Would you like to massively scale your current business, or start a new business that grows quickly-but you aren’t sure what exactly you are supposed to be doing?


Do you want to attract sales, customers or clients easily every single day- and be confident that you would double or triple your sales volume every single year you were in business?


Would you like to be unfazed by the rollercoaster world of business, and have a rock-solid mindset to succeed no matter what the marketplace throws at you?


If any of these questions resonated with you, you are really going to love my Entrepreneur Fastlane Manifestation Program!

The law of attraction guaranteed my success in business.

When I began my journey as an entrepreneur, all I had was a laptop, an idea, and some basic knowledge of the law of attraction.


And as it turns out, that was really all I needed to become a successful entrepreneur. Today, I run a multi-six figure business from the comfort of my own home.


The best part? I work less than 30 hours a week. Not only do I make a ton of money, but I have plenty of time to enjoy it.


But in the early days, it was not smooth sailing for me-and I definitely had my doubts that I would get here.


I didn’t know anything about running a business.


I lacked the confidence to make massive sales.


And I didn’t know how to apply the law of attraction specifically to the world of entrepreneurship.


So in the early days, like many business owners, I worried. I worried a lot.


I would have some good times when I would make a few sales and get really excited…only to see them stall out and hear crickets again.


Those periods of low sales were emotionally crippling. Some days it was hard to keep going, and I seriously considered giving up.


I also felt very manipulated by the world around me. If the world was in a financial crisis, I was in a financial crisis too-and slumps in the economy impacted me big time.


Additionally, I felt like I couldn’t keep up with the latest changes in the world, the newest algorithms or the never-ending trends in the marketplace.


And also in those early days, I dealt with my friends and family not supporting my work. My friends wouldn’t like my social media business posts and would sometimes even cut me off in conversation when I talked about my work!


I even lost a lot of friends when I first got going…


My husband didn’t think I was going to make it, and the rest of my family generally ignored what I was doing and never asked me any questions about my business or how it was doing. I felt totally alone and isolated.


But thanks to the power of the law of attraction, I manifested all of the answers I needed to transcend these issues and rapidly grow my business into the success it is today.


And if you are in business, or thinking of going into business, these answers are exactly what you need to do the same.


So please feel free to read on below for more info on my Entrepreneur Fastlane Manifestation Program.


And if you find you have more questions about this program you would like answered before enrolling please send them to my assistant here. You will receive an answer back within 48 hours-it is important to me that you have all of your questions answered.


The ideal student for this program:
  • Either runs a business or would like to run a business.
  • Knows what the law of attraction is, and has a basic understanding of how it works.
  • Has had some successes in manifesting things before.
  • Is open-minded and willing to think differently about how business works.
  • Tends to think more optimistically than pessimistically (focuses on the positive more than the negative).
  • Wants some direction in easily attracting massive sales and/or scaling his or her business quickly.
  • Desires to have an unbreakable mindset and unshakable confidence in his or her ability to be successful.
Dedicated students of this program will:
  • Develop an attitude of being on top of the world in his or her industry.
  • Create a system for attracting new clients and customers easily, like a magnet.
  • Experience total freedom of time, and be able to make big leaps forward with minimal time and effort.
  • Gain validation and support from friends, family and the world at large. 
  • Become a master of sales, and easily close leads and prospects on his or her offers. 
  • Scale his or her business quickly, and without all of the guesswork!

Entrepreneur Fastlane Includes:

  • 22 minutes of video
  • 4 hours of audio
  • 19 workbook pages to complete


In this introductory video we will begin with getting your ideas regarding money pointed in the right direction to ensure your business succeeds.

🔊Part 1:

Developing a Warrior Mindset in Business


In this part of the program, we will begin by getting your confidence exactly where it needs to be in order to manifest huge financial success through your business.


There are 3 audios in this module.

🔊Part 2:

Create a business that attracts a ton of people! 


In this part of the program we will discuss how you design your products and services to be attractive to the world. Knowing how to create a product or service that is magnetic is absolutely critical to your success!


