21 Day Abundance Bootcamp!

(With Andrea Schulman & Karin Yee)

Do you want to attract money easily, effortlessly, and abundantly –  like a magnet?


Do you want to do it at lightning speed?


Imagine what your life would be like if you could 10X your money and abundance. How much easier would it be to pay off debt, have everything you’ve ever wanted, invest for the future, or travel the world?


You’d have the freedom to do whatever you wanted every day of your life!


Part of you may think, “Well, that’d be nice, but how?”


Let me tell you my story…


My name is Andrea Schulman and I am a law of attraction teacher with over 5 million views on Youtube.


When I first learned about the law of attraction, I had been making $36,000 a year for 7 full years without One. Single. Raise.


I was the typical high school teacher: tired, stressed, overworked and ridiculously underpaid.


So we went without to get by-something I was already quite used to…


After all, I had already grown up with a family who scrimped and saved, and it seemed I was destined for a life of pinching pennies but never really getting ahead…


(I was the lady at the grocery store holding up the line with her box of coupons-maybe you’ve seen me before lol!)


Additionally, my home was hit hard by the housing bust of 2008. We owed $236,000 on this home that had quickly dwindled in value to only $76,000.


We were stuck, and the environment around us was deteriorating…


As the value of our neighborhood plummeted, drug dealers, vagrants and squatters took over the surrounding homes.


In fact, a couple of meth addicts moved in next door and sold personal and stolen items in their driveway every day to make enough money to keep up with their addictions (a true, but very sad story)…


The worst part was, I was a new mom with a toddler and a new born baby. How was I supposed to let my young children grow up in a place like this??


By some stroke of fortune, this was also the year I was introduced to the law of attraction-and the year my luck all changed!


After all, when you are in a tough spot, you have a powerful desire for change. And if you’re open to it, the universe will use that power to catapult you into the change you seek…


Within 6 months of learning how to focus positively on money and abundance we moved out of this crappy home and into a brand new home in a shiny, gated community.


My husband started earning more money out of the blue, and our income shot up overnight.


The tide had decidedly changed in our favor.


Fast forward to today, and I now run my own 6 figure business and my husband has catapulted to become one of the top sales people in a high-end, fortune 500 company.


We’ve moved yet again-but now into one of the most affluent communities in Florida.


We’ve replaced our next-door meth addicts for neighbors who cruise around on golf carts and own their own boats, businesses and vacation homes.


Luxury cars, international trips, brand name clothing, expensive jewelry, you name it. If I want it, it finds its way to me through the law of attraction.


Life is a far cry from that line at the grocery store with my box of coupons, haggling with the cashier over the price of a box of cereal.


But the best part is…I don’t worry about money at all. It comes when I need it. Enough said.


And now, I want to help you have what I have!


So I talked to my friend Karin Yee, who is a brilliant law of attraction coach, reiki master and YouTuber with over 3 million YouTube views to date.


Our thoughts are in perfect alignment!  We decided to put our minds and experiences together to create a roadmap to help you become a high-speed money magnet in the next 21 days.


Just like Karin and myself, you can manifest your dream life too…


You can manifest money and abundance easily and effortlessly.


You can feel relaxed and be assured that more money is flowing in than going out.


You can have the freedom to spend time with people you care about.


You can live the lifestyle you desire.


You can travel to places you’ve always wanted to see.


You can create massive value for the world and touch other people’s lives.


You can become a high-speed money magnet!


Only If you are open to change, we want to guide you to completely transform your reality…


If you are open to this change, join our high-speed money magnet 21-day challenge.


This is not just another get-rich-quick scheme that promises overnight success but never delivers on its promise.


As you know from my story above, I actually do know how difficult it can be to make ends meet when you don’t have enough income coming in each month.


The really good news is it doesn’t matter where you are now financially. And it doesn’t require a lot of time from your busy schedule.


We only ask you to commit to a daily 3-5 minute video and a daily activity.


All you need is an open mind and a willingness to change.


*Remember, there’s absolutely no risk involved since we offer a 100% 5-day Money Back Guarantee.


In the next 21 days, you will be given a roadmap with clear instructions to implement.


We will give you a powerful formula to become a high-speed money magnet.


Below is all of the information on our 21 day challenge.


And of course, if you find you still have unanswered questions on this program please contact me. I promise to get back with you within 48 hours. It is important to me that you are fully informed on this challenge prior to enrolling.


The ideal bootcamp registrant:
  • Knows what the law of attraction is, and has a basic understanding of how it works.
  • Has had some success in attracting smaller sums of money.
  • Is interested in drastically improving his or her financial situation.
  • Is open-minded and willing to think differently about money.
  • Tends to think more optimistically than pessimistically (focuses on the positive more than the negative).
Dedicated bootcamp registrants will:
  • Clear their limitations and blocks surrounding money and abundance.
  • Develop positive expectations regarding wealth and prosperity.
  • Develop wealth magnetizing habits that run on auto-pilot.
  • Develop supreme faith in their ability to attract financial success.
  • Attract larger amounts of money on a frequent and consistent basis!


High-Speed Money Magnet Includes:

🎥 Day 1: Introduction & Intention

🎥 Day 2: The Secret Formula to Manifest Money: How does money manifesting work?

🎥 Day 3: The Key to Unlock Wealth & Abundance: Our top visualization strategy!

🎥 Day 4: Silence Your Inner Critic Forever (part 1)

🎥 Day 5: Silence Your Inner Critic Forever (part 2)

🎥 Day 6: How to Win the Fight Against Resistance Instantly

🎥 Day 7: How to Stop Being Trapped in Your Current Financial Reality: How to think differently despite your current circumstances.

🎥 Day 8: Money Flowing OUT Rather Than IN? Break the curse of debt and bills!

🎥 Day 9: Abundance Activation: How to BELIEVE you can be abundant! (Part 1)

🎥 Day 10: Abundance Activation: How to BELIEVE you can be abundant! (Part 2)

🎥 Day 11: Huge Manifestation Success Story! Evidence that this stuff works.

🎥 Day 12: This Secret Technique Will Make You FEEL the Vibration of Abundance Instantly!

🎥 Day 13: The Secret to Strengthen Your Money Mindset Instantly.

🎥 Day 14: 10X Your Motivation & Focus to Manifest Your Dreams: How to stay motivated and focused on abundance attraction.

🎥 Day 15: Top Signs You Are on the Right Track!

🎥 Day 16: One Think You Should NEVER Do When it “Isn’t Working!”

🎥 Day 17: Do THIS When it “Isn’t Working!”

🎥 Day 18: How Long Does it Take to Manifest Money?

🎥 Day 19: The Secrets to Speed Up Your Money Manifestations (part 1)

🎥 Day 20: The Secrets to Speed up Your Money Manifestations (part 2)

🎥 Day 21: The Secrets to Manifesting Massive Business Success, Commissions & Perfect Clients.

🎥 Conclusion Video

📓 PDF Workbook

🎁BONUS ABUNDANCE GIFTS: (4 free additional abundance downloads from Andrea & Karin!)

🏆 5 Day Money-Back Guarantee


This challenge is yours to keep:

  • This is an online training program with the videos and materials pre-loaded. 
  • You can log in to access the challenge at any time and your access does not expire.
  • If you miss a day, it’s ok! You can come back to finish at any time-work at your own pace.

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