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Raise Your Vibration Today Law of Attraction Membership Website

Law of Attraction Membership Website

Chances are, you’ve already learned a few things about the Law of Attraction, and that’s fantastic!  Perhaps you’ve already manifested some pretty cool stuff with it too.  Are you wanting to understand how to use it even more consciously?

If you are feeling called, join our community of conscious creators!  Here are a few things you should know about joining Raise Your Vibration Today.

As a member, you will:

Andrea Schulman, LOA Leader Nominee 2015

Andrea Schulman, LOA Leaders Nominee 2015 & Winner 2016

38Get a TON of Law of Attraction strategies and insights immediately: With your membership, you will work through unlimited video lessons and tutorials from the comfort of your own home, at a convenient rate.

38Learn the lesser-known secrets of the Law of Attraction:  The Law of Attraction is simple, but there are many misconceptions out there that cause a lot of frustration!  Gain access to a wealth of ebooks, audiobooks and video tutorials by me, Andrea Schulman, designed to highlight common misunderstandings about the LOA. My style is straightforward and to the point.  As a professional trained teacher,  I know how to make learning easy and intuitive.

38FINALLY identify the thought processes and/or behaviors that have been keeping you stuck in cycles you wish to move out of: Learn how to identify any limiting beliefs or behaviors that have been working against you, and replace them with beliefs and thoughts that enhance all facets of your personal fulfillment.

38 Train your mind into a calm and receptive state: Gain access to guided meditations you can use at any time to raise your vibration.  My guided meditations are designed specifically to help you internalize thought patterns that work well with the Law of Attraction.

membership website checklistGet professional, one-on-one answers to your Law of Attraction questions: If you select a private mentoring plan, you will also receive monthly, face-to-face sessions with me via Skype (telephone is also available in the United States).


Currently there are over 110 resources at your disposal on the member portal, including the following video tutorials:

How to attract a job you love when you have a job you hate.finding and erasing limiting beliefsMailbox Money: An LOA Abundance Strategycan I attract my ex with the law of attraction videoErase Social Anxiety With the Law of AttractionThe Law of Attraction: Sudden Illness & Injury 101
How to deal with low vibe people.25 Easy ways to raise your vibration

can the law of attraction make you hotter, yes or no?how to manage your fears with the law of attraction
What Is the Principle of Polarity?Learning how to lose weight with the law of attraction


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1. Standard Monthly Members:

Yellow Trial Button $1.99

Includes full monthly access to all current and future Law of Attraction video tutorials, ebooks, audiobooks, and guided mediations.  Content is continuously updated, including bimonthly video tutorials.

$1.99 trial for the first month (then $19.99/MONTH)-REGISTER 

2. Annual Members:

Annual Membership Button

Includes a full year of access to all Law of Attraction video tutorials, ebooks, audiobooks, and guided mediations. Content is continuously updated, including bimonthly video tutorials.

$159.99/YEAR (30% Savings & 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee)-REGISTER 

3. Private Mentoring Members:

Mentoring Membership Button: Click to Join Raise Your Vibration Today!

Private mentoring members have access to all of the same perks as standard and annual members, but they also receive one monthly, face-to-face Skype mentoring session with Andrea (1 hour per session).

$169.99/MONTH (Includes a 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee) –REGISTER





“I’ve been wondering for YEARS why I haven’t been able to attract a good relationship.  Thank you for helping me identify my limiting beliefs, and for helping me replace them.  Just started dating someone really special, and I’m over the moon. So happy I signed up.”

-Jessica, CA

“Wow!  The video tutorials on the member site have really helped me unlock my potential, especially in the financial department.  I was a little hesitant to pay for the yearly membership up front, but by using one of the money strategies I started attracting unexpected money almost immediately.  And guess what? The money’s still rolling in. I can’t wait to learn more!”  

-Caroline, MI

“I really can’t get over the service.  Andrea replies to all of my emails, and promptly.  I’m the kind of guy who likes to ask questions, and she’s got the answers.  Personal, professional and very kind.  I really wasn’t  expecting that level of service, and I am very grateful for it.  Thank you Andrea.”  

-Carlos, NY

“Andrea from Raise Your Vibration Today has helped me find a way to raise my vibration significantly and consistently stay at that level, while through her coaching material in the members area and email communication, has helped me in raising my prosperity level as well.  I would say without her help, I would likely have stayed at the same level.  Whether you are an expert or novice in using the Law of Attraction,  I am positive Andrea will help/guide you to where you need to be…”

-Michael, GA


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