**This program includes 2 personal coaching sessions**

Are you destined to become an expert-level fast manifester?


Do you find that limiting blocks frequently get in the way of manifesting your medium-sized to large-sized dreams?


Are you periodically worried, tense or stressed about your ability to manifest the important desires in your life?


Do you find at times that it is hard to stay positive due to stressful issues in your current reality?


Would you like to know for sure that you can manifest anything quickly, and debunk the myth that some things “just take time?”


Would you appreciate some personal law of attraction coaching from one of the very best manifesting teachers in the world?


If any of these questions resonate with you, good news! You are really going to love this fast manifesting program…


From victim of reality to conqueror of reality…


I remember driving to work one day during the Fall of 2011, about one year before I learned about the law of attraction for the first time.


At the time I was a high school psychology teacher, and getting into my car for work in the morning triggered a fearful feeling similar to survivor trauma in me…


(As you might imagine, a bad day of teaching teenagers at a public school can be infuriating, exhausting and at times even heartbreaking-I truly worried about what each day would bring for me and for my students!)


So each morning I was plagued by this question: “Is it going to be a good day? Or will it be another stressful, horrible one?”


With this question, most mornings my anxiety would overcome me as I buckled up and backed out of the driveway….


But on this particular day in 2011 things were looking up. I woke up on the right side of the bed that morning and I was in a good mood as I climbed into the car.


One of my favorite songs came over the radio as I backed out of the driveway, the weather was beautiful and I felt relaxed and optimistic.


As I got closer to work I realized I was enjoying my drive and it occurred to me that my drives to work were bizarre and unpredictable-just like the rest of my life!


There seemed to be no rhyme or reason as to whether or not I would have a good drive to work.


Some days I drove in the worst traffic imaginable and was miserable by the time I arrived to the school. Others like this time, I cruised to work effortlessly-with few people on the road and lights turning green as soon as I approached, as if I was waving a magic wand to allow myself through any potential obstacle!


So on this particular drive in 2011, I noticed the lights turning green immediately as I approached them. It was evidently a “magic wand” kind of a drive that day and suddenly a very important question popped into mind that I just couldn’t shake:


“Why do things go my way sometimes, but usually my life is completely out of control?”


I thought to myself….there MUST be an answer to this question. There has got to be a reason for why I have good luck sometimes but bad luck other times!


But at the time, I couldn’t come up with an answer to this question. There was no logical explanation for me then…I simply felt like a victim of circumstance.


See it truly felt at the time that my luck in life was completely outside of my control.


Either things went my way or they didn’t. And quite honestly, at the time, things generally did NOT go my way.


Because I never knew why the bad things kept rolling in, most of the time I just felt like God or the Universe was against me…


Now if you’ve followed my work for any length of time you’ve probably heard some of the ways my life was totally out of control pre-law of attraction: drug addictions, bad relationships, money troubles, massive debt, mental and physical health troubles, pessimism and anxiety plagued me daily.


So the reason why that car ride in 2011 is so profound to me now is that when I learned about the law of attraction that answer I was seeking on that day suddenly CLICKED.


I suddenly realized I wasn’t being victimized by the Universe or God. Rather there was something else at play entirely!!


And in a flash I realized exactly how my luck was made. Not only that, I quickly started to see why some days I had a “magic wand” in hand on my drives to work and could get immediate results with changing the traffic lights and moving other obstacles on the road out of my way.


The step-by-step process to manifesting instant results became more and more clear to me as time went on…there was actually logic and reason behind the “magic wand,” and I went from only using accidentally like I did in 2011 to being able to wield it on purpose.


So I started to play with this mechanism and expanded the things I manifested quickly. I began manifesting the perfect parking spots, winning raffles and games and even manifesting the most amazing classrooms, students and experiences as a teacher!


I became liberated from my fear of the bad work day entirely.


And from there I took this mechanism with me to manifest dreams of increasing significance to me at a rapid rate…


I went from being broke and in debt to shooting into the wealthiest 1%.


I went from a dead-end job to a thriving business and the freedom of being an entrepreneur.


I went from health problems and drug addictions to being sober and in the best shape of my life.


It has gotten to the point where mindblowing transformation is no longer mindblowing…


Quite literally, today I am no longer amazed or astounded when the things I want show up on command. It is normal for me.


