The Trick to Staying Positive Around a Negative Person

It is all well and good to practice positivity when we are alone. But the real challenge to being positive is STAYING positive around a negative person, isn’t it?

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After all, negative people seem to carry a remarkable ability to drag down our vibrations, don’t they? Spending a lot of time around someone who complains, argues and is generally irritable can be a challenge for even the most positive of people.

But…it doesn’t have to be. Especially when you understand the trick to staying positive around a negative person.

So, what’s the trick?

The trick to staying positive around a negative person is quite easy.  However, it requires that you understand a core principle about our interactions with one another.

Simply put, in any interaction we have with someone, there is a matching of energy. If I interact with you, or you interact with me, in order for us to continue interacting we must come into resonance with each other’s frequencies. If we mismatch too much, we will be pulled apart. 

In other words, the phone may drop the call. You may be pulled away by something you need to do. We simply cannot stay together if our vibrational differences are too strong.

So, if I’m in a good mood and start talking to “Bob” who is in a bad mood, one of us is going to have to adjust our frequency to keep the conversation going. The Law of Attraction only binds together those who are an energy match, after all.

Because of this, either my mood will drop to match Bob’s or Bob’s mood will raise to match mine.

So ultimately, the trick to staying positive around a negative person is in getting that person to raise their frequency around you.

How is this done?

Getting someone to raise their frequency in your presence is simple. It just boils down to who’s energy is stronger.

In interactions between positive and negative people, often the negative person’s energy is more forceful. Someone who is in a negative state of mind often really BELIEVES in their complaining, arguing and aggressiveness. They believe in the power of pessimism, and they see nothing wrong with asserting it wherever they go.

By contrast, someone who is learning about becoming more positive often hasn’t built up the same degree of faith and force in their positivity.

I can relate to this from my early years with the Law of Attraction. I didn’t want to come across as “too positive.” Instead, I wanted to tiptoe around negative people. Rather than irritate them with my positivity, I held back.

But that’s the thing. Whoever holds back “loses” the energy game.

In other words, getting the people around you to raise their frequencies is simply an insistence that you will be intensely positive, regardless of how another person may interpret it. It’s being more badass in your positivity than the other person can be in their negativity, and that’s really all there is to it.

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Now, this may take a little bit of practice, but I guarantee you that the stronger your conviction in positivity, the more people will raise their frequencies to match yours. Instead of getting knocked down by negativity around every corner, you’ll start to set the tone for everyone you meet.

Stay positive friends!

XO, Andrea (Law of Attraction Educator)

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