There are 3 audios in this module.

🔊Part 3:

Create freedom of time. 


In this part of the program I will share with you my recipe for success in massively scaling a business as someone who only works “part time.”


Grow your business quickly and still have plenty of time (every single day) for family, friends, hobbies and leisure!


There are 3 audios in this module.

🔊Part 4:

Gain support of friends, family and the world!


In this part of the program I will show you my method to receiving validation on my business from everyone I meet.


Learn how to receive social support, praise and kind words from other people on the success of your business.


There are 3 audios in this module.

🔊Part 5:

Become a MASTER salesperson!


Unlock the recipe for making sales! Sales are not complicated, once you know how to get them they are ridiculously SIMPLE.


Let me show you how to master the attraction of sales in this section of the program.


There are 3 audios in this module.

🔊Part 6:

Accelerate your growth and BLOW UP your business! 


There is no reason why you should have to put up with your sales stalling or petering out. Let me show you how to build momentum and snowball your business year after year!


(I almost always double my revenue every single year with these methods-you need to be doing these things).


There are 3 audios in this module.


In this conclusion video I will review the major points of the program and share a few bonus tips and tricks you can apply into your business for even more success.

📕Entrepreneur Fastlane Workbook 

Your PDF workbook for this course. Please follow along with your workbook for optimal results.

Program Testimonials 👍


“WOW. Just WOW.


I’ve been in real estate for 15 years and I thought I knew it all-but evidently, I did not!!!


I went from closing $11 million in real estate last year to $47 million so far this year after taking this program and applying the lessons. I’m in total shock about the jump in my revenue.


Andrea, you turned around my love life with the Law of Attraction so I figured I’d try you out for my business as well with this course. You totally smashed through all of my expectations. Thank you!!!”


Anita L.



“I’m a newbie to business and I must say this program is exactly what you need if you want to get off on the right foot!



I had been seriously fumbling around with my brand new online business for a few months before taking this program.



There are so many things to do, you know? From figuring out how to set up your online shop, to trying to figure out social media and to dealing with customers who never seemed to want to pay full price for anything-I was overwhelmed to say the least. And I wasn’t attracting hardly any customers! I was totally stressed out about my decision to quit my salary job to jump into this business. I was scared I wasn’t going to make it.



So I’m so thankful Andrea’s Entrepreneur Fastlane program taught me how to focus my thoughts and actions to manifest business success. Instead of trying to do everything all at once and getting frustrated I now know exactly how to stay in the flow with my online career.



And the best part is, of course, all the new (paying) customers I’ve been manifesting so easily! To be turning such a big profit this early on I am confident that this business will continue to grow and support me and my family for years to come-and that’s a pretty big statement for someone who’s been in business for only one year.”



Mackenzie M.



‘“My experience with Entrepreneur Fastlane has been a spectacular journey, and I’m still experiencing outstanding results!



It’s been my life-long ambition to become a full-time author and to have total control over my own work schedule, and this program finally got me there.



Prior to taking this course, I was working in a customer service job while self-publishing my fantasy novels online in my free time. I absolutely hated the customer service job, but it paid the bills and I saw no way out of it.



Thankfully, just one month after taking this course a major YouTuber mentioned one of my books in several of his videos and my book sales suddenly catapulted due to this “celebrity” endorsement.



Since then, word of mouth has taken my work INTO THE STRATOSPHERE! Today I am regularly booking interviews about my fantasy series with major podcasts and larger media outlets. I’ve even been approached about turning one of my novels into a major screenplay.



This success came out of nowhere after I completed Andrea’s program so I know it’s due to the mindset and focus changes she suggested. No more customer service jobs for me-I am living like a king as my own boss now.”


Brandon S.




This program is yours to keep:

  • This is an online training program with the videos and materials pre-loaded. 
  • You can log in to access this course at any time and your access does not expire.
  • If you take time off, it’s ok! You can come back to finish at any time-work at your own pace.


Get started now! Click “add to cart” below and follow the prompts to checkout.





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