How do you really change your mind about money so you can attract more of it?

Attracting money is actually quite simple, when you truly decide it’s time to make the change. Are you ready to think abundantly?

With this magnetic money package you will immediately receive dozens of effective mental reprogramming techniques and abundance attracting methods.

Magnetic Money Includes: 

  • Financial Abundance Attraction 101 (Video Tutorial)
  • 5 Unusual Ways to Create a Wealth Mindset (Audio Tutorial)
  • Tapping Into INFINITE Abundance (Audio Tutorial)
  • There Is NO Shortage of Money! (Audio)
  • “My debt is always in the way-help!” (Coaching Audio)
  • “Am I greedy for wanting $10 million?” (Coaching Audio)
  • 40 Money Magnet Affirmation Cards (Printable PDF)

*Approx. 4 hours of downloadable material*


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