10 Ways to Enjoy Your Job & Thrive at Work

Do you enjoy your job? While some of you will say “yes!” to this question, my guess is that many of you will feel differently. I’ve heard countless people tell me they’d love to be able to quit their jobs and never have to work again.  People often express their dissatisfaction with work.

However, it’s always important to remember that we attract to us what we put out there with the Law of Attraction.  Therefore, if we are projecting hate for our jobs the universe will bring us more things to hate about our jobs.

Luckily, if we can start to project just a little more enjoyment at work the universe will start to bring us more things to enjoy about our jobs.  Even better, it has the capacity to bring us a better job to match our new positive feelings, and I know this because that’s exactly what happened to me.

I used each of these steps…

I used each of these steps during the final years of my teaching career.  I loved kids and teaching, but I was thoroughly dissatisfied with working for the public school system. During my work day these steps helped me to stay calm, keep perspective, improve productivity and even have fun, in spite of the things I disliked about my job.  There were still things that bothered me about my job, and some days were better than others, but my general attitude at work greatly improved over time.

I believe that what I am doing now is a direct result of my choosing to make my work more pleasant back then.  I didn’t know I would be running a website and educating people about the Law of Attraction, but through taking action to improve my perspective at my teaching job a better opportunity presented itself to me to do so.  When we choose to be happier at work the universe will bring us work that makes us happier.

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So the good news is that no matter what you are doing for work right now, you do have the power to enjoy your job more-and this can lead to great things down the road! 

1. Meditate for 10 minutes in the morning. 

This is so important I cannot overemphasize it.  Just a few minutes of focusing your mind in the morning will do wonders for your attitude and productivity during the day.  Some people feel they lack the time to meditate but I believe it actually saves time in the long run.  10 minutes of meditation puts at least an hour back into my day as it helps me to avoid anxiety, frustration and mishaps.  Try it out if you haven’t yet already!

2. Set one important (but achievable!) goal for your workday.

Without goals we just end up in a holding pattern in our jobs and we limit our growth.  Whether you work as a cashier, a CEO, a construction worker, a salesperson or own your own business take a few minutes before starting your day to set just one short-term goal for work that day.  One important step forward every day can be enough to get you to the next level quickly and easily.

3. Dress for success. 

You don’t have to dress to the nines every day at work but groom yourself to feel confident and capable of tackling the day.  You will be more energetic and productive when your appearance is acting the part.

4. Eat healthy meals or snacks throughout the day to keep your energy up. 

A lot of us rely on the vending machines or the midday trip to Starbucks to fuel ourselves during our workday.  While a treat here or there is perfectly fine, try to do your part to feed your body with nutrient-rich snacks and foods you can feel good about eating.  Your energy will stay up throughout the day, your body will feel better and you will avoid the crash that often comes from bingeing on Redbull, Snickers and McDonald’s.

5. Pick a relaxing or soothing screen saver for your work computer (if you have one).

Every time you power up you can be transported to a tropical island, calm green forest or zen rock garden.  Images can have a powerful effect on our emotions and feelings so utilize this feature of your computer to help calm and center yourself. 

6. Post a quote near your workspace that brings you inspiration. 

Keep a mantra around that lifts your spirits and look at it several times a day.  Switch out your quote for a new one when you feel it getting stale. 

7. When frustrations or problems occur, practice deep breathing. 

Before reacting, take a five count breath in, hold it for five counts and release it for five counts.   This trick can quickly help you center and calm yourself to handle a negative situation in the best way possible.

8. Make it your goal to try to make a few people at work a little happier each day. 

Spreading happiness to others is a great way to bring happiness to yourself. Share a funny story, offer a compliment or simply smile at someone.  It’s easier to enjoy your job when the people around you are smiling and happy. 

9. Take breaks from your work to keep your mind fresh.

When you are able to take a break, get up and leave your workstation for a few minutes to walk around and get a change of scenery. Go outside or visit someone on the other side of the building for a few minutes.  Take true “breaks” to refresh and recharge.

10. Practice gratitude at the end of every day.

Gratitude attracts more things to be grateful for and more reasons to enjoy your job.  When your workday comes to a close take a moment to remember the help your coworker gave you, the laugh you shared with a customer or the funny thing your boss did today.  Practice gratitude and thankfulness at the end of every working day.

While you still may do all of these things and still not be 100% in love with your job right away, you will find that your mood improves dramatically and your workday flows much more easily.  

In time, these steps will lead you to a more fulfilling work outlet, be it through a transfer, promotion, new office, new boss or even entirely new career.  Even if you don’t know where you want your job or career to be headed, if you start to feel more positive about your current work situation a better one will naturally be attracted to you.

Work to add some good vibes into your workday today, and you’ll build a better career for tomorrow!

XO, Andrea

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