How are you supposed to believe in your abundance when so much evidence is there to show you it isn’t coming?

How are you supposed to silence the inner critic who says you can’t have it all?

Let’s discuss! 

In this audio package I have hand selected 9 audio recordings of common questions I have received about attracting abundance and prosperity.

Each of these questions came direct from a student of my Extreme Abundance course-and they run the gamut on a bunch of different topics (see below)…

Audio Downloads included in this package: 

“The Money Stopped Flowing-Now What?”  (15 minute audio coaching)

“Overcoming the Stress of Entrepreneurship?” (15 minute audio coaching)

“Paying Down My Debts?”  (15 minute audio coaching)

“I have LOTS of Money Questions…” (15 minute audio coaching)

“I’m Starting Over at 60 -help!” (15 minute audio coaching)

“My New Career Isn’t As Abundant as My Last One…” (15 minute audio coaching)

“I never have enough money-help!” (15 minute audio coaching)

“I want 100K in sales by March!” (15 minute audio coaching)

“How do I get my Money Magic Back?” (15 minute audio coaching)

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XO, Andrea

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