Do you know what it feels like to have something in the way of your weight loss?

Perhaps it is your age, lifestyle or genetics. Or maybe it is your hormones, medications or social pressure from friends and family.

Or perhaps still, it may be food addictions, negative self-talk or self-abusive habits.

Regardless of the barrier currently in your way, I guarantee you have what it takes to lose the weight and get into the body of your dreams with the law of attraction…

As for me, I am a former food addict. For almost 20 years I was clinically bulimic and a chronic binge eater.

My mental health and self-image were so damaged that I couldn’t see a reasonable and enjoyable path to being in the body I desired.

For me to lose weight I honestly believed I had to starve myself…

And of course, when I starved myself I would lose weight-but I could never seem to keep the weight off for long.

Before I could even really celebrate my loss, I would find myself plowing through food again at an alarming rate. I would become totally unhinged and out of control.

One “bad snack” was all it took for me to fall off the wagon.

I hated the lack of consistency, the up-and-down, and the constant need to motivate myself to get my weight down.

I was the queen of ineffective dieting. And it totally sucked.

During the “dieting” phase I was ridiculously hungry, tired and drained of all of my energy.

After bingeing, I felt anxious, stressed and ashamed of myself.

So ultimately, every single day of my life I felt awful about how I felt and how I looked.

It was a never-ending cycle of feeling bad about myself (and never actually looking my best!).

Fortunately, I was blessed in my early 30s to learn about the law of attraction.

Through simple training of my subconscious mind to reprogram my thoughts and habits I was able to release myself from this food prison and get into the body of my dreams.

And this subconscious training allowed me to enjoy the process of getting into the body I am in now. Instead of a stressful weight loss program, I pulled off the weight with ease and enjoyment (and kept if off, now for almost 5 years straight without yo-yoing even once).

And today, I eat a full and satisfying diet. I do not restrict calories and I feel energized and upbeat.

I’ve lost all of the excess weight and now have low enough body fat for visible abs (and I’ve kept these abs visible now for years!).

I’m 42 years old and a mother of two and my body looks better than it did in my early 20s-thanks all to the power of the law of attraction…

I still eat “junk food,” but it no longer has the power to send me into an out-of-control binge session. I enjoy the pizza or the brownie and I move on with my life without longing for more. What a concept, right?

Now if you are ready to let go of whatever is in your way too, I am here to help.

It’s almost unbearable to feel like you are destined to fail in your weight loss journey-and you don’t have to feel like this…

Now it is your turn to feel empowered in your ability to lose weight and maintain the shape you want for the rest of your life.

So please feel free to read on below for more info on my Empowered Weight Loss Manifestation Program.

And if you find you have more questions about this program you would like answered before enrolling please send them to my assistant here. You will receive an answer back within 48 hours-it is important to me that you have all of your questions answered.

The ideal student for this program:
  • Knows what the law of attraction is, and has a basic understanding of how it works.
  • Has had some successes in manifesting things before.
  • Is open-minded and willing to think differently about how weight loss happens.
  • Tends to think more optimistically than pessimistically (focuses on the positive more than the negative).
  • Desires to lose weight in spite of his/her/their current circumstances.
  • Wants to be in a lean body consistently for the rest of his/her/their life.
Dedicated students of this program will:
  • Clear their limitations and blocks surrounding their ability to lose weight.
  • Develop positive expectations in their ability to lose weight.
  • Release any self-abusive behaviors related to food and/or weight-loss that have been causing pain and frustration.
  • Develop a healthy, positive and fun relationship with food. 
  • Feel empowered in their bodies.
  • Develop consistency in their eating habits and behaviors to stay on track forever.
  • Begin losing weight quickly and easily.

Empowered Weight Loss Includes:


In this introductory video I will explain to you how the course works and your progression through each module. 


Lose Weight In Spite of What You’ve Been Told

In this module, I will walk you through the process of releasing any blocking ideas or beliefs you have about your ability to lose weight.

If you believe your age, hormones, lifestyle, health or any other factor is getting in your way-this will be a highly powerful module for you.

There are 3 audios in this module. 


Transcend self-abusive patterns, addictions and habits. 

In this module you will identify any behavioral habits you have that are impeding your weight loss progress.

Additionally, you will set the stage for new self-loving habits that will stimulate the law of attraction to alter your body to the desired weight and shape.

There are 3 audios in this module. 


Develop a ROCK-SOLID mindset for weight loss. 

In this module you will uncover how to fully believe that you can be the weight and shape you desire.

We will rewire your subconscious mind to believe that not only is success possible, but that it is happening NOW.

There are 3 audios in this module. 


Achieve consistency without the need to constantly motivate yourself.

In this module I will train you to be consistent in your thoughts and actions by creating simple habits that run on autopilot.

With the methods in this module you will no longer need to worry about motivating yourself to diet or “get back on track.”

Being lean and feeling good about your body will simply be normal for you.

There are 3 audios in this module. 


Experience Quick Results

In this module I will teach you 3 proven ways to accelerate your progress with the law of attraction.

Begin losing weight immediately with these simple hacks-there is no need to wait for your success.

There are 3 audios in this module. 


In this conclusion video I have a few more words on weight loss to share to inspire your continued progress into the future.


Your PDF workbook for this course. Please follow along with your workbook for optimal results.


In your bonus packet will be a few extra gifts from me to you. Thank you for choosing me to guide you in your weight loss journey!

This program is yours to keep:

  • This is an online training program with the videos and materials pre-loaded. 
  • You can log in to access this course at any time and your access does not expire.
  • If you take time off, it’s ok! You can come back to finish at any time-work at your own pace.

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