Manifesting Mastery Course



The next enrollment period will be in July 2020.

Manifesting Mastery is a step-by-step law of attraction training program.

In this course we will train your mind to efficiently and effectively manifest on a consistent basis.

All course materials are immediately available upon signup. Follow along at your own pace.

Manifesting Mastery Includes: 

  • Manifesting Mastery Introduction (Video)
  • Part 1: How does the law of attraction work? (Audio Tutorial)
  • Part 2: How to BELIEVE in the law of attraction  (Audio Tutorial)
  • Part 2: Exercise A (Belief exercise PDF)
  • Part 2: Exercise B (Belief exercise PDF)
  • Part 2: Exercise C (Belief exercise PDF)
  • Part 3: How to create with intention for BEGINNERS (Audio Tutorial)
  • Part 4: How to attract BIG things (Audio Tutorial)
  • Part 4: Shifting Beliefs (PDF)
  • Part 4: Intention Setting Strategies (PDF)
  • Part 5: How to detach and LET GO (Audio Tutorial)
  • Manifesting Mastery Conclusion (Video)

*I will be contacting you 24 hours after you sign up to ensure you have received all of the course materials. Please download all course materials as soon as possible once you have enrolled.

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