Your Happiness Depends Only on YOU

Did you know that your happiness depends only on you? Or are you waiting for someone or something outside of yourself to make you happy?

This is a super important distinction.

The thing to understand is that via the Law of Attraction, every person, place or thing we encounter, we attract through our emotional/vibrational state.

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In other words, when you are happy, you attract to you people, places and things that will reinforce that happiness. However, when you are sad, angry or distressed, the people, places and things that will be attracted to you will reinforce those lower emotional states.

If you are unhappy, happiness will not be found outside of yourself. You simply aren’t a match to it. You must first BE the happiness, before those someones and somethings can show up to mirror your happiness back to you.

Ultimately, looking outside of yourself for happiness is a fruitless endeavor. It is also a cause of much unnecessary pain and suffering in our lives. The more you look from a state of sadness, anxiety or depression, the more dire things become!

So please, if you find yourself in a state of unrest, anxiety or sadness, turn inward rather than outward. Instead of looking for people to build you up, or things to elevate you, turn the question inward:

“What can I do to make MYSELF feel better right now?”

Really, the answer to that question is all you need, so keep asking it as needed. Keep doing what YOU can do to step into your happiness, and the outside will come to reflect that inner peace and serenity.

Remember, you happiness depends only on you. And at the end of that day, isn’t that a good thing? How much simpler it is to know that the only one you need depend on to uplift yourself is in fact, yourself.

XO, Andrea

Law of Attraction Educator

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