Maybe the Good Old Days Are Happening Right Now

Do you ever look back on the good old days?

I know I do! I can look back to many days in the past that were filled with adventure, fun and possibility. Old friendships, old connections, old stomping grounds.

Sometimes when life in the present moment seems boring or “not enough” it’s easy to slip into the nostalgia of the good old days. Comparatively, sometimes the present doesn’t feel like it’s living up to the hype of the past.

However, here’s a thought: Did you really recognize that the good old days were as good as they really were back when you were experiencing them?

Maybe you did, but I can tell you for certain I did not. I took a lot of good times for granted.

Instead of reveling in the wonder of what I had at the time I was preoccupied with struggles that seemed a lot bigger than they really were. I missed the forest for the trees.

Sure, I can look back now and see all of the fun and excitement I was having back in the past, but in the moment I had a common tendency to look at the present moment as if it “wasn’t enough.”

Today is tomorrow’s yesterday

Knowing this, it’s perfectly logical that the days we are living right now are tomorrow’s good old days. Maybe right now is a tremendous time and we’re missing out on a lot of fun simply from a lack of awareness. 

Perhaps we are taking for granted a lot of what we have right here and now. Perhaps we will be looking back tomorrow on the relationships, the adventures and the lessons we are learning right now with nostalgia.

So don’t make the mistake of the past and miss the good in this moment. It is here for you, but it is fleeting. You only get one chance to appreciate this present moment right now.

If you can, do your best to look for the sunshine, even if you have to look past a few clouds.

XO, Andrea

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