The Big Decisions Aren’t the Important Ones

Do you have any big decisions to make right now?

This past weekend I went on a short vacation with some old friends and was reminded of a key factor when it comes to decision-making: the big decisions aren’t the important ones.

My dear friends were in a position where they had to make a decision, and they were clearly torn.  They had put an offer on a house and had to decide if they were going to accept the counteroffer that had come back to them. They had until Monday to make their decision.

So, throughout the weekend, my friends went back and forth with all of the pros and cons of accepting the counteroffer, or rejecting it and staying in their current home. 

They discussed at length the layout of the house, its proximity to a good school district, how close it was to their jobs and all of the minutia we consider when we think about moving and whether or not it’s worth it to take the leap.

It became clear to me after a while that to my friends, this was a BIG decision. 

Now, I can understand and appreciate the feeling of a BIG decision. I know from experience it often feels like there is a “right” way and a “wrong” way, and we desperately want to make sure to pick the “right” way.

When BIG decisions present themselves it’s abundantly clear that we have two paths to choose from, and we know that whichever route we take will send us on path very different from the other. As a result, we often sweat the big decisions a lot more than we sweat the little ones.

However, on my way home from our weekend together, it struck me that it didn’t matter which direction my friends chose.  They could choose to accept the counteroffer, or they could choose to stay where they were and either choice could turn out beautifully.

This is because it isn’t about the big decisions at all, it’s about the small ones. It’s the small decisions that actually decide how prosperous, successful and joyful we will be, not the big ones.

What kind of small decisions am I talking about?

Well, the decision to think positively.  The decision to focus on the good things.  The decision to choose to be happy with whatever route you are on.

Our lives are made up of an infinite number of choices and directions, and we really have no way of looking down the road several miles to see how it all works out.  You’ll really drive yourself nuts if you try to figure it all out before you make a decision.

However, when we choose to travel the path we’ve selected with optimism and cheer, we ensure a good outcome. A positive attitude steers you to success, and we make small choices many times every day to be positive or be negative.

We always have a choice to look at things through rose-colored glasses or to pick out their flaws.  We always have a choice to praise the things we like or criticize the things we dislike. 

In actuality, we choose paths moment-by-moment, not just when the BIG decisions present themselves. Our moment-by-moment decisions on how we react to our situation are always steering us as time goes on. There are new paths presented at every turn.

So it doesn’t matter whether you buy the home, or stay where you are.  It doesn’t matter if you take the new job offer, or keep the job you have.  It’s irrelevant if you decide to get married or choose to stay single for the rest of your life.

You can be happy with any decision you make, if you take advantage of the small, moment-by-moment decisions to go with the flow, focus on the positive and enjoy the ride.

Make the decision that feels the best to you in the moment, and then start walking down that path with the intention of having a positive attitude about it.  Your attitude will steer you in precisely the direction you need to travel in order to have a good outcome.

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In the end, my friends decided to accept the counteroffer on their new house and I’m really happy for them.  It’s a lovely home in a good area, with a pool and a lot of great features both they and their children will love. 

There’s a lot to be happy about, and I’m grateful that they’ve found a home that works for them. They deserve it.

So, if you’ve got some big decisions to make, take it easy.  You can choose whichever direction you prefer and things will be just fine. 

Just make as many small decisions as you can to be positive as you walk down your path. Know in your heart that no matter what direction you’re traveling in, a good attitude will ensure a happy, successful and prosperous outcome.

XO, Andrea

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