Would you like to eliminate your debt WITHOUT spending less?


Have you ever started to get ahead with your bills and debts only to fall behind again? Does it feel like no matter how hard you try, you always end up behind?


Are you feeling overwhelmed by student loan debt, back taxes, credit card debts or other financial obligations?


Do you get stressed or worried when your bills come in or when debt collectors call?


Would you like to finally clear the limiting blocks you have regarding money, debt and spending so you can manifest true financial freedom?


Do you not only want to clear your debts, but also start attracting a lot more money that comes IN rather than goes OUT?


If any of these questions resonated with you, you are really going to love my Money Mastery Program!

From $40,000 USD in debt to total freedom and beyond…

Before I learned about the law of attraction, I was in serious financial trouble.


Not only was I not making much money, but I was $40,000 in credit card debt and desperate to clear it.


I was genuinely afraid I would always be in debt-and that we would never quite get ahead in my household. Who knew what would become of my husband and I in our old age?


So, I did what most people who want to clear their debts do. I listened to “The Experts.”


You know, the guys and gals who tell you to quit having fun, shut off your unnecessary cable channels and commit every spare penny to paying down your debts until they are gone.


And we did what they said.


My husband and I diligently packed lunches, stayed home on the weekends and reserved all shopping just for the “necessities.” For years.


It was a boring, drab time in my life-as you can imagine. Strip away vacations, dinners out and all of your “fun spending,” and your life begins to feel like a real chore. Maybe you know the feeling…


Anyway- slowly but surely, we chipped away at our debt with this “spend less” system.


But a funny thing happened. We made progress on our debts, but we always failed to move beyond them.


No matter how far we got, something else would always happen to put more debt in our way.


It was as if no matter how much we went without to get ahead, there was something that always put us behind again.


And when I learned about the law of attraction-I finally started to piece together why this was. More importantly-I figured out why the age old advice to “spend less” just doesn’t work. 


Fast forward to today-and my spending is as free as it gets.


Today I’m no longer “just getting by.”


My husband and I are top earners, and we reside in the top 1% of the wealthiest Americans. We live in a gated community, drive luxury cars and go on international vacations.


Our monthly American Express bill would give most people a heart attack-but it gets paid off each and every month and we still have plenty of money left over to shuttle into savings. No matter how much we spend, more always comes in.


In fact, before sitting down to write this I just bought a fancy pair of heels online for no good reason whatsoever.


Did I need them?




Were they “necessary?”


Absolutely not.


Will they derail my financial freedom?


I guarantee you not.


In fact-I’d be willing to bet you that I will attract MORE money because I bought this silly pair of heels.


See, the reality is that you don’t ever manifest debt through your spending.


And regardless of what “they” may have said-you aren’t an irresponsible person who is wasteful with money. You aren’t being punished by the money gods because you didn’t save your pennies for a rainy day.


The problem that creates debt is something else entirely-and it has absolutely NOTHING to do with the amount of money you spend.


In fact, what I’ve learned is that your spending actually helps you attract money! Spending is actually a very useful activity if you want to accumulate wealth and financial freedom. I would literally never advise someone to spend less today-and for very good reason.


So in this program, I’m going to show you the recipe that not only cleared all of our family’s debts for good-but also allowed me to always attract more money in than I spend (regardless of how frivolous my spending is).


For more information on this Money Mastery Program-please keep on reading below.


And if you find you have more questions about this program you would like answered before enrolling please send them to my team here. You will receive an answer back within 48 hours-it is important to me that you have all of your questions answered.


The ideal student for this program:
  • Carries some kind of unwanted debt (be it credit card debt, student loan debt, line of credit debt, back taxes, owing family members money, etc)
  • Knows what the law of attraction is, and has a basic understanding of how it works.
  • Has had some successes in manifesting things before.
  • Is open-minded and willing to think differently about how money works.
  • Tends to think more optimistically than pessimistically (focuses on the positive more than the negative).
  • Would prefer to clear their debts without spending less money.
Dedicated students of this program will:
  • Clear the limiting blocks that plague all people who carry unwanted debt.
  • Step into the vibration of attracting more money IN than goes OUT.
  • Release fears and anxieties regarding bills, debt and spending. 
  • Feel good about all purchases he/she/they makes!
  • Eliminate debt easily and quickly without having to go on a financial “diet.”

Money Mastery Includes:

  • 37 minutes of video
  • 3 hours of audio
  • 11 workbook pages to complete


In this introductory video we will begin with an overview of what you will learn in the program.

Part 1:

What Is the Vibration of Debt?


In this part of the program, we will begin by illuminating the energetic reason why you find yourself in debt. Here are the primary blocks and behaviors that create a never-ending cycle of debt-and how to eliminate them!


There are 3 audios in this module.

Part 2:

The Vibration of Money Surplus!


In this part of the program we will discuss how to get into the vibration of true financial abundance instead of debt. These are the primary belief structures and behaviors that create wealth rather than debt and how to easily apply them in your life!


There are 3 audios in this module.

Part 3:

Eliminate Debt Without Spending Less!


In this part of the program I will share with you my recipe for eliminating debt WITHOUT going on a financial “diet.” You are advised to continue spending at your current rate as you apply the methods in this section of the program.

I do not advise reducing your spending to reduce your debt. In this section you will learn why.

There are 3 audios in this module.

Part 4:

Manifesting Money Way Beyond Your Expenses


In this part of the program I will show you how to ensure you always attract more money IN than goes OUT through bills and expenses.

Regardless of your source of income, you can apply the methods in this program. It doesn’t matter if you have a “fixed” income or a “flexible” income-these methods will work for you.

There are 3 audios in this module.

Part 5:

The 3 Keys to IMMEDIATE Debt Elimination


Unlock the recipe for eliminating your unwanted debt quickly! Pay extra attention to this section of the program for fast results.


There are 3 audios in this module.



In this conclusion video I will review some common FAQs I get regarding debt and the law of attraction including:

What to do when debt collectors call?

What do you do when you don’t have enough money to pay a bill?

What about family members or other people close to you who are holding back your progress?

How do you speed up the debt elimination process?

Money MasteryWorkbook 

Your PDF workbook for this course. Please follow along with your workbook for optimal results.

Student Testimonial:

“Andrea, you make miracles. I already manifested 5000$ thanks to your manifestation advice.
As for the money mastery course it allowed me to get finally rid of my taxes debts…What a change of mindset for someone who was the queen of procrastination in paying bills and debts.
I love your teaching style, rich of informations, original, and also fun to follow.
I am really grateful for what you do to help us change positively our attitude towards money.”

Student Testimonial:

“I am eternally grateful Andrea. What a shift!!! Applying the lessons in this program cleared my residual credit card debt and also resulted in a major raise at work. This is by far the best manifestation program I have every signed up for. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

Student Testimonial:

“I can always count on Andrea to show me the way, she teaches with such clarity punctuated by inspiring stories and an infectious sense of humor. I’ve been following her work for years and this program is my absolute favorite. Within just one week I attracted the funds to pay off the rest of my lingering student loans. I can finally breathe again!” 



This program is yours to keep:

  • This is an online training program with the videos and materials pre-loaded. 
  • You can log in to access this course at any time and your access does not expire.
  • If you take time off, it’s ok! You can come back to finish at any time-work at your own pace.


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