio Downloads: 

Receive three new audio downloads each month to keep forever!

Listen to audio content while traveling, on long walks, at work or anywhere else you don’t have internet access to the member portal. Add to your personal library every month.


Coaching Discounts: 

In addition to all of the content in the database, members also receive periodic special discounts and rates on my coaching services.

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