If I want to talk to someone-they call or text out of the blue.


If I want to lose weight-it sheds on its own.


And if I want to attract money-it just shows up!


Now this isn’t because I am special (and yes, it pains me to say that because I still have an ego that thinks it is pretty special 😉 )…


But the truth is manifesting quick results is an innate and natural talent each and every one of us has. It’s an ability you were born with, and you are already fully equipped to do it. There is never any reason that you need to wait to get results.


Understand this: waiting is never a requirement-it is simply a choice. And it’s a choice you have complete and utter control over. You are the driver of the car, the captain of the ship, the queen or king of your reality.


You are always the decider of what will manifest in your world and how quickly it will show up.


This, by the way, is why some people have immediate huge successes: coming into massive lottery wins the first time they play, shooting to fame overnight, or meeting the love of their lives when they are only 16 years old.


It’s because there are no pre-written rules about what you can get and how quickly it will come. You decide the rules!


Some people write their rules in favor of quick manifestation, while many others experience long waiting periods because they are unaware of the fact they are writing rules for dream delays.


Because I used to be one of the many people experiencing never-ending delays, I am eternally thankful and appreciative that knowledge of the law of attraction came into my life shortly after that drive in 2011.


Without this knowledge I’d probably still be driving to that same dead-end job carrying the weight of all of those problems of my past on my shoulders- stumped and annoyed by how luck seemed totally and completely outside of my control.


I’d still unwittingly be choosing to put all of my dreams on hold.


So today, it is an honor and a privilege for me to deliver the mechanism of fast manifestation to you so that you too can know with every fiber of your being that you are totally in control of your life, your reality, and your world.


It’s far time that you be creating your world on command and with confidence and speed. You deserve to live the rest of your life building it exactly how you wish it to be.


Always remember this:


It’s YOUR life! Why should it be designed in any other way than how you wish it to be???


So if you are interested in my Manifesting Fastlane program, please take a moment and read through the program details below to see if you are good candidate.


And, of course, if you have any questions about this program you would like answered before enrolling do reach out! You can contact my team here with any questions you have about Manifesting Fastlane. I personally guarantee a response to your question within 48 hours. It is important to me that you have all of your questions about this program answered!


The ideal student for this program:
  • Has been studying the law of attraction for at least 1 year.
  • Is dedicated to his/hers/their personal development.
  • Has had some successes in manifesting things quickly before.
  • Is open-minded and willing to think differently.
  • Tends to think more optimistically than pessimistically (focuses on the positive more than the negative).
  • Would like to increase the speed of his/hers/their manifestations.
  • Desires to become a consistent instant manifester, able to manifest many things within seconds or minutes.
Dedicated students of this program will:
  • Release any personal blocks and limitations which have here-to-for caused manifestations to “take time”
  • Develop the posture and attitude of someone who manifests quickly.
  • Experience multiple fast (within a day) manifestation successes through the exercises in this program.
  • Become superiorly confident and expectant in his/hers/their ability to manifest the things they desire quickly.
  • Develop a high level of skill and technical proficiency in fast manifesting, as this is a skill that can be learned, mastered and automated!

⚡️Manifesting Fastlane Includes:

  • 8 hours and 15 minutes of audio
  • 42 minutes of video
  • 24 workbook pages to complete
  • 2 (two) audio coaching sessions 15-20 minutes each.


🔊Module 1: Fast Manifesting Is EASY!


In this section of the program you, will come into resonance with the truth of EASY fast manifesting.


Learn how you have already been gifted with a natural talent for fast manifestation-this is something you can absolutely do…in fact, it’s something you are already doing now without even realizing it!


There are 3 audios in this module.

🔊Module 2: “But Don’t Some Things Just Take Time??” (Not Necessarily!)


In this module, we will debunk the myth (read: LIE) that “some things just take time to manifest.”


Anything can be manifested quickly if it is your desire to manifest it quickly. There are no rules you must follow other than the ones you write yourself.


If you are tired of waiting for things to happen, you can stop waiting now. I will show you why in this section.


There are 3 audios in this module.

🔊Module 3: Easy Exercises for Fast Manifesting


In this part of the course, we will begin our easy fast manifesting exercises.


Get warmed up with these easy, simple and fast strategies to draw good things into your life!


