Living happily ever after…

Are you living happily ever after, or are you still waiting on your dreams to materialize?

We all have a dream or two that is still out of reach, and truthfully, we all always will. After all, the universe is always expanding and so are we.  We’re always reaching for more.

There’s never going to be a point in time where we are totally satisfied, and want for nothing else.  As you’ve probably already noticed, as soon as we catch one dream, another peeks out over the horizon.

For example, perhaps you’ve been dreaming of finding your soulmate for a long time. Then, one day, you meet your mate, and it’s thrilling, but the desires don’t stop there, do they? 

Next, you might want to “define the relationship.” Then, after the relationship is established, you may begin hoping for a marriage. 

After marriage is achieved perhaps you start wanting children.  Then, after the children come you may be wanting to put the spice back in your relationship. Every new achievement leads you to a new want and a new desire.

I guess my point is that there will always be a new dream to reach for, and if we wait to be happy until we have everything we want, we’ll be waiting forever.  There will never be a day that comes where we aren’t wanting something. Our wants and desires will grow and evolve as we go along, regardless of how many goals we reach.

Sadly, many people get caught up with the end game.  They believe that once they reach the thing they are seeking they will finally be happy. 

So they race through life without smelling the roses, cuddling the children or playing with the animals.  They forgo their happiness today, trading billions of their precious moments for worry, stress and doubt about what may or may not be coming in the future.

Unfortunately, when you trade away your precious moments for the future, the future you’re waiting on never comes. 

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This is because there will never be a future moment where you have everything you want and you desire nothing else.  If you’re in the habit of postponing your happiness to reach your goals, there will always be an unfulfilled goal to postpone your happiness for. There will always be a reason to succumb to worry, doubt and stress.

If you want to live life happily ever after, you have to start living happily ever after now. Don’t wait for everything to fall into place. You’ll be waiting forever, I promise you. 

We’re already on this ride and it’s not stopping anytime soon. We don’t have to wait for the end game to be happy.  We can have happiness now.

XO, Andrea

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