Release Your Resistance Though the Power of Forgiveness

The power of forgiveness…

A lot of people have hangups about forgiveness, and I understand why.  When you feel you’ve been wronged, forgiveness can feel like kind of a cop out.  After all, shouldn’t you stand up for what’s right? Shouldn’t you protect yourself and others from wrongdoing?

I get this.  I am human after all, and trust me, there have been people in my life I haven’t wanted to forgive.  Like you, I’ve suffered at the hands of others, and in some cases, suffered mightily.

However, I’ve come to learn something about forgiveness that has changed how I feel about forgiving others for their wrongdoings: forgiveness is how you release your resistance and create positive change in your life.

Why should you release your resistance?

Resistance is essentially the limiting beliefs we carry. When we have a negative belief about the world, about ourselves or about others, we carry negative expectations, and these expectations create a less desirable reality for us to experience.

For example, if I believe I don’t write well enough to have a successful blog, I probably won’t be able to write a successful blog.  My hangups about my abilities will hinder my ability to succeed. Most of us understand this point well.

However, the same thing is true of our limiting beliefs about others.  For instance, if I believe my sister is going to be jealous of me, she probably will be.  If I believe my teacher is going to treat me disrespectfully, he probably will.

We get what we expect out of others through the Law of Attraction, and this is why limiting beliefs and resistance can be so detrimental to a happy and fulfilling life.

How does forgiveness release your resistance?

Forgiveness is simply a conscious decision to drop the resistance we’ve been carrying about another person.  It’s a choice to stop fueling the limiting beliefs, and funnel that powerful energy toward something more productive.  It’s a choice to let go of our focus on actions that make us angry or sad, and it can have a powerful, powerful effect on the quality of our lives.

The truth is, we each are vibrational match to whatever we are getting in life, be it good or bad.

Many people don’t want to hear this because they don’t want to believe that they are a match to violence, dysfunction or other bad things.  I get that.

After all, we don’t intend for bad things to happen. Our intention is that people treat us with respect! We get mad because we’re getting exactly what we don’t intend to have happen.

However despite our best intentions, that’s the way it is.  If someone picks a fight with me, I am a vibrational match to the fight.  If I get cheated on, I am a vibrational match to the cheating.  If my coworker is gunning for my job, I am a match to the competition and the stress of it.

I become a vibrational match to these annoyances through my attention to them.  The more I focus on how mean my boss is, the meaner she’ll be to me.  The more I get mad at my neighbor for playing his music loudly, the louder it will blare.  The best of my intentions may be completely irrelevant because it isn’t my intention that ultimately creates my reality, it’s my attention.

Fortunately, though, forgiveness is a tool I can use at any time to shift my attention, change my vibrational alignment, and therefore remove myself from these kinds of threats and situations.

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Through forgiveness, I let go of my anger and frustration.  I put down all of the energy I’ve been funneling into the wrongdoing.  By releasing this resistance and choosing to direct my focus elsewhere, I am no longer a match to the pain, frustration and suffering.

Through my forgiveness I say “I’m going to let go of this and move my attention on to something else.” Then, through a shift in my attention, things can finally improve.

For example…

I used to have massive road rage.  I would spend most of my drives getting mad at other drivers, honking my horn and acting out of anger. 

Not surprisingly, I always had a lot of reasons to be mad.  People would cut me off, tailgate me and drive ridiculously slowly in front of me every. single. day.

There was good reason for my road rage because I was a vibrational match to every crappy driver in town! They flocked to me whenever I got in my car.

However, once I started practicing forgiveness regularly, things started to change.  I started to forgive other people’s driving mistakes instead of complaining about them.

Today, if someone cuts me off, tailgates me or drives slowly I just take a deep breath and forgive them. Instead of yelling or getting flustered, I take it as an opportunity to practice forgiveness. 

It’s pretty easy to do.  I’ll just say something like “we all make mistakes,” or “I would want someone to forgive me if I made that mistake” or “maybe he/she is having a bad day.”  I tell myself whatever I have to tell myself to give the other person the benefit of the doubt, and I move on.

Often, this simple act is so powerful I get immediate results.  If I genuinely forgive the driver, he or she will often move out of my way, or give me a quick “I’m sorry” wave.  The power of forgiveness is so strong it can yield magical, real-time results.

Today, I really enjoy driving, and people are almost always very considerate to me on the road.  Rarely do I have a reason to get flustered at all, and if I do, I get over it quickly.

The simple act of forgiveness has transformed my driving experiences. Now, I am ordinarily a vibrational match to the very best drivers on the road.

If forgiving people for small things like their driving has this dramatic of an effect, imagine what effect it would have for the big things? Believe me, it’s magnificent.

Do you have someone to forgive? 

If someone’s wronged you in a big way or even with something small, consider forgiveness.  Don’t allow what has happened to be continually recreated and relived in your life time and again.  Let the past be the past and move forward.  It’s the only way to release your resistance, and move on to better things.

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You can’t changed what happened and you can’t ever make it “ok” that it did happen, but you can change what you create and experience in your life moving forward. 

Forgiveness is the number one tool you can use to ensure people treat you with kindness and respect.  Use it liberally, and watch your life change for the better.

XO, Andrea

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