Have you ever wondered how to believe in your abundance, even when it seems like there’s plenty of evidence to the contrary? 🤔


With this abundance audio package, I’ll provide strategies to maintain your faith in abundance, even in the face of challenges!! 💪


In this selection of coaching audios you will find 9 handpicked recordings that address common questions from students of the Extreme Abundance course. 


With over 2 and a half hours of downloadable material, these questions can serve as thought-provoking discussion points and guide you toward your financial freedom!  


🎯 Here’s What’s Included:


🎧 “The money stop flowing-now what?” (Audio Coaching, 17 min)

This session is about reigniting your financial momentum after a period of stagnation or pause. My client had to suspend product promotions due to external factors, and it created a mental block around making more money. 


If you’ve found yourself in a situation where you had to quit your job, lost your job, or faced a slowdown in generating income, in this audio I provide strategies and empowering affirmations to help break through these barriers and embrace the vast potential for abundance in your life. 🚀💰💪


🎧 “Overcoming the stress of entrepreneurship?” (Audio Coaching, 17 min)

In this coaching session, I address a common concern among business owners: how to enhance your wealth while effectively managing the stress that often accompanies running a business. 


I share strategies to ease business-related worries, highlighting the power of celebrating both income and expenses. Join me to gain tools for conquering these challenges and achieving unparalleled financial success. 🚀💼💰


🎧 “Paying down my debts?” (Audio Coaching, 18 min)

In this coaching session, I address the challenge of manifesting money while managing bills and debts without disrupting your abundance journey. My client, a successful personal trainer, seeks guidance on maintaining the right energetic balance while paying off debts and pursuing their ultimate goal of financial freedom.


I provide clear strategies to harmonize your financial goals with your energetic alignment, empowering you to enjoy the life you desire. Whether you’re an entrepreneur or simply dealing with everyday expenses, this session will assist you in achieving your financial balance. 🚀💼💰


🎧 “I have LOTS of money questions…” (Audio Coaching, 17 min)

In this session, I dive into a client’s questions about consistent money manifestation, eliminating limiting beliefs, and becoming a master manifester! 🚀


Explore how repetition and subconscious programming can transform your money manifestation skills. Learn to act as if, eliminate limiting beliefs forever, and stay in alignment with your financial goals. This session is a valuable source of wisdom that will inspire you to embrace your full potential as a master manifester and bring your dreams closer than you think! 💰✨


🎧 “I’m Starting Over at Age 60 -Help!” (Audio Coaching, 17 min)

In this audio session, I address the universal challenge of starting over, especially at 60 or a later stage in life, with a focus on dissolving abundance blocks rooted in past trauma. This client, once a strong money manifestor, faced setbacks caused by childhood trauma, followed by illness, financial struggles, and a loss of direction.


Discover the possibility that past traumas might be the invisible chains holding you back from realizing your full wealth potential. Join me on this journey to unlock your highest potential for creating massive wealth and prosperity in the later chapters of life. 🚀💰


🎧 “My new career isn’t as abundant as my last one…” (Audio Coaching, 18 min)

In this session, I tackle the challenge of transitioning from a corporate career to a creative one while maintaining abundance. The client shares their journey, from corporate success to a writing career, and their struggles with limiting beliefs and financial challenges.


If you’re on a similar path or pursuing a creative career, this session offers guidance on how to shift your beliefs. Join me to discover strategies to break self-imposed limits and harness the law of attraction for career abundance. 🚀💰📚


🎧 “I never have enough money-help!” (Audio Coaching, 18 min)

In this session, I delve into the common feeling of never having enough, whether it’s related to money, self-worth, or other aspects of life. 


My client shares their journey, including overcoming bankruptcy and their determination to prevent it from spiraling out of control. We’ll explore the path to breaking free from scarcity, with a special focus on shifting away from the “never enough” mindset. Join me on this journey to embrace abundance in every facet of your life. 🚀💰🌟


🎧 “I want 100K in sales by March!” (Audio Coaching, 18 min) 

In this session, we explore the ambitious goal of achieving $100,000 in sales within a specific timeframe. This client seeks guidance on setting financial goals, determining the right time frame and dealing with pressure. I provide clear answers and even explores numerology to offer a different perspective!


Join me in this session to learn how to approach your financial goals with confidence, regardless of whether they’re big or small, and discover how to manifest your aspirations with a calm and relaxed attitude. 🌟💰🏆


🎧 “How do I get my money magic back??” (Audio Coaching, 18 min) 

In this coaching session, I address a client’s concern about losing the financial magic they once had. If you’ve experienced financial success in the past but are now facing challenges and ups and downs, I delved into overcoming patterns of financial setbacks and maintaining a high vibrational state for lasting success.


Join me and reclaim your financial magic and create consistent abundance. ✨💰🚀


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