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Do you want to believe in your dreams, and let go of doubt and attachments?


Would you like easily and consistently manifest positive results in your life?


These are reasonable and achievable goals.


In my Manifesting Mastery Program I will train you to become a manifesting machine, and to believe fully in yourself and your dreams.


All course materials are immediately available upon signup. This program is yours to keep forever. Follow along at your own pace, and revisit the materials whenever you want!


For information on the course please read below, and if you find you have additional questions you’d like answered prior to signing up please contact me here.


I promise to respond within 48 hours to ensure you have the information you need to make the best decision for you.

The ideal course registrant:

  • Is open minded and willing to try new things.
  • Is genuinely interested in the law of attraction.
  • Wants to manifest desired results across all areas of life (wealth, relationships, health, happiness, life purpose, etc.)
  • Truly wants to understand how to think positively regardless of the circumstances.
  • Is excited about the prospect of creating a better life for him or herself.
  • Would consider him or herself a “beginner” or “intermediate” student of the law attraction.


Dedicated course registrants will:

  • Manifest desired results, both large and small.
  • Attract positive manifestations on a daily basis.
  • Develop an authentic sense of optimism and positivity.
  • Develop absolute confidence in oneself.
  • Become more daring and reach for larger goals and aspirations.
  • Develop true faith in the manifesting process and in their own abilities to manifest whatever they want.


Manifesting Mastery Includes: 

  • Manifesting Mastery Introduction (Video)
  • Part 1: How does the law of attraction work? (Audio Tutorial)
  • Part 2: How to BELIEVE in the law of attraction  (Audio Tutorial)
  • Part 2: Exercise A (Belief exercise PDF)
  • Part 2: Exercise B (Belief exercise PDF)
  • Part 2: Exercise C (Belief exercise PDF)
  • Part 3: How to create with intention for BEGINNERS (Audio Tutorial)
  • Part 4: How to attract BIG things (Audio Tutorial)
  • Part 4: Shifting Beliefs (PDF)
  • Part 4: Intention Setting Strategies (PDF)
  • Part 5: How to detach and LET GO (Audio Tutorial)
  • Manifesting Mastery Conclusion (Video)

Accept and appreciate the speed.


Follow the exercises in this course and you will start seeing the magic of the law of attraction very quickly!


It is shocking to experience the rapid effects of manifesting when you are aligned and attuned.


Pro tip: respond to the speed with excitement and appreciation.


Keep your foot on the gas, fear doesn’t exist when you manifest at high speeds.

Prepare to think differently.


This course will teach you how to believe in different results, despite your current circumstances.


Be warned, this way of thinking is ongoing…you will find that shifting into empowering beliefs becomes a way of life for you.

Prepare to live differently.


Now because this course will train you to think and believe differently, your reality WILL change.


This is an inevitable side effect of shifting your mindset.


And, please note: your reality will continue to change and improve as time goes on.


The law of attraction works on momentum. Once you set this into motion, positive results will build and accelerate.

If you have gotten comfortable with living the same thing over and over again, it’s important to understand right now that this course will get you off of the hamster wheel for good.

Your dreams will expand.


Whatever you think is the top of your mountain now, prepare to move much further beyond it.


As your beliefs change and your reality improves, you will start to think bigger, dream bigger and attract bigger.

For those dealing with trauma or stress:


Often people worry that their current stresses and traumas will interfere with their ability to manifest.


For instance: “How am I supposed to believe in my health? I have cancer!”


Or: “How could I ever be wealthy? I’ve been living in poverty my whole life!”


Let me share a little secret with you here…


Your life traumas have no bearing on whether or not you can master this process.


In fact, for many people-traumas actually speed up the process of manifesting.


Yes. Having trauma or stress is actually an advantage when you are a student of the law of attraction.


People who are in pain, suffering, anxious, depressed or otherwise overwhelmed with life are frequently the ones who shoot to the top the quickest.


Why? Because once you have some faith in the process you are much more committed to it than someone who has an easy and charmed life.


Simply put, you want it more.

You can master this process.


You have what it takes to become a master manifester, and you absolutely deserve to live the life you intend.


If you’re ready to master the skills of manifesting, I’m here to help.


XO, Andrea

*I will be contacting you 24 hours after you sign up to ensure you have received all of the course materials. Please download all course materials as soon as possible once you have enrolled.

The next enrollment period for this course is TBD

This course is currently closed for registration.


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