When Positivity Is Your Prison

Today, I’m hunkered down in Florida waiting for Hurricane Irma to pass. So why not write a blog for next week, right? On that note, here are some of my latest thoughts on the topic of positivity.

The prison of positivity…

So many of us learn with the Law of Attraction that there is power in positivity. Namely, that by emitting positive thoughts and positive feelings, we create a more favorable environment around us.

There’s no bigger believer in this out there than me. After all, I’m hanging out in the middle of a hurricane right now happy as a clam. My faith in my positivity is so strong it carries me through all kinds of situations with ease. I’ve learned that dwelling on the positive has long-reaching miraculous effects.

That being said, sometimes there’s a downside to the message of positivity. Often, the message of positivity often inspires us to carry a simultaneous belief that it is WRONG to ever be negative.

In other words, if you get mad-you’re doing it wrong. If you think a negative thought-you’re doing it wrong. You can only be accept yourself if you are being positive.

And while I understand why this correlation is often made, it is a very destructive one to place your faith in.

Why? Because when we believe we MUST be positive, we create a prison we must live inside.

We don’t allow ourselves to have our emotions. We don’t allow ourselves to live without criticizing ourselves. Instead of giving ourselves time to transition more into positivity, we shame ourselves for not being fully positive in every single moment.

This, by the way, negates many of the benefits of positivity!

It’s ok to have your moments…

So I just wanted to share this message with you today. If you find yourself feeling negative, that’s ok! If you find yourself thinking negative thoughts, that’s alright!

I’m not perfect when it comes to being positive. I have moments when I snap. I have moments when I think unkind or destructive thoughts. So what? If I’m doing the best I can to be positive, isn’t cutting myself some slack the kindest thing I can do for myself in a negative moment?

So please, allow yourself to have your negative moments without judging or criticizing yourself. You aren’t required to live in a prison of positivity in order to benefit from your efforts at being positive. In fact, quite the opposite!

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Positivity is great, and I know most of us are doing what we can to be positive, but if you find yourself in a negative state you’re still good in my book.

Accept where you are and be kind to yourself. This will help you release the negativity faster, and keep moving along the well-intended path you’ve been carving out for yourself.

XO, Andrea

Law of Attraction Educator

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