No limiting block clearing is necessary for these easy strategies…come as you are and manifest results immediately.


There are 3 audios in this module.

🔊Module 4: Understanding the Dimension of Time


To eliminate waiting for your larger, more “unbelievable” manifestations you must first become a master of time.


In this section, I will show you everything you need to know to become a manipulator of time. See through the illusion of time and bend it to your will.


You are the creator of your reality-and this includes the creation of how time works within your world. Unlock the “rules” of time and let time work for you.


There is no reason for you to hustle to keep up with time or for you to ever race to beat the clock. You control how time works, and you control the timing of your manifestations.


There are 3 audios in this module.

🔊Module 5: Develop a Fast Manifesting Vibration


You are in the driver’s seat when it comes to your manifestations…and how you steer your law of attraction vehicle is always through your vibration.


And just as you would learn in a driver preparation course where the gas is and where the brake is to adjust the speed of the car…you will learn in this section of the program the same for adjusting your speed of manifesting.


See, most people have their foot on the brake when it comes to manifesting their biggest desires. They are stuck in the slow lane because mentally, emotionally, and physically they are emitting the hallmark characteristics of the slow-manifesting vibration.


So in this section, you will uncover the basic principles of a fast-manifesting vibration to ensure you always drive on the superhighway of speed with your desires.


I will show you exactly how to take your foot off of the brake with your desires and shift into the fast lane with ease. Master your manifestation driving with 3 easy, simple adjustments and fly into your desired future.


In this section, I will also assist you in identifying and releasing any limiting blocks that you have regarding any dream of your choice. Know up front what thought patterns you are currently carrying that may block your manifestation or create delays, and eliminate them with ease!


There are 3 audios in this module.

🔊Module 6: Intermediate Exercises for Fast Manifesting


At this stage in the course, we have advanced to the intermediate exercises for fast manifesting.


Reach a little higher here-these exercises will help you to adjust into the mindset of attracting “medium-sized dreams” with ease.


We will focus here on manifesting things like money, quick solutions to life’s problems, and even aligning with perfect timing for any situation you desire.


Create an easier reality with these exercises before moving to our most expert-level techniques!


There are 3 audios in this module.

🔊Module 7: Become a Master of the Chill Factor


Where many people get the law of attraction wrong is in their attitude; attitude is always what attracts or repels your dream!


And though you may already know this…you still may find that life still is able to get you down and ruin your attitude from time to time.


And it’s not your fault.


The programming we received as children along with our lack of knowledge about manifesting at a young age meant for most of us that we naturally grew up to be tired, stressed, and even frazzled adults. We started on the wrong foot early in life and attracted more chaos and overwhelm as we grew up!


But it is critical to develop a laid-back attitude ASAP in order to maximize the speed of your manifestations. You will never become good at fast, deliberate manifesting if you are chronically stressed.


So if there’s any part of you that feels dragged down by life’s reality-pay extra attention to this section of the program and let me transform you into a more confident and carefree person than you ever thought you could be.


There are 3 audios in this module.

🔊Module 8: 3 Strategies to Detach on Command


Have you ever noticed that it is usually much easier to detach and let go of your smaller goals and dreams?


For instance, say you want to manifest $5.


Because this is a “small” amount of money for most people, most people can let it go quite easily. $5 isn’t that much money after all, so who cares if and when it manifests?


For this reason, there usually isn’t much “detachment” work one must do for their smaller goals and aspirations.


However, when we reach for our BIG goals we often find that it is challenging for us to simply let go and receive. If it is BIG to us it means we believe it is a big deal to us, we believe it is very important!


And when something is really important to us, it is harder to let it go….


So at this junction in the program, you are going to test and master 3 simple strategies to detach on command.


This module is the last step of preparation we need before we unleash you on the advanced fast manifesting strategies in Module 9…


Because in Module 9, we will be manifesting your BIG dreams quickly-and to do this effectively you will need to become an automatic and comfortable detacher! Here I will guide you effortlessly to release any worry, stress or anxiety you have about your biggest dreams, so your hands are immediately open to receiving them.


There are 3 audios in this module.

🔊Module 9: Advanced Exercises for Fast Manifesting


This section of the program is the culmination of everything you have learned, practiced, and come into alignment with.


You have been fully trained in the step-by-step process of fast manifesting, and these steps will now be intuitive. You know exactly what to do now, and (just as importantly) you know exactly what NOT to do.


You are now ready to manifest ANYTHING quickly.


Use these exercises I have personally designed to manifest your biggest desires and dreams: large sums of money, financial freedom, romantic relationships, massive career success, growth of your business, tangible items like a home or a car, fame, any health or physical transformation you desire or even dreams for other people!


Please note: there are three separate strategies you will learn in this module for fast manifesting your biggest dreams- however, I’ve designed these strategies in such a way that you can “mix and match” the elements.


From this design, you can mix and match the elements to create up to 27 unique strategies for fast manifesting. This will help you keep things fresh, so your manifesting techniques stay interesting and engaging every time you use them!


There are 3 audios in this module.


In the course conclusion video, I will answer some of the most common questions I get about fast manifesting. Learn the answers to all of the questions below! ⬇️
  1. Its hard for me to manifest because of my current reality (bad job, toxic family, going through a divorce, have a health issue or disability). How do I manifest quickly despite my current reality?
  2. Why is it easy to manifest what I don’t want quickly? It seems I manifest negative results much quicker than positive ones-what gives??
  3. What can you do to get your manifesting mojo back? Sometimes I get on a roll with manifesting, but it always dies out and I get stuck. What can I do to stay in the flow of manifesting every day?
  4. What to do if I am tense and worried that it won’t happen for me? It’s frequently challenging for me to believe in my dream!
  5. I want to know the exact steps to manifesting quickly. What are the correct steps and what things do I need to avoid?
  6. Can I manifest things for other people using these techniques? I would like to manifest quick results for people I care about.
  7. I love the idea of manifesting what I want quickly-but I worry sometimes that this isn’t just, moral or right. Is it right and good for me to have the things I really want?
  8. Is it really true that I can manifest anything quickly? I want to believe this is true, but I can’t quite wrap my mind around it!

📕Manifesting Fastlane Workbook 


Your PDF workbook for this course. Please follow along with your workbook for optimal results.

🎧 2 Audio Coaching Sessions Included! (Value $1200)


Get personal assistance from one of the very best manifesting teachers in the world!


As a student of this program you can write in to me with your personal questions regarding fast manifesting two (2) times! I will record my personalized answers for you and email them back to you as an MP3 to keep forever.


Each coaching session will be between 15-20 minutes in length .

🎁 BONUS: $100 Credit For Any Other Course or download on my site.


As thanks for signing up for my Manifesting Fastlane Program grab up to $100 in other courses or downloads from my library of law of attraction resources!


This program is yours to keep:

  • This is an online training program with the videos and materials pre-loaded. 
  • You can log in to access this course at any time and your access does not expire.
  • If you take time off, it’s ok! You can come back to finish at any time-work at your own pace.


Program Testimonials 👍



“Well, that was fast…


I finished this program earlier this week and I have already manifested 2 big things!!


Firstly, the guy I’ve been into for over a year texted me out of the blue and asked me out. We are going out this weekend, and I am over the moon excited!!


Second, I got my first ‘mailbox money’ check yesterday!! I manifested an unexpected check in the mail for $2600. I’ve been wanting to do that since I watched The Secret, this is a dream come true for me.


Telling ALL my friends to sign up for this program. Thank you so much!!”


Leva A.



“Andrea’s fast manifesting program is absolutely legit, I started manifesting intentions quickly even before I finished it.


Right away, I manifested several large windfalls of money. I attracted $53K from a lottery win along with a relative paying me off a debt out of the blue he’s owed me for years.


Sufficed to say, this program was a worthwhile investment. 5 stars indeed.”


Brian D.



“I loved this program and the personal coaching was shockingly SPOT ON!!!


This is my favorite program of Andrea’s so far. She has changed my life so much since finding her last year. I could cry thinking back on how far I’ve come in such a short period of time.


This course took me to a whole other level. I just got hired for my dream job after years of unsuccessfully trying to get my foot in the door in a highly competitive field (broadcast journalism). Right after completing this program an awesome position just landed in my lap without me lifting a finger! The cherry on top was the $15K signing bonus-I am on cloud nine 🤩


Love love love this program!!!”


Anna P